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I hinted at my interest in writing this article last week, when we talked about the voluptuous actress Christina Hendricks. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a classic Sci Fi movie, titled Forbidden Planet [released in 1956], which was a prequel to the classic Lost in Space TV series [it was first aired in black & white and ran from 1965 - 1968. And this means it was on TV for a year before the Star Trek TV series was first produced in 1966].


Back in the year 1956, two men [Irving Block and Alvin Adler] wrote the script to an epic Sci Fi film with a big budget. And this movie was directed by Fred M. Wilcox. The movie was titled Forbidden Planet. It stared Leslie Neilson and it also stared the stunning blonde lady, Anne Francis.
Having stared in over 80 classic movies, Leslie was the old guy from The Naked Gun comedic movies [in the mid 1980s], along with the hilarious Spy Hard movie [in the 1990s]. On the other hand, Anne Francis was the first female actress to have a lead role in a detective TV series, back in 1965. And the name of that series was Honey West. Born in the 1930s before the Great Depression,  she had a natural beauty mark on the right side of her face, below her lips. And she looked like a classic glamor / pin up model. Along with her sharp blue eyes Anne Francis had a very alluring gaze, which captivated many men that lived in her era. She also stared in the classic TV series Dallas, back in the 80s. Although they are both deceased, both Leslie and Anne were in their prime, back in 1950s.

I wrote an article based on Cheesecake Art and classic Glamor models some time ago. Those familiar with this blog have probably read it, but those new to this Website can check it out over HERE.
And here are some sci fi movie posters from the mid-1950s along with screenshots of the Forbidden Planet movie:

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I was doing some research the other day on the origins of Star Trek - That will probably be a future post. But today I'm taking a brake from serious sci fi articles to give you something pleasant / entertaining.
Christmas Season is a time of cheer, peace and goodwill. And you don't have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas - you really don't. In fact you really don't even need a reason to give a gift to someone that you love or care about, like a brother, sister, mother, wife or dear daughter.

Some months ago I posted a preview & review of the Drive Movie over HERE, which stared Ryan Gosling and the beautiful actress Christina Hendricks. Christina didn't feature much in that movie, but she certainly gave an outstanding performance. There are some rumors that she'll be the next Wonder Woman actress, per the statements made by director Nicholas Winding Refn, who directed Drive.

But since DC Comics and Warner Bros have not given the green light to any New or previously canceled Wonder Woman Projects, we'll have to wait and see if that plan comes to fruition. Christina, who as born on May 3rd in 1975, stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. And her voluptuous dress measurements in inches are approximately: 39-30-39. She was the voice of Lois Lane in the All-Star Superman animated movie that was released earlier this year. Most of the time she is seen on AMCs Mad Men Cable TV series, playing the sexy role of Joan Holloway. And in 2010 she won a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in that series.
[The Image on the right is by a popular digital artist from the UK named Reiq]

This holiday season, I've gathered some pics of Christina Hendricks from the Web and enhanced them slightly. "Busty Red head, Big tits boobs actress, sexy milf pawg breasts" - those are the sorts of search words that I get on the other end of this blog, linked to the previous article featuring Christina. I'm not in control of what people search for on the Web, but its clear to see that this female actress definitely has a lot of sex appeal. In that regards, since she is a redhead, she is actually like a real-life Jessica Rabbit.
Making her on-screen debut back in 1988, Jessica Rabbit was known for her famous red hair, her sultry appeal and her hourglass figure. Jessica was also part of the inspiration for the sexy Red Monika character, from the comic series Battle Chasers created in the 90s by Joe Madureira.


I've also noted that the most powerful empires in history, which lasted between 500 - 700 years, usually collapsed due to war and endless egotistical ventures spearheaded by men who never wanted to let go of power, resulting in autocratic catastrophes. You can study the history of the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire to see what I'm talking about, and trace the personalities / lifestyles of their leaders.

Nevertheless, most men have a common weakness: women. And if the Mad Men of this world [both in history and in the present] would focus more on making love as opposed to fighting wars, then maybe there is a chance for Ron Artest's uncanny ideal of sweet Metta World Peace, both on earth and in space....
LMAO - Happy Holidays from the DSNG Artist.

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Concept spaceship redesign from the Classic MASK 1985 animated series!

In my childhood I spent a few years growing up in the Netherlands, with my family. And at that time, in the 1980s, I was introduced to an animated series called MASK CRUSADERS aka M.A.S.K - the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. And it featured a host of entertaining characters, playing out the classic tale of good vs evil. Also, like the cartoons titled Transformers [for boys] and Jem [for girls], most of the popular kids series contrived back in the 80s were based upon toy lines, so that companies like Hasbro, D.I.C and Mattel could make millions of dollars from their magnetic hooks dangled with the alluring baits from serialized animated TV shows.

I have nothing against those toy manufacturers. In fact, their ingenious ideas dating back to over 25 years ago brought us classics like HE-MAN and SHE-RA, G.I.JOE, THE CENTURIONS, HULK HOGAN'S ROCKIN WRESTLING, GALAXY RANGERS, GOBOTS, GUMMI BEARS, VOLTRON, THUNDERCATS and SILVERHAWKS, along with the TRANSFORMERS MOVIE TRILOGY that became a mega hit here in the 21st century. BTW, classic cartoons like the outstanding series GARGOYLES, The XMEN, SPIDER-MAN [the Best Version ever made], TOXIC CRUSADERS, SWAT CATS, BONKERS and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are from the 1990s, and they all had toy lines.

[Image on the right is by Blair Shedd, and his Website is]

Now lets stay focused on MASK, which was an animated series that involved transformable vehicles driven by...

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More Samples of Inspiring Sci Fi Character Designs.

This article continues a previous blog post that I made about 2 months ago, showcasing concept armor for a variety of sci fi genres. Today we continue along that same enlightening course, as we focus upon MECHs / MECHA designs.

MECHA is an abbreviation for "Mechanical", and most of the Western World got a heavy dose of that design category due to the Transformers Movie Trilogy directed by Michael Bay. And the past article that focused on the Transformers Movie Concept Art showed the extreme amount of details that went into the robotic designs. The Gundams Anime Franchise is also directly linked to MECHA designs, and the giant robots in that cartoon series are often capable of transforming into jet modes or alternate combat modes. BTW, the image on the left above is by JPRart, while the one on the right is by Mandrykart.

In the DSNG Sci Fi Series, one of the most popular villains is Kinera Foxx, the Golden Assassin. Kinera has an extremely feisty character and a sharp mouth. She utilizes a variety of armors and costumes in the ebooks. And she is a character designed with streamlined MECHA themes.

Although Kinera is not a sentient transformer robot - she is an attractive affluent woman and her alternate identity was shown in this past DSNG Blog Article - she is still affiliated with mechanical design concepts due to the armaments and arsenal that she utilizes as her golden body armor. And her nanotech engineered armor gives her enhanced speed, agility and strength. The first article on Kinera that includes a host of other pictures was posted HERE.

We can dive deeper into the MECHA designs as we observe a host of digital works done by an artist that I respect. His Web-name is Mandrykart and his exceptional work is in an elite category all by itself.

A lot of his designs can be viewed as futuristic sci fi combat armor, battle armor, and exo-suits. And some of these designs are even worthy of considering as advanced cosplay costumes.


Next, These MECHA posters / Wallpapers are tagged as design palettes, in which you have one character's costume presented in different colors, along with often varying armaments.


A lot of these sci fi mecha / armor costumes seemed designed for combat amidst harsh environments; and those familiar with video game franchises like Star Craft or even Gears of War will be familiar with armor designs that are rather bulky in terms of the alloyed chest plates, shin guards, gauntlets, shoulder pads  and other accessories that cover the body of the soldier. And those themes are done probably to emphasize the amount of protection that is needed for the delicate human frame, a frame that can easily be harmed by direct fire or the rippling violent shock-waves that result from concussive blasts.

The other two mecha armor designs below were done by an artist over at DA named Alessandro Baldasseroni. I believe the video game he created the sleek exo-suit for was "Section-8". And this armor could even pass for a cool cyborg concept design. Visit his Website and you'll see his amazing demo reel.


**UPDATE - November 1st 2012:

I've found some more Sci Fi soldier concept armor  designs, ted to the MMORPG game titled Tribes: Ascend. Check it out!



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Often I strive to educate you guys with articles that trigger your imagination. Today, I just want to entertain you. For some guys, this is a classic face, while for others, this is someone new: meet Bianca Beauchamp, a popular fetish pinup model who resides in Canada. Bianca St├ęphanie Beauchamp was born in Montreal, Quebec back in 1977, to a French Canadian father and an Italian mother. And she was named after Bianca Jagger - the first wife of rocker Mick Jagger back in the 70s, who was a classic social and human rights advocate and a former actress and model. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches tall, Bianca Beauchamp is rather short/petite in stature - and that height fosters her sexy figure. Bianca is actually the same height as Nicole Coco Austin, who has been featured in this blog in the past. Bianca did get a boob job[s], eventually augmenting her chest size to 32FF. She is best known for her glamor, erotic and latex pinup works done for magazines and websites, especially one called Bizarre Mag.

I called her the Canadian Supergirl in the header of this article due to these pics that I found of her on the Web; and I touched them up a little, to enhance their quality....



Having been placed in the's top 100 sexiest women of the year twice, Bianca is regarded as the #1 Latex Fetish Model in the world; and that's quite a lofty title for this short busty 34-year-old... per her hourglass figure you could probably tag her as a Certified PAWG. There is a previous article in this blog about another voluptuous redhead named Christina Hendricks, an actress; you can Check it out as well.

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The Dinatours are one of the eldritch races that reside on Planoris and so far the only member of their race that has been introduced is Ellystra. And she was featured in DSNG Book 6 along with Prince Azzar in a dynamic investigative story. The first article on Elly, showing her in sexy steampunk attire, was posted Here.

[Prince Azzar and Ellystra, shown above]

This article focuses more on Elly's background and her family's dynasty. And as in the World of Warcraft or the League of Legends, her true heritage is one of fantasy and magic. Planet Planoris is an icy world and it has wondrous alien races, just like Entrados. Ellystra hails from an aristocratic pedigree on the icy world and her roots are linked to the Paragons of Old [those who have read DSNG Book 1 will be a bit familiar with those ultra-sentient beings]. Elly's grandmother was a powerful female warrior with long red hair and a strong mind; she arose to become the matriarch of her Dinatour-tribe, boldly leading them after the death of her father.

The Dinatours are massive powerful beings, and their males can grow up to 9 feet tall, while their females often peak at 2 feet less than that. They look like a cross between bulls and men. they have hoofs in place of feet, two arms, twin tails, and horns on their heads. They do have hair on their heads while their epidermal skin layers [which are beige, cream or light-gray in complexion] are extremely tough. Having high-levels of intelligence, they reside in hollowed mountains and towering super-structures upon the face of the frosty planet Planoris, which was initially discussed HERE

Like the wolf-hybrid race known as the Katarans, the Dinatours are capable of communicating telepathically, transferring their words into the minds of those that they focus upon mentally. Yet they can also articulate clearly with their lips, speaking in audible tones. The Dinatours are mystical beings, hence they utilize a combination of magic spells and nanotechnology to contrive their weatherproof vehicles and massive super-structures. 
In fact it has been rumored that the powerful feats of Mystic Lords of the aquatic planet Macur can be matched by the Dinatour Elders, who utilize knowledge of the intriguing Phoenix Arts and other magic spells that yield abilities like transformation and teleportation. But since the D-tribes are known to reside mostly on their home world, most of their gifts and abilities are regarded as fascinating fairy tales by other humanoids that dwell within the four sectors.
Prominent Dinatours from ancient times – Scaron, Taron and Elizabeth

Located on the outer rim of the Gamma Sector, the frigid white world Planoris is one of the oldest worlds in the Makuran Galaxy and it is more than twice as large as Avera, the warm green world. Over the centuries, there have been several Dintaours that stood out, performing feats that changed history. In ancient times, there were two potent twins named Scaron and Taron who arose to become feared Warlords in their D-tribe. They were giant brutes having intimidating personas. And they actually received forced quarterly tribute from the other 11 Dinatour-tribes. Yet there was one ruler from the other tribes that resisted the tyrannical supremacy and extortion of the twins. His name was Lord Nurth. And Nurth had a strong following amongst his people, along with a band of his own warriors. His retainers were willing to lay down their lives for him and they defiantly stopped sending tribute in terms of supplies and precious stones to the twin Warlords. 

Nurth had three daughters, and the eldest of his children was a tough redhead. Her name was Elizabeth—although she was often called Lizzy by her mother and her peers. Since Nurth had no sons, he trained Lizzy to be a defender of honor. And despite strict tribal bylaws, he secretly planned to herald her as his successor—since he had sensed that she was too stubborn and adamant to submit to a man.


The other 10 D-Tribes were not stalwart enough to oppose the hordes of Scaron and Taron. And eventually an annual festival similar to the Olympics was held. During that gathering, which brought together members of the 12 powerful D-Tribes, Nurth was ambushed and killed at night by 7 mysterious Dinatours, as were some of his elite bodyguards.
Once the news reached the ears of Elizabeth that night, rather than mourn she rapidly organized the evacuation of her people from the festival grounds. Then on her own, she grabbed her weapons, mounted her familiar warhorse [a Rhinosteed named T’Rhan] and went after the 7 huge assassins that night. She came upon them as they had set up a camp in a ravine. She ambushed the seven of them and killed them, including their hooded leader—the notorious Scaron, one of the twin Warlords. Yet she was not alone that night, as the spirit of her father was upon her and T'Rhan had also changed from a quadruped into his second form. But also that night, one of her casual associates, a powerful male warrior, had arrived to turn the tide of the battle… he was an alien stranger from another world....


[Elizabeth [Lizzy] the powerful & courageous Dinatour Matriarch, is shown above]

Returning with the decapitated head of Scaron to the annual festival, Lizzy's actions had shocked the other representatives from the 10 D-Tribes. And she had inspired a revolution against tyranny. Taron and his forces were soon overthrown and like a setting sun their dominant reign came to an end. Fearing for his life Taron fled, going into exile; while his D-tribe elected a new leader. Elsewhere, the brave Elizabeth was heralded as the new matriarch of her D-tribe. She also later had a passionate affair with the stranger that had helped her avenge her father’s death that night. And they had a son together, named Exstron. BTW: Bear in mind that the account presented here is a summary, giving highlights of events that took place in the past. And eventually, when Lizzy died, the crown was literally passed to her first son. 

Exstron grew to become more powerful than his grandfather, Nurth. Per the incredible physical feats he has performed, he is feared by the rulers of the Yetirons, the Katarans and other eldritch beings upon the icy planet. And he is currently regarded as the most powerful Dinatour on Planoris. Out of respect, all the other Dinatour-tribes and their Warlords regularly bring Exstron tribute. And even when they do not, he still shows them compassion, treating them as a benevolent King would.
This potent ruler, Overlord Exstron, has 7 children - six boys and just one girl. The names of his potent sons in order from the eldest to the youngest are: Maxstron, Jontrok, Kargon, Kaine, Kelmarok, and Rikaston. And Exstron's last child, Ellystra [aka Elly], is a beautiful blonde that resembles his late mother, Lizzy – although they vary in a few noticeable traits, such as their facial features, hair color and mature horn size.

These days, Elly no longer lives on Planoris. Due to her adventurous and rather stubborn heart she traveled far away from her homeland, in order to seek her own destiny—after all, she has a host of brothers that can take over the position of Patriarch when her powerful father eventually dies, perhaps sometime in the distant future. She now resides on planetoid Darosa, where she works for the beautiful Scalatan ruler, Empress Havita, as her trusted personal bodyguard and chief Administrative Assistant.

Some have said that Elly is a reincarnation of her grandmother’s soul, per their striking similarities in terms of their exotic physiques. On the other hand, Lizzy was both taller and far stronger than Elly currently is, and her alluring dress measurements were larger as well. Yet they both do have feisty attitudes, and coincidentally they prefer dating men from foreign origins.
The adventures of Elly and Prince Azzar were presented in DSNG Book 6. And the extended tale regarding Elizabeth is included in DSNG Book 7 [coming soon, perhaps next year in 2012].

Stay tuned for more intriguing articles about the characters of the DSNG sci fi series!
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