Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'll start of this week with a little rant, and the focus of this discussion is tied to an article that I saw recently on Yahoo. Some guy was saying that Wonder Woman was going to be The BEST movie for DC Comics to make next. But I strongly disagree. Truthfully it looks like DC and Warner Bros will probably be focused upon bringing a Superman & Batman movie to the big screen, sometime in 2015, if not sooner. 

Honestly if you take a look at Wonder Woman shown on the left, you will recall that she was created at a period in which heroism and patriotism were fused together to create comic characters that appealed to young men. But trust me guys, watching a young busty lady wearing star-spangled panties flying in the air with an "invisible jet" and running around in high-heeled boots while wielding a super-truth lasso is something that audiences might not be truly ready for. BTW, I do not know the name of the cosplayer behind that pic - but if you're a regular at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, you might catch her there.
Anyway, a few years ago the big wigs at DC Comics rapidly tried to revamp WWs image and they gave her a new spunky costume designed by the legendary Jim Lee; which truly made her look more hip than ever before [and the image by Alex Garner on the right shows the new costume]. But even that didn't help the attempted Wonder Woman Television series - which turned out to be a major failure back in 2011 - the past article on that flop is over HERE.

And now for the inconsistency: Most fanboys and fangirls know that Wonder Woman is the female version of Superman, having almost all his powers [save for his heat vision, X-ray vision and frost breath], and none of his weaknesses [she isn't allergic to shiny green rocks].
But if that is the case, and since Wonder Woman / Diana is invulnerable to fire and bullets, then why the hell does she need those damn bullet-proof bracelets?? [Ping, ping!].
And why would you need Wonder Woman when you have PowerGirl, a true Kryptonian? [although in some alternate universes, PG is presented as a clone].
Alas, there are a lot of inconsistencies in terms of power levels for the heroes / heroines in the world of comics; it's the sort of thing that I strive to avoid when I write my DSNG ebooks, out of respect for the fans. Nevertheless, I do hope that DC Comics brings "Boyscout Clark and Billionaire Playboy Bruce" together in the next Man of Steel movie sequel; since a poorly planned Wonder Woman movie just might crash and burn faster than a speeding bullet...

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Movie Review... Plus Spoilers!! So Be warned!!
After a long morning, I finally saw the hyped movie.... and yeah, it was worth the hype. The new Man of Steel is just that.... "An alien Man internally made of Steel"; he seems to be taken right out of the serious-mood-fantasy-files of Director Zack Snyder, the guy behind 300 and Sucker Punch...  Truthfully speaking, Zack has a dark mind; and that means he prefers rather "darker themes" to the "brighter ones" - it even shows in the color schemes he chooses when shooting all of his movies. Plus it appears that Zack hates happy endings; if you doubt that, then go and see SuckerPunch one more time, with your lil' kids - LOL

Anyway, I'm not too sure about how much input that the Producer Christopher Nolan [the guy behind the Dark Knight Trilogy] had in the presentation of the movie; but this new Superman was far more grittier and hardcore than all the others in the history of the franchise.
I will admit that the sci fi action in the new Man of Steel 2013 movie is extremely intense, from start to finish. Not sure how the hell it got a PG-13 rating... but alas, stranger things have happened! Now here are 10 things [funny & serious] that stood out when I watched the movie:
1. Superman [played by Henry Cavil] was portrayed as a happy buff hobo, a guy with no permanent address and no real job, who roams about doing good.

2. Superman was capable of breathing in space, and his cape did not freeze while he soared outside of the Earth's orbit [and neither did he]. In fact, there was a strange wind blowing outside the exospheric band of our planet Earth, which caused his cape to be fluttering, while he soared outside of Zod's spaceship and rocketed towards the escape-pod that Lois had utilized to flee from that vessel. Apparently the writer / director forgot that space is FREEZING COLD.

3. Lois Lane is a Redhead! Oh Sweet Baby Jezus, when did Lois Lane become a Redhead? And if  you're going to make Lois a Redhead, then take a cue from Jessica Rabbit and make her SMOKIN' HOT! In fact, Faora-Ul, the female villain / Commander that helped General Zod, was even HOTTER than Lois!
Plus Faora could kick ass, just like Superman!! BTW, Faora was played by actress Antje Traue - and she is pretty much Ursa, reincarnated from the good ol' 1980s Superman II movie!

[You may need to click on the word link below that says "Read More" to the see the rest of the pics in this article!]

Monday, June 10, 2013


I've collected some more posters & wallpapers that showcase sci fi / fantasy armor for both male and female warriors. Some of these armor concept art posters are from video games such as League Of Legends & World of Warcraft [Wow], or other online MMORPGs. A few MECHs and Giant Robots have been added, and the are a lot of Steampunk character concept designs in the mix! Special Thanks to the following artists from DA and CGHub for their outstanding work: yamao, duelisto, zeronis, su_ke, yuchenghong, rupid79 and scebiqu. Now check out their concept artwork!




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Monday, June 3, 2013


Not much to say in this post; I just have a few pictures that I wanted to share and discuss. In the past, I've posted lots of cosplay pics featuring Bianca Beauchamp, the Canadian Supergirl, and Yaya Han, the lovely international cosplayer - I called her that moniker because Yaya often travels to China, her home country, and she does cosplay in the conventions over there, along with the conventions over here in the USA. And FYI, for the fanboys: you can see Yaya and Bianca in the archived Catwoman Cosplay blog article over Here.

But today, I'll focus on two other young ladies, who will probably be at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. The first pic features a popular cosplayer who is a fan of the Monkey Boy artist named Frank Cho [who currently works for Marvel Comics] - in fact she got into cosplaying because of Frank Cho; and her name is Ivy Doomkitty. She is shown on the left.
Ivy puts the "V" in "Voluptuous". She is naturally thick per her genetics, and she has tons of drooling male fans on facebook. Ivy is laid back and she's actually a geek at heart, thus making her almost every fanboy's Pawg dream. And I've got another article that features more Star Trek cosplay pics of Ivy Doomkitty [Ivy Turner] over Here.

The second pic features a Canadian French model named Marie Claude Bourbonnais. Marie is very down to earth and she is fluent in French / English. She's been featured in several magazines like American Curves. And while I'll make this distinction, it probably won't matter to most fans of Marie. I believe that she has confessed in a past interview to getting boob implants. Personally, I don't care if a young lady does that sort of thing. It's her body, she can do whatever the hell she wants to do with it. But honestly, if true self-esteem is never there, deep within the heart, then getting giant puppies / jugs / bazonkas are not going to give it to her... relax, I'm just thinking out loud again.
I'll be back later with more art & pics, stay tuned....