Monday, April 30, 2012


Arguably The Best Jason Statham Movie Ever Made.

The tag line says it all. Over the weekend, I walked into the theater at Atlantic Station here in Atlanta, with my head hung low; I readily assumed that I was poised to waste my goddamn money on another action movie that was void of a solid plot or any respectable acting. And I was completely wrong.

I've followed Jason's career over the years, watching the big-budget and even the small-budget European movies he's made. And this new 2012 movie, Safe, is the BEST one he's EVER starred in. My applause of this flick relates not just to the acting by the British actor Jason Statham [which has improved dramatically from his rigid breakthrough Transporter days], but the script executed by the foreign writer & director, Boaz Yakin, actually played off nicely upon the strengths of the cast. I the Safe movie, you actually believe that the Chinese mafia were badasses and that the Russian mob were definitely heavy-fisted. But the story with two opposing street factions appears to have crooked cops and a duplicitous police chief interwoven perfectly into it.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've posted several blog articles in the past featuring  Nicole "Coco" Austin, the wife of Rapper IceT . Today I'm uploading some of her classic pics [and some new ones] showing her as she preps herself for going out to the beach and out to some formal events with her husband.

Coco is a certified Pawg. She was modeling before she met IceT, who currently works as an actor for the Law And Order: SVU Cable TV series. And Coco Austin stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and her dress measurements are 39DD-23-40.

Per Coco's stunning physique, some people ignorant of her true personality may readily tag her as a dumb blonde; but the truth is, she is a "hustler". And by that, I mean she is an intelligent entrepreneur who readily takes advantage of lucrative opportunities. She utilizes her natural beauty to sell merchandise - magazines, DVDs, calenders, clothing line etc - while fully knowing that young men [and some women] will be rapidly compelled to purchase whatever she markets, as they are visually intrigued by her sexy body. Every guy that buys an issue of Smooth Girl Magazine, King Mag, XXL, Blackmen Magazine etc, with Coco shown on the cover image, secretly longs to bend her over & screw her brains out. But trust me buddy, that's NOT gonna happen. She is happily married to a gangsta rapper / actor, and they are currently god-parents & grand-parents.... can't fully explain it all here; you have to watch the Second Season of their current reality show titled  Ice Loves Coco, which airs on the E! Entertainment Cable Network on Sunday nights I think.


As most young men have noticed, one of the most asstonishing things about Coco is her big booty. Per Coco's own confession, she did get breast implants, but that badunk behind her is 100% real [Unlike Nicki Minaj]. Also, I've added a random Twitter Pic of some random chick on the web, just to show a comparison of how a curvy butt is more of an ethnic / African American feature....


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Sunday, April 22, 2012


I've collected a host of posters that showcase sci fi / fantasy armor for both male and female warriors. You can call them super soldiers, marines, armored combat soldiers, mech warriors or even demon hunters. The bottom line is, these armor concept designs are contrived to protect their wearers, like exo-suits protect space explorers from adverse conditions outside the exospheric bands of their home planet.
Starcraft 2, Gears of War, Halo 4, Deadspace 2, Lost Planet 3, Ghost recon, Warcraft, Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, Modern Warfare and even the DSNG sci fi series; all these franchises present the fans & players with a variety of sci fi armor designs. And each armor design is as unique as the game / comic that the armored character is hosted within.

Targeted at aspiring artists and fans, this post [Part 3 of 3 articles in this blog] is a resource, showing you a broad variety of designs that hopefully will inspire you in your own artistic venture. The names of the selected artists are placed at the end of the post.




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Monday, April 16, 2012



Recently on the DSNG Facebook page, we showcased a toy statue made for Emma Frost [the White Queen from Marvel Comics], which had the alluring face of actress Alice Eve, a hot British blonde [the previous article on Alice Eve is over Here].
I did some more surfing and found another popular toy statuette, made in the image of Jana the Jungle Girl [a popular comic character published by Dynamite Ent., which ran as two brief mini-series from 2007 - 2009]. "Jana the Jungle Girl" is often confused with "Shana the She Devil" [and they truly look like sisters].
Anyway, this toy statue shown below was contrived from the artwork of Frank Cho, a notarized Cheesecake artist who started a newspaper comic strip that projected him to fame and fortune. You can take a look at the statue of Jungle Girl, and compare it to the cover artwork drawn by Frank Cho.



Notice the gawking parrot shamelessly placed on the tree stub, right between Jana's legs...... Frank is known for inserting sexual gags into his work, along with his common curvy depiction of the female form. This statue costs about $250 dollars, so its definitely for those who really love to collect "echi toys".

Liberty Meadows - The Adult Animated Series?? 


One of Frank's most famous characters is Brandy [the busty dark-haired female shown above] who was part of the main cast of Liberty Meadows [his comicstrip started in the late-90s, that transcended into a popular comic book published by Image Comics]. Rumor is, Liberty Meadows almost became an animated series several years ago, when Sony Ent. picked it up for a pilot episode. According to Frank, the pilot script he presented was too raunchy for the execs to handle. Then it was toned down and produced as a pilot. But when the execs saw it, they now said it wasn't mature enough, meaning that more changes had to be made to it, in order to amp-up the adult humor.... and later the Sony exec who supported the project was fired; thus the Liberty Meadows animation series was left suspended in cartoon limbo, before it was eventually dropped due to an inactivity clause in the contract [meaning that Frank got back the rights to do whatever he wanted with his property, after about about 2 years of stagnation].
That's quite a pity, because I have a feeling that Liberty Meadows would have been better than the load of cartoon junk that is pumped out in the form of prime-time cartoons today on Fox and Cartoon Network. I really don't like American Dad and a lot of the Family Guy episodes - a lot of that stuff really isn't that funny. In my opinion, they're more stupid than funny. But Seth MacFarlane is still a Billionaire today, due to the multiple adult animated series that he spearheads, so someone out there must enjoy his stuff ;)
Anyway, Frank is a true Cheesecake artist, and this trait is signified by the voluptuous female forms that he draws; and this art style is basically a gimmick, which attracts a predominately male audience and coerces the fanboys to pay for the item showcased, which in this case is captivating art.  If you take a look at the artwork below done by Frank Cho for Marvel Comics, you can see that the hourglass shape of She-Hulk is literally over-emphasized; and Frank purposely gave her a big butt in both sequences - Not that I'm complaining; after all, I'm a Cheesecake artist as well....


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