Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is a New Commission poster / wallpaper of the Young Justice cartoon series, done for a die-hard fan.


This past Friday, there was a new episode for Season 2 of Young Justice, titled "Terrors" [it is Episode 11].
Under the guidance of Batman, it was an undercover mission that sent two of the young heroes to a penitentiary. And at the end, Superboy and Ms Martian finally kissed [it was the inspiration for the wallpaper above]. The sexual tension between these two aliens was something that the writers had been building upon since the first few episodes. Ms Martian was presented as the compassionate female, while Superboy was the angry teen with father issues.

This new poster was drafted in a different manner in comparison to my standard style. The clip below featuring Ms. Martian and Superboy shows the art style of the Young Justice cartoon:

And here are some clips/screenshots from the actual Young Justice animated series, taken from disparate episodes in Season 1 and 2:



The Sexy Miss Martian Poster:

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Friday, September 23, 2011


This is an interesting concept that I was pondering today, which turned into a movie poster:
Hugh Jackman / The Wolverine [Star of Real Steel] vs. Superman [Man of Steel]

The Original blog article about the Man of Steel 2012/2013 movie reboot, along with new pictures of Henry Cavill's peculiar Superman costume was posted here: PAGE LINK

And the blog article on Hugh Jackman's Real Steel Movie is posted here: PAGE LINK

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Those familiar with this sci fi blog know that I have a very great deal of respect for Pro-Artist Terry Dodson; he is a man that I consider a mentor and he's been producing exceptional work since 1991. Here are some of his classic works, showing the three standard stages in producing a comic page; the pencils, the inks and the coloring.

 [Above: Amazing Spider-Man artwork by Terry Dodson]

These days, some artists utilize graphite tablets and digital pens for directly making their artistic creations right into Photoshop or other graphic software applications. There's nothing wrong with that. It's really just a matter of preference.

More exceptional artwork by Terry Dodson archived in this blog can be found Here and Here

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I recall seeing the high-octane action movie titled Smokin' Aces back in 2007. It had an ensemble cast, including Ryan Reynolds [Green Lantern], Ben Affleck [Dare Devil], Chris Pine [Star Trek] and Common [Wanted]. It also included Alicia Keys and the pics below are clips from the movie.


Alicia Keys' real birth name is Alica Augello Cook. And many of her fans don't know that she guest starred in the Cosby Show back in 1985, when she was just 5 years old. Her debut album, Songs in A Minor, was a commercial success, selling over 12 million copies worldwide. She became the best-selling new artist and best-selling R&B artist of 2001. She has released four other chart-topping albums since then.


And Now, moving on to DSNG stuff:

Recently I also completed a set of sexy & dynamic posters and Sci Fi / Fantasy Wallpapers featuring Commander Yatalia Yentoshima, one of the main characters from the DSNG sci fi series.

[Wallpaper of Commander Yatalia from the DSNG Sci Fi Series]

Yatalia is shown wearing something sexy in the first poster. And in the second one, she is adorned in customized Navy SEAL gear. The wetsuit costume is tagged as concept art, since there are dynamic digital interfaces between her suit and her weapons. There is a peculiar essence that she emanates; she is a paradigm of lethal beauty and inner strength. She is actually a black-ops soldier, in the Alpha Senturi division. And this is the third blog article featuring her.

You should catch up on the older articles, which include details on her background and cool fan arts / posters.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Concept Cars that look Fast and Furious!

[Above: The New Lamborghini Aventator concept car on display, with a sexy model]

Right before the classic event tagged as Oktoberfest, Germany is invaded each year by a host of concept cars due to the Frankfurt Auto Show. It started on the 13th of September [the Press day] and the main show runs from the 15th to the 25th, giving the public a chance to stop by and behold the vehicles. This year at the 64th event, there are several futuristic concept cars and designs that I've selected to present here.

This is the new Mercedes Benz F-125 concept car. It has cool butterfly doors that cover both its front and rear seating sections.


This is the BMW i8 Concept Car [three images shown below] and it definitely has a sci fi feel to it:

And here is a recent car commercial featuring a variant of the BMW i8, which showcases the on-board gadgets such as web-surfing and phone options provided by the ultra-modern BMW Vision Connected-Drive System:

This is a snapshot the futuristic BMW 2-door Concept Sports Coupe shown in the video, as observed from above:

Next, we'll look at the Alfa Romeo C4 Concept Car.
FYI: Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer. Founded as A.L.F.A. on June 24th 1910 in Milan, the company has been involved in car racing since 1911, and has a reputation for building expensive sports cars. The company was owned by Italian state holding company Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale between 1932 and 1986, when it became a part of the Fiat Group. And since February 2007 it has been a part of Fiat Group Automobiles S.P.A.


More Concept Cars and Futuristic Vehicles are archived here:

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Honestly, this trend is getting to be ridiculous...

Details received from the Blog at
Back in March, TMZ published a list of female celebrities who had pictures and videos stolen from their mobile devices and email accounts by a group of hackers. Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus were mentioned in the probe -- with Hudgens even allegedly sitting down with the FBI to ascertain how her Gmail account was hacked. Scarlett Johannson was listed as well, though -- at the time -- scandalous photos of the Oscar-nominee had not yet leaked online. That changed Wednesday morning.

A pair of self-shot naked cell phone pictures featuring Johansson (or a woman who looks very much like her) are pinging around the Internet, and -- per TMZ -- sources close to the actress are planning to contact the FBI because of the criminal nature of the hack. Whether the photos are real or Photoshopped, however, has yet to be determined.

All right, when I read this I rapidly sought out the wise counsel of fellow readers, who actually bother to take the time to reply to posts like this, at the bottom of the page at the blog. [This was done after I searched for and found the notorious pics, which look 99.9999% like the real Scarlett]. And I later found a few statements out of the list of blog responses that were noteworthy:

A few issues began circulating in my mind after reading this stuff.... Could it be possible that some celebrities actually DO want their nudey pics to leak on the internet, as part of a covert promo for upcoming projects?
Do we all have to take but-naykid pictures of ourselves on our smart phones / tablets and send them to people that we think we're in love with, while hoping that they'll keep the pics secret??
Has any celebrity actually suffered great financial loss and defamation from the leaking of a set of "legit nude pictures" or even a torrid sex tape to the media, which goes Around The World In 8 Seconds as opposed to 80 Days?

Some people really need to Google: "Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee Sex Tape". Or even something more recently known to the I-Phone Generation: "Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Brandy's brother Ray J".

As much as I don't condone things like chauvinism, misogyny or the violation of personal privacy, I fail to see how the leakage of the nude pics or a sex tape will ruin an actors/actresses career, ultimately causing them to never gain movie roles again.

On that note, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and show the private pics that I've got hidden on MY CELL PHONE. While I cannot show the naked pics of Scarlett Johannson here on this blog [her lawyers are already hunting down the site owners that have been doing that stuff], I can at least give the faithful fans who love this blog a taste of something visually amazing. Now be warned... these are personal / special / private pics showing FLESH.... they will shock and awe you.... and I've NEVER posted them anywhere else.

You may ask: "OMG DSNG Artist! Are these pics of you nude??"
Well... take a look at these three fleshly pics stored on my phone!!:

Obviously that isn't very sharp and that is not Scarlett Johannson. I'll post larger images:


Calm down; I never said it was My Skin in the pics. The first pic is an Italian/American girl, Joana Shari [a real PAWG]. The next image is Denise Milani and the third model pic is Buffie Tha Body. These ladies have posed for Show Magazine, Smooth Girl, XXL, Blackmen SSX Magazine, FEDs Mag etc. Commonly, the pics on your cell phone are usually private and personal. This shows the stuff that I occasionally glance at. And as an artist, it affects my Cheesecake art style.

And for the records, I don't take naked pics of myself... its just pointless and far too duplicitous.

More pics of Scarlett Johansonn from the set of the Avengers 2012 Movie:

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Lights, Camera.. and a whole lot of Visual Action.

I will not glorify the current alleged rumors floating on the of Web of Sarah Palin's affair with basketball star Glen Rice back in the mid-1980s... it could all be lies... but I will promote the rumors of Coco's wardrobe malfunction at the recent Richie Rich Spring 2011 Fashion Show held in NY. Earlier this week, That fashion show was part of the acclaimed Mercedes Benz fashion week events. And according to reliable sources and lucky eyewitnesses, Coco's right boob slipped out of her body-hugging outfit while she was waltzing down the runway. The expose was brief and shocking; and I'm certain that jaws were dropped while several cameras flashed.

Later Nicole Austin [aka Coco Marie] tweeted the following [which was highlighted on]:

"I walked the runway for the Richie Rich Fashion yesterday and I didn’t have a proper fitting and the silky dress I wore slipped down under my boob. My right boob popped out like it was trying to say hello to everybody but I quickly stuffed it back in then acted like nothing happened. I swear I didn’t mean for my boob slip to happen. It was just as shocking to me. But hey, sometimes you just have to say it is 'Titty Tuesday'."

Coco has a weekly event on her Twitter feed dedicated to her boobs, and another on Thursdays featuring photos of her in thongs. However, she felt this DD-Cup display was not intentional and should not be taken too seriously.

“I woke up this morning and it’s the news of the century for some odd reason. People bombarded me with calls, emails…I’m like come on, seriously. IT’S A BOOB! We all have them. Can’t we talk about starvation in the world... ?”

[Above: Sexy Whooty Wallpaper of Coco Nicole Austin, with a rugged concept motorbike]

Coco, [who is a certified PAWG / Whooty] is known for her lighthearted nature and bubbly personality, just like Elena Eden, from the DSNG sci fi series. And it is highly unlikely that Coco's wardrobe malfunction was a deliberate act. There are already tons of blogs and Websites that advertise her pics and her voluptuous curves, which have actually turned her into a celebrity. She has tons of male and female fans that admire her... and there are those who hate her, for no definitive reason. But those familiar with her recent Reality Show called Ice-T Loves Coco on E! Cable Channel got to see that she is extremely candid; she's definitely not a rambunctious woman. Thus the news buzz generated by her boob flashing incident is certainly not going to dampen her mood in any way; in fact, she will probably just get a new Reality Show and sell more magazines and DVDs because of it.

During an interview a few months ago, her husband IceT said of her, "Babe, you're cut for this. Many women are not."

And that statement sums up everything very fluently.

Part 1 of the previous blog article featuring Coco and Elena Eden is --> HERE

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Stay tuned for more cool stuff from the ".dsng. blog"

Monday, September 12, 2011


I went over some classic comics by Pro-Artist Jim Lee over this past weekend and got inspired to do a poster/wallpaper of Batman and Superman. And I've also added some classic posters of the Big Two from DC Comics to this blog post.

 [Superman & Batman Wallpaper / Digital Painting by DSNG Artist]

There are several differences between Batman and Superman. According to their official bios, one is a billionaire playboy and the other is a near invulnerable alien powerhouse.

 [Classic Superman & Batman Superhero Wallpapers / Comic Posters by Jim Lee]

But it's in their innate personalities that they differ the most.
Superman is often teased as being a youthful boy scout per his goodhearted nature/benevolence. And Batman, well he’s really “a rich kid with issues… LOTS of issues” [according to a statement he made in the Justice League Cartoon Series while speaking to Wonder Woman].

But the thoughts of the Dark Knight in the classic Batman Hush Comic Series penciled by Jim Lee and scripted by Jeph Loeb back in 2003 showcase a rather dark side of Bruce’s character. In that storyline, Lex Luthor is President of the United States, Superman is married to Lois Lane, the daughter of Ras A'Gul runs Lexcorp and the rich Bruce Wayne owns Wayne Corp & the Daily Planet Newspaper Company.... Batman and Catwoman team up in that story and they hunt down Poison Ivy and The Joker respectively; although Superman gets brainwashed temporarily by a kiss from Ivy's seductive lipstick. And that leads to a battle between the Big Two.

Zoom-in on the image below of Batman VS. Superman and read what Bruce had to say about his distinguishing mindset, which separates him from the Kryptonian and probably all the other members of the Justice League.  

Those familiar with the Superman Batman Supergirl Graphic Novel by the late Michael Turner will recall how the Dark Knight literally called Darkseid's bluff, forcing him to surrender his grip on the female Kryptonian, or suffer the wrath of an exploding planet per reprogrammed hellspore nukes scattered across the entire face of Apocalypse, which would kill all of them at once [Batman had reprogrammed all of the bombs, before heading out to hunt for the powerful villain; while Superman was chasing after Supergirl, who was brainwashed into an evil pawn]. And Darkseid confessed that Batman had the balls to blow up a whole planet, while Superman and Wonder Woman, who were both more powerful, didn't have the courage to pull off a threat like that.... thus Darkseid disavowed and released Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl.

A Blog Article with cool pics from that confrontation was posted over Here.

It is just more proof that deep down in his heart, Batman is about two degrees away from being a lethal assassin with no conscience... and its obvious that per his skill-set that he'd make a damn good hitman.


Steampunk meets the Renaissance...

A while back I posted the original trailer for the New Three Musketeers Movie, produced by Paul W. S. Anderson and slated for release in October 2011. In fact since September 1st 2011, this movie was already being shown in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. That's not surprising, since the original novel was created by a French author. This New Trailer was presented about 2 months ago and it shows a lot more of an organized plot for the forthcoming movie.

The Cast of the Three Musketeers

The Steampunk sci fi film stars Logan Lerman in the leading role of D'Artagnan [Aspiring Musketeer]
Matthew Macfadyen plays the Musketeer Athos
Ray Stevenson plays the Musketeer Porthos
and Luke Evans plays the Musketeer Aramis

The main antagonists [the cool bad guys] are:
Cardinal Richelieu, played by Christoph Waltz,
The Duke of Buckingham [played by Orlando Bloom, the notorious "wife stealer" from the Troy Movie]
and Milady de Winter [she's a lethal assassin, played by Milla Jovovich].

In the images below the good guys are on the left, and on the right:

Some History on the Musketeers

I commonly try to teach something when I post these articles. And this note is presented along that same informative vein. I've already categorized this movie as Steampunk Sci Fi [that genre was discussed in this article Here], per some of the airship technology they showcased in the movie trailer, which almost look like exaggerations of creative works by inventors like Leonardo Da Vinci who lived between the 1400s - 1500s. Steampunk is a topic that I talk about quite a bit in this sci fi blog. But that sort of technology is tied to the 1800s.

The Article on Steampunk Cruisers and Spaceships was posted HERE.

There have been several interpretations of The Three Musketeers story, which was initially a book written by the french author Alexandre Dumas in the 1800s. And honestly, despite the abundant sword-play that the classic story dictates, the term "Musketeers" is actually tied to the "musket weapon", an old single-fire shot-gun / long-gun that the ancient infantry soldiers of France utilized.

Those weapons were extremely lethal and shockingly unreliable, in terms of their accuracy. And they often needed Y-shaped metal stands so that the soldier could place the gun in the middle of the topmost fork of the support - in order to overcome the turbulent recoil effect and get a steady straight shot. They are the ancient predecessors of the automatic rifle, which has now become a core weapon in most military units around the world. The pic on the left is from a classic war reenactment by French soldiers.

Some believe that musket guns & early explosive firearms originated in Europe in the middle of the 14th century. But archaeological findings have revealed that they were used back in the 13th century [the 1200s] within battles fought amongst Chinese warlords in the middle of Asia - the same country that brought us "fireworks".

The very first Three Musketeers movie dates back to 1903, and it wasn't in English - it was fully produced by the French, and there aren't any lasting viewable records of it.

Perhaps the most popular version of this story in the Western World is the movie tilted The Man in the Iron Mask. It stared Leonardo DiCaprio and was produced back in 1998. In that movie, the 3 heroes were actually retired, but they came back into the militant service to help right a wrong that had corrupted the monarchy of France.

The Sexy Female Assassin - Milady De Winter

In the New Three Musketeers 2011 Movie, Milla Jovovich [the ass-kicking lady behind the Resident Evil franchise] perfectly plays the lethal role of Milady De Winter, a role that hasn't been prominently highlighted over the years in previous mainstream Musketeer flicks.

The beautiful dress for Milady De Winter is shown on the left. It is a classic Victorian bustle styled dress, meaning that the derriere is enhanced, while the emphasis on her slender waist is punctuated by the tight in-seams. Silk, lace and satin trims also adorn the dress, and this sort of outfit is commonly worn with a pushup bra, to enhance the female's bosom. The past Sci Fi blog article that talks about Steampunk & bustle dresses was posted HERE.

According to the novel, she is a sly, seductive and clever spy for Cardinal Richelieu. And she is the wife of Athos the Musketeer, yet they don't have the most amicable relationship; and neither are they completely divorced [he supposedly hanged her upon discovering that she was a criminal, after they were married. But being the bad-ass assassin that she is, she survived the damn hanging and kept working as a spy / double agent].

In the book, Milady also kills D'Artagnan's lover and landlady; and that only fosters the flames of rage in the heart of the aspiring Musketeer, who joins the other Three Musketeers in their quest for justice against the diabolical Cardinal. In the movie, the Cardinal wants to seize the French throne from King Louis and utilize the Steampunk airships and futuristic weapons to conquer all of France, England and eventually the World. And his plot for widespread dominance plays out in the movie, while the four heroes strive to foil his plans.

Here are some more pictures of Milady De Winter [Milla Jovovich], and Orlando Bloom, along with the actual 3 [or 4] heroic Musketeers. In the movie, Milla actually wears a variety of bustle dresses and each one literally projects a different mood.


I'm not too sure about what it is like being married to a sexy spy, but the following images of Milady and Athos will showcase both the beauty and the danger of being in love with an assassin. One minute, she's ready to tease you, right in the oval office... and the next... she acts like you owe her the damn rent money on the condo... The movie is slated for release in the USA on October 21, 2011.

Check out the classic article featuring Elena Eden and the Cheesecake art style: HERE

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