Monday, April 29, 2013


As most fans of this blog know, I often use real life models as guides for my comic & sci fi book characters. Coco Austin is one of the most popular art references that I use as an outline, and Kathy Bentley is another young lady that fits into that category, per her sexy hourglass shape.


Having earned the rank of Commander, Yatalia is a female Alpha Senturi [black-ops] soldier in the DSNG sci fi series and she has extremely long hair and very powerful legs. Being an Averan by birth, Yatalia is a superhuman being capable of flight and projecting biothermal energy pulses from her hands. And yes, she is quite "thick". She's also a Muay Thai specialist; so she knows how to utilize her limbs expertly while executing lethal combat techniques. I've done several articles on her, so you can see more pics of Yatalia over Here. And more pics of Kathy Bentley can be seen over Here.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Today I'll post some fan art of Elena Eden wielding a katana blade; she is one of the main characters in the DSNG sci fi series. The original article introducing Elena was posted a few years ago, over Here. Anyway, I commonly use Hip Hop model Coco Austin as a base model for Elena, in terms of her voluptuous physique.


Part 1 of this article with more sexy pics of Coco and Elena is over Here!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Just saw this pic of Electro wearing some sort of Marc Ecko Hoddie on Yahoo earlier today. And I truly did not know what to say or think at first.This is just one of those costume design remixes that leave you rather speechless. Truthfully, the classic Electro costume [shown below, and looks like a yellow firecracker went off in front of his face] has never been something that looked sensational or worthy of transplanting from a comic book into the big screen [kinda like Wonder Woman and those blue star-spangled panties.... I mean, what the hell were the creators thinking when they made that costume??]

Nevertheless, after I sat back and reflected upon the scenario, I realized that change is not always a bad thing. Plus as it pertains to the forthcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie and all of its swirling rumors [which is slated for release on May 2,  2014], this isn't even the "new costume of Electro"; this is "the skin tone of the man that will be wearing the new costume of Electro". I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the final costume will be.

Speaking of final costumes, the attire worn by Henry Cavil in the forthcoming Man of Steel 2013 movie does look a bit too... strange for me to digest. The two last pics above are from a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Anyway, Zach Snyder, the guy behind the director's chair for the past movies 300 and Sucker Punch, seems to be the one that green-lit the costume of Superman, along with the execs at DC comics that approved it and presented it to him. But Zach Snyder has never been known for bright colors and radiant hues in his movies. Thus the new Superman doesn't really look as bright as he did in the old  80s movies. This new Superman looks almost like a futuristic cosplay for the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Not too sure if it was Jim Lee who designed Superman's movie costume, getting rid of the red speedos and giving him just the blue tights. But I could've sworn that Jim Lees New 52 version of Superman had a damn belt. [Jim's latest Superman costume design is over Here].

Well, all we can do at this point is sit back and hope that Superman does not fall short of the fanboy expectations.... if not, rest assured, DC Comics will be rebooting it again in the next 3 years, as they try to copy Marvel and what they're doing right now with the Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Today I'm presenting a forthcoming comic cover for Superman #22, featuring the cover art and interior pages by Kenneth Rocafort. I first got introduced to Kenneth's art via Hunter Killer, a sci fi black-ops book he did for Top Cow / Image Comics back in 2005. And in 2007, he penciled the Madam Mirage comic series written by Paul Dini, which gave Kenneth an avenue to showcase his skills in drawing voluptuous female heroines. Kenneth currently resides in California and he works for DC Comics.
You can check out the sexy curvy Madam Mirage covers / comic pages below, along with the Superman art:

I've seen a lot of artists over the years who showcase a variety of styles. And whenever I meet a new artist [he may be old in the game but new to me], I usually study their visual style, and the way that they draw men & women. I look at roughly 5 things: Anatomy, Perspective, Balance, Entertainment [the Wow / Pop factor] and Realism. But when the art is really catchy, most people just focus on the Wow / Pop factor, which is related to entertainment, while they completely forget about realism.

For instance, a lot of Manga and Anime from Japan commonly have a tremendous Wow / Pop factor, but they just don't look... real. Honestly guys, when was the last time you were at work, school or at the mall, and you saw a beautiful young lady with giant eyes, huge boobs and pink hair??!! For instance, consider the pic shown on the right [from the fan-service-packed anime High School of the Dead] , and you'll see that it has a tremendous Entertainment factor, but has Zero realism.

On the other hand, when the artwork has good balance and it looks both real and entertaining, you have a win-win scenario in my opinion. And thus, I view Kenneth Rocafort's art as well balanced. Kenneth is on facebook, over Here.
Anyway, I have no doubt that he draws what he likes; most artists do that.

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