Sunday, November 17, 2013


They are the ultimate dream-team, the super triple threat, and perhaps the best Special Forces Super Team that could ever be assembled in the mind of a hardcore comic fan. Regardless of your likes or dislikes, you have to respect them, individually. But when you put them together, these three guys could be viewed as an unstoppable triad: Superman, Ironman and The Wolverine. Two MARVELous characters and one representative of the DC Nation.
Yeah, they'd make an incredible team. But on the other hand, if you could place them all in a vast arena like the Colorado plateau beside the Grand Canyon [over in Arizona] and ask them to go at it until we have the Last Man Standing, then who would really win the all-out brawl??

At the Box Office, Ironman reigns supreme; and he's got an army of remote controlled armored-robot-suits that can answer his beck and call. But honestly, without his armored exoskeleton suit, he is a mortal man, void of special powers.

Wolverine is also a mortal, but he's got a peculiar thing called the healing factor, which helps him to practically cure himself from all of his internal and external injuries. Plus his adamantium endoskeleton comes in handy every now and then.

Superman is the only alien in the mix. And while he has the power to literally leap over skyscrapers [or just lift them out of the way], he is almost invulnerable. I say almost, because he is still limited by respiration requirements, and therefore he can suffer from asphyxiation - he can run out of oxygen.

But once the bell rings, what would happen? Here is a brief clip of my envisioned battle:
Tony Stark would be brazen enough to attack both of his foes simultaneously. Wolverine would be knocked down but he'd able to recover from the repulsor rays that pound into his chest, while Superman outruns the heat-seeking mini-missiles that Ironman would send after him. Next the two guys that can fly would be battling in the sky, trading heavy blows; and the first person to get knocked down into a mountain would become prey for the Wolverine. And Superman truly won't be able to regrow a hand that gets hacked off by adamantium claws. Since he is wearing an armored suit, Ironman can probably take the most immense pounding once the other guys gang up on him; but Tony has some laser-styled weaponry that can easily lacerate flesh and cut off their arms and legs. But if Superman gets angry enough to use his ice-breath and eyebeams as a lethal-combo, then he can freeze the leaping Wolverine in mid-air, before blasting off his head with his heat vision, unleashed at a wide angle. And once his suit's power-cell is down to 10-percent, Ironman truly is nothing more than a playboy in a heavy metal tuxedo. Perhaps that would be the time for Tony to pull out some kryptonite-coated brass knuckles....

I could keep going on and on. Perhaps the battle would be easier to debate, if there were two rather than three opponents. But on the other hand, I think you probably know who would win this battle. Yeah, they're all Alpha Males. And they are all incredibly strong.
But only one of them has the "hope symbol" on his chest....