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A Unique Female Warrior.

Yatalia Yentoshima is one of the elite Centura soldiers, and she's part of the Alpha Senturi division. She is not part of the Top 5, but she's the highest ranking female Alpha in the Averan military. Most of the Black-Ops missions coordinated within the boundaries of planet Avera are under her authority. She is often misunderstood, since at first sight a lot of critics tag her as utterly cold and eccentric. Yet she truly personifies strength, beauty and uniqueness.

Yatalia is known for her dark tastes and her fondness of temporal tattoos - she enjoys changing them periodically, according to her diverse moods. Classically trained in all of the four-stringed violin instruments from her youth, her affluent parents had assumed she would pursue a career in music. But her fondness of warfare had drawn her to the military instead. And the fact that she'd displayed bio-thermal potential shortly before puberty had probably been the most significant event, which caused her to begin probing into her pedigree to discover the true origins of her blended family; the origins that had inadvertently made her different.

She was used to looking different and being treated exclusively; per her interracial appearance, she'd often found it hard to fit into snobby cliques in high school. Perhaps it was such isolation that caused her to become a bit of a rebel and prankster. Homemade stink bombs were things she could conjure with ease, and some of her classmates tagged her as a kleptomaniac due to her quick hands.

Her training to become a disciplined soldier was very thorough. Azda Makeshadag—a famous retired gladiator—had seen great potential in her, and had mentored Yatalia personally. And Azda candidly accepted her as a daughter and sparred with her privately for endless hours.

Azda is a wise and powerful woman from planet Entrados, in the Delta Sector. And she was a combat consultant to the Centura, at that time. Thus Yatalia's hand-to-hand combat skills encompass a wide variety of martial arts, ranging from Muay Thai and Judo to Kung Fu techniques. And most of her potent strikes are channeled through her strong legs.

BTW: The New Blog Article on Azda is over HERE.

As part of her on personal tastes, Yatalia has a thing for dark poetry: fluent rhyming writings intertwined with morbid themes. And not surprisingly, she's the sort of female that loves listening to music by artists like Adam Hurst and Rob Zombie.

With time, it has become evident to her peers that she has a strong blood-lust as well. Some people actually crave the thrill of a violent clash and the adrenaline rush that ensues when they behold a bullet heading straight for their temple. Per her quick reflexes, dodging bullets is something she enjoys - since she's a superhuman being, like Prince Azzar and Commander Vince.

[Yatalia in her sleek Alpha Senturi armor, without her custom mask]

[Yatalia wearing her alternate Navy SEAL gear, as she wields a custom MP5 sub-machine gun]

Her resume over the years has become very impressive. And she's still in the process of discovering her family origins. Her first appearance is in Book 1 of the DSNG CHRONICLES Trilogy. Wish there was time to delve into her love life. It is quite... interesting. Those that have read Book 1 should be a bit more familiar with her... 

Yatalia was also shown wearing an alluring spandex outfit on the cover of DSNG CHRONICLES BOOK 4, while holding her PCD-II device. And she was featured in the continuing story of DSNG Book 5.


Yatalia is a respected Black-ops soldier and an elite member of the CSFC - The Centura Special Forces Command. And according to Commander Vince [her arrogant ex-boyfriend], if the ranking of the most elite Centura soldiers was tagged as the Top 6, as opposed to the intrepid Top 5, she would definitely be the 6th member of that highly respected group of super soldiers.


[More posters of Yatalia and her cool female sci fi armor design are shown above]

The Second Blog Article on Yatalia with more beautiful pics: RIGHT HERE 


Stay tuned for more profiles in this Overview series.

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This new clip is from the basketball game between the LA Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder that was played on January 30, 2012. And I posted it in my Youtube account. Figured I'd add it to this article as well; it shows what getting "posterized" is all about....

And the original blog article [continued below] is tied to Blake's slam dunk at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game...

No this isn't sci fi, but its still fascinating.
This guy is destined for great things... Browsed around for some of his pics, and put together a video with some highlight clips from the 2011 slam dunk contest. [If the vid player below is blank, then click on the video title to see the clip]


This was his winning dunk at the contest. And it was one of the highlights of the entire Allstar weekend. In my opinion that dunk gets a 10 on hang-time. It was done on his first try - perhaps that's one of the reasons why it was so emphatic.

Standing at 6 feet 10 inches tall, he was born in Oklahoma City, back in 1989; so he's just 21 years old. I don't know how long he's going to stay with the LA Clippers, but I'm certain that his entire NBA career is going to be one hell of a highlight reel.

Keep doing your thing, Blake... We're watchin...


Music clip in the vid was: We made it, by Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park.

DSNG Blog home page: 

New DSNG sci fi series article [posted on Saturday]:

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Blood Warriors

The foundational concepts of the DSNG sci fi series dates back to rough sketches made in 1999. I was in college back then, and kept a sketchbook for doodling thoughts and ideas.

I've noted how an idea can grow over time, and that's why I often encourage people to write and rewrite the stories of their characters, in order to work out the origins, inter-dependencies, relationships and future plights of their focal heroes and main antagonists.This gives the concepts a better flow.

At the helm of the DSNG series is a man named Prince Azzar Omenus, a super soldier that holds the elite office of SCO; he is the Senior Commanding Officer of the Centura - the Averan Military Forces.

Designed as an ultramodern society, Avera is one of the 7 major planets in the Makuran Galaxy, the fictional planetary system that hosts the sci fi series.

Azzar's best friend is Commander Vince Garroth, and Vince is a super soldier as well, holding the rank of Commander. Azzar is calm natured, rather quiet and extremely strong minded, while Vince is a handsome affluent playboy, having a smooth arrogant swagger that magnetizes females.
Prince Azzar has a trusted personal assistant named Casey Trent. And as his secretary, she handles a host of scheduling and logistic tasks on his behalf. From her office in the towering Imperial Palace she helps to govern the affairs of his estate, outline/refine his political views, plan his diverse public appearances and oversee his financial portfolio.

Led by a monarchy at the head of the national executive cabinet, Planet Avera can be viewed as a neo-roman society. The Centura is an extremely structured military, and their black-ops division is called the Alpha Senturi program. Azzar and Vince fall into that distinct category. The Alpha Senturis are gifted espionage soldiers, trained in lethal assault tactics and a host of hand-to-hand combat techniques. They have phenomenal powers and excel in CQB scenarios; but they are not immortals. Hence they need sleek combat armor.

Every franchise has distinguishing uniforms for their main protagonists. For example, when you hear the term "Jedi", you think of hooded robes and light sabers. The term "Storm Trooper" will also bring other distinct features to mind.

Thus when you read or hear of "The Alpha Senturi", the following designs ought to emerge on the canvas of your imagination, assisting you in envisioning what is being described:

In the DSNG Sci Fi Series, the term "Alpha Senturi" is a colloquial abbreviation for "Premier Elite Sentries". They are similar to Navy Seals in terms of their classification; thus they mostly operate with stealth in order to take on black-ops missions under the authority and guidance of their operational commanders. So don't confuse that name with a certain star system, located 4.37 light years away from us....

The Alpha Senturis are blood warriors, who are more than ready to die for their cause; yet staying alive is what they do best...

In the poster above, both of the Alpha soldiers have exo-drones hovering behind them; those compact mobile tank units are also equipped with chameleo-armor [currently deactivated, so you can see them]. There are male and female Alpha Senturi Soldiers. And most of them will be adorned like Commander Vince [the guy on the left, above]. And shown on the right, the color scheme of Prince Azzar's armor is unique, per his unique rank.


 [Prince Azzar, shown above]

Shown below are concept sketches and colored samples of Alpha Senturi "sci fi styled" stealth armor. The first pic shows Captain Payne Hall [aka the Black Crane] with two Ciko1500 laser handguns and Commander Yatalia Yentoshima, holding her PCD-II data pad. They are both featured in the ebooks DSNG CHRONICLES IV and in the short story, DSNG TALES: Unusual Suspects [both books are available at]. And two inked poses of Prince Azzar are also shown in the second poster below.


The image below is the cover of DSNG CHRONICLES Book 5 and it features the Black Crane, as he embarks upon a risky undercover operation. As a stealth soldier, one has to be prepared for anything, including the shocking event of a gun jamming amidst a battle. Hence the Crane has about four weapons, in the presented picture. He has two "Ciko-H 1500 handguns" raised, an extra handgun strapped to his left thigh and a Ciko laser rifle amended to his backpack with its nozzle inserted into a vertical case. His optical scanners offer him a wide variety of visual options including zoom, thermal imaging and other cool features [a peculiar enhancement tagged as ultra-scopic vision is highlighted in the books, amidst the action-packed storyline].

[DSNG book 5 is available for download as an ebook to PC/Mac via Amazon over Here]

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Recent commission I did, for a die-hard Superman fan.

The original pic was created in layers. Both Superman and Supergirl were separate posters, drawn and colored as layers before they were combined into one. The PSD file size is kept to a minimum that way.

Wonder Woman poster:

Mighty Thor poster:

Power Girl poster:

Pencil artwork:

The continuation of the detailed Overview of the DSNG sci fi series showcasing some of the main characters will continue soon; stay tuned. Those new to the dynamic e-book series can catch up here:

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A New Look for a Classic Anime.

There are tons of cartoon series from Japan that most of the people in the West have never heard off. And the most fascinating ones end up gaining foreign licenses and English subs, after they cross over the Pacific Ocean and hit the shores of the USA, landing on the crown of the West Side.

I do a lot of research, since I draw giant robots and such. But I can't walk up to most Western cartoon fans and ask what they thought of the action sequence in the 30-minute OVA for Bakuretsu Tenshi [Crazy Burst-Angel] or the mega robot combinations showcased in Gao Gai Gar's final season [The King of Braves]. That stuff will probably flow right over your head, so I'll save it for some other time.

Focus on this classic clip of Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryui [known as Gaiking, for short], an anime series created back in the 70s and reinvented in 2005 - 2006:

It falls into the Sci Fi MECHA genre, involving giant robots and morphers [a term I use in the DSNG series that is synonymous with transforming units]. Voltron is one of the most famous MECHA animes, and Gundam Wing is probably at the pinnacle of that genre, being the flagship of an entertainment franchise worth over 50 billion Yen.

I came across the Gaiking clip above while surfing for Superbowl XLV commercials [results of that search are over Here]. And I also found out that a new CGI movie is being planned for the revamp of the Gaiking series.

Check this out:

Some anime fans are only interested in the light/comedic series like Girls Bravo [you pervs  lol], or the martial arts of classics like Tenjho Tenge or the ongoing Bleach. But there is something about giant machines and morphing robots that has always appealed to fan boys & girls around the world, even when the televised feature isn't presented in their native language.

The Gaiking remix does look impressive. I don't know how the guys in Japan come up with this stuff... I just hope the movie will have a sound plot, so that it appeals to a wider audience.

The previous blog article I did in 2010 on the MECHA genre is over Here:

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Cool Theatrical Trailers

When watching the Superbowl, one of the reasons why you strive to rush snacks and bathroom brakes is to ensure that you don't miss this stuff. Yet sometimes the Ads are so brief [per the phenomenal expense per minute] that you don't get to fully see what was showcased.

Here are three of the brief TV spots from the grand event
[Actually one of them below didn't air due to its violent nature, I presume].

It appears that Optimus Prime still has his Jetfire combo mode, and you probably beheld a vulture-type bot that I've assumed is Laserbeak, one of the classic "A-track tapes" from the storage unit in the chest of Soundwave. Rewind and pause the clip, and you should see other familiar faces.

Hopefully there will be new villain/hero robots that actually get considerable screen-time in this movie. And true fans of the franchise are praying that Michael "I love big ba-ba-boom explosions" Bay will actually have an intriguing PLOT for us to behold.

No garuantees on that.

A Vampire Hunter flick for Anti-Twilight fans

[I don't think this one made the cut, per the standards set by the Fox Ad review team]

Priest is a forthcoming vampire movie set in a dystopian /post-apocalyptic future, where the corporate church has dominated the surviving state. The "Order of Priests" are gifted vampire hunters endowed with the extraordinary powers by a supreme being. And they guard the dwindling human race's last fortified stronghold [a mega city] against a horde of humanoid vampires, who also possess a variety of bloodthirsty quadrupedal creatures that do their bidding.

Quadraped is a generalized term for creatures with four feet that could be difficult to group per existing taxonomy categories; they could be animals or extraterrestrials.

Movie Pitch for Priest [summary] - An adaptation of a TokyoPop comic book, the story is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between men and vampires, and follows a warrior priest who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

Some will tag this movie as sci fi / fantasy action while others categorize it as a horror flick. Eventually its content will probably be the best way to judge that issue.

Van Helsing and the Underworld series both had their own distinct identities. And it looks like this movie will be able to stand out as well.

Min-Woo Hyung wrote the original comic book and the star of the movie is British actor named Paul Bettany, while the director is Scott Stewart - the same guy that wrote and directed the 2010 "angel battle movie" called Legion.
Scott used to work for a California VFX studio called The Orphanage as a senior executive. And before then, he worked with Indusrtyial Light and Magic [another visual effects / CGI company].
Interesting Notes: Paul Bettany was the main actor in the Legion movie as well, playing the role of a fallen angel named Michael. And Kate Beckinsale [a fellow Brit] starred in Van Helsing, and the entire Underworld Trilogy.

May the force be with you... and your kids

Lastly, a shortened version of this Star Wars inspired Ad below aired during the Superbowl. But I had seen the full version earlier, courtesy of a link that Erin [one of my buddies on Facebook] had posted on her status update. Its actually a car commercial for the Volkswagen 2012 Passat.

That was the BEST Superbowl XLV commercial of them all.

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Sexy pics of Aayala and Asoca!

Aayala Secura [blue skinned] and Asoca Tano [orange skin tone].
These two female Jedi are featured mostly in the Star Wars Clone Wars saga [chronologically slated to have taken place between "Episode II: Attack of the Clones" and "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith"].


Asoca actually survives the execution of "Order 66", and one die-hard fan has interpreted that she'll look like this:

Moving along...

-->Second Jedi Babes article:

Star Wars, The Old Republic 

I found some classic clips on Youtube, showcasing exceptional cinematics in a video game. Both clips are based in the Star Wars universe, and in one clip the heroic Jedi's win while in the other one the dark Sith triumph. The game designer was Bioware Corp. That name is synonymous with the Mass Effect game franchise, known for its stunning visuals and epic scale.

I read somewhere that Bioware's major games can cost up to 2.5 million dollars to produce. I don't know how true that is, but the extended cut-scenes shown below are definitely not cheap to create:

The sort of quality showcased in the video game trailers above [released back in 2009] is what most fans would expect to see as a CGI animated version of the continuing Star Wars saga. But the Clone Wars series currently airing for its third season on Cartoon Network really isn't that sharp/refined, in comparison to what you saw above.   

I still suspect that George Lucas is planning another Trilogy for the future... we'll see...

More pics of Star Wars babes are coming, stay tuned.

The Black Cat poster is Here
And the Spiderman poster is Here