Friday, September 21, 2012


Brief Movie Review and Official Posters!

This explosive sci fi flick was very dynamic.... and it was something that classic action fans will probably enjoy. Based upon the cult British comic character created back in 1977, Judge Dredd is the personification of hard justice, since he plays the role of an indifferent Judge, Jury and Executioner in his futuristic city setting. This movie was definitely better than the one that stared Sylvester Stallone, back in 1995.

In the new Dredd 2012 Movie, within the Dystopian North American location of Mega-City-One, Judge Dredd [played by Karl Urban] and his rookie psychic apprentice [played by Olivia Thirlby] respond to a peculiar act of triple homicide in one of the massive 200-story buildings in their city, called the Peach Trees Slum Building - three men were tossed out of the balcony of the top floor by the evil female kingpin/drug dealer, who goes by the Moniker of Ma-Ma [played by Lena Heady, who was best known for playing the role of "Sara Connor" on the TV Series of Terminator, shown back in '08 - '09].
Anyway, being executors of justice, Judge Dredd and his rookie [who goes by the name of Judge Anderson] head into the 200-story building to find out who tossed down the three drugged men [who had  lethal does of "slo-mo" infused into their bloodstreams] and the unbridled action unfolds from there. Ma-ma sends her right-hand-man to tackle the Judges, but that tough guy gets his candy-ass kicked by the stoic Dredd, right before the entire towering building is put on lockdown [all windows and exits are sealed with thick sliding blast-shields, the sort of thing that I assume was installed in the towering skyscrapers to protect from nuke-shockwaves], sealing-in the heroes and one of their captured suspects named Kay. So the heroes have to fight their way up to the top of the building, to face Ma-ma.


In the mind of many fans, Karl Urban is probably best known for his role as Lord Vaako [or Vakko] in the Chronicles of Riddick 2004 movie. And in that movie, he was married to  the cunning and insidious Lady Vakko, played by Thandie Newton. It is rumored that Karl will be back in the role of Vakko in the next Riddick movie, which should be out in 2013. Olivia Thirlby is also shown below with Karl at the premier of the Dredd 2012 movie.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Some people simply call them "Mecha", while to other fanboys these mechanical units are simply known as giant robots; yet they are not always Transformers or Morphers that rapidly evolve from one structural form to another. Even comic fans are familiar with Mecha, due to the giant robot Sentinels that battled the X-men in the Saturday morning cartoons shown back in the mid-90s; while the popular Gundam anime franchise also showcased a variety of Mecha based upon evolving design themes and classic model frames. In terms of their origins, giant robots are concept based out of Japanese anime, along with giant monster like Godzilla. Many video game franchises including Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 3, Starwars and Borderlands 2 have giant robot mecha / combat machines in them, assisting the heroes or villains during the intense action scenes. In the past, I did a blog article that talked about the MECHA SCI FI GENRE; yet often fans seem to run Web searches in this blog for "sci fi armor / combat exo-suits" while they are envisioning "Mecha and Giant robot costumes", in compressed human-sized formats. There is really nothing wrong with that, as I've got several other blog articles that feature collections of various concept art of futuristic combat armor designs over HERE.

For those interested in female Mecha Concept design, you should check out the DSNG blog article on an anime titled Godannar, which features Volspinna - she's a sexy female Mecha /giant robot.
And with the success of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game released in August 2012, it is clear that fanboys and fangirls have an innate thirst for dynamic action sequences involving mecha robots that are larger than life in their size / stature.
Today we shall take a look at a collection of concept art that I've gathered from around the Web. And if you are an aspiring artist / designer, hopefully these various models will inspire you. Some of the 3D works below are done with Zbrush and Maya, while others are created with Photoshop, Painter or Corel Draw.


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Following the big announcements made at this years E3 game conference in California, its clear that another installment of Microsoft's golden Halo franchise is set to be launched later this year. And I've gathered several sci fi wallpapers and concept art posters that were created by the concept artists at 343 Industries [and Bungie Studios, who did a lot of background work on previous Halo games].

Check out these sci fi infinity soldier armor designs for the Halo Spartans. They probably look familiar; but honestly, they have slight variations from the classic Spartan armor used in the previous Halo, Halo:Reach & the Halo:ODST games:

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