Thursday, October 26, 2017


All right guys, I’m an OG… I’m 37 years old, and I enjoy this hobby; I mainly worked on Transformers before getting into action figures last year.… and I’ve learned to take things slow, when making these customs…

This Scarlett gal was ready over 3 weeks ago, but it just didn’t feel right, so I held off on posting her. Finally, yesterday I decided to add some more stuff and touch up her paint a lil’ bit. And that’s how she got her uzi submachine gun, the cool shoulder-pad and the radio-thingy attached on her other shoulder strap. It’s those little things that make her standout.

 Anyway, the base body for my Scarlett was a fusion of Captain Marvel Carol Danvers [main body and legs] and Thundra [arms and chest]. Her vest, boots, gloves and costume were sculpted and her guns were customized. Her belt was from Deadpool and I customized it. And her custom M16 blaster rifle is held via a magnet to her back. Her hair was fully sculpted, and her ponytail also has a magnet holding it in place. Her hair was colored with two shades of Tamiya red, one as the base, and the other for blood-red highlights. The Duke custom toy [shown in some pics with Scarlett] was posted in my blog, and at my Figure Realm gallery. Stay tuned for more Joes!



Saturday, October 21, 2017


Another new custom for 2017, and he is one of my hefty 6-inch G.I. Joes! This version of Flit has some special customizations for his weapon's storage, on his body [I’ll explain later].

The base body was ML Punisher, and I had to sand down his hair and then sculpt his beret hat. Then I sculpted the lower hem of his pants and his new armored best and all the pouches. His sleeves and gloves were sculpted, and then I sculpted & added a radio thingy to his right shoulder strap. His boots were fully sculpted as well, and I didn’t bother to prime him before I painted him with Tamiya paints [since his overall scheme would still be rather dark].

 And now, his weapon storage: On his back, as opposed to having two Katana swords like Deadpool, I created a rectangular holster for his handguns, which are inserted on each end, and that pouch is held via a 5mm magnet upon his back. So that gun-holster-backpack is removable, and it also hosts a stored dagger, which you can see if you focus carefully on it. Then upon his right thigh, I added a double-gun holster, partly sculpted, and created with some cardboard as well. Thus he actually has two more handguns held on his right thigh.
And then on his left thigh, he has the Demolition Man’s holster, so that was pretty standard. His chest armor also has another handgun, held close to his left armpit.
In total, my Flint custom has about 8 guns, when you count the two machine-guns that he holds with both hands.




Sometimes my G.I. Joes don’t look exactly like the cartoon or movie versions; and that’s fine, because I’m creating them in my own style, while ensuring that they have high quality and cool details.
BTW, the custom Duke shown in the background of some pics was uploaded previously in my gallery... Anyway, stay tuned for more Joes!

Friday, October 20, 2017


This Duke is a new custom for 2017. I’ve made about 5 other G.I.Joes [one of them is teased in the background of the first pic] and I’ll try and post them soon. The base body was the Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher and I had to sculpt his armored vest and all of the pouches from Milliputty. His head was taken from the ML Steve Rogers toy [the one from the Civil War Three-pack] and his high-top hairstyle was sculpted.




Duke [Conrad Hauser] has about 7 guns holstered and held on his frame. Most of the guns were customized and some were attached via magnets on his back. I painted the small flag on his right arm with Sharpie markers, after sculpting its base. One gun holster came from Demolition man, while the other was fully sculpted. His belt was sculpted as well. Finally, Tamiya paints were used and I tried to weather him a little bit, with some metallic shades. Stay tuned for more!


Here's Another new one, from 2017. I’ve made a few other G.I.Joes, and I’ll try and post them soon. This Roadblock [his real name is Marvin Hinton] was based on a hybrid original design, and I drew inspiration from the character portrayed by Dwayne Johnson in the G.I.Joe Retaliation movie from 2013. The base was the ML Netflix Punisher, fused with a WWE Basic Series 68B [I think that’s the one], which presented the head that I needed.

The muscular arms were sculpted, and they were borrowed from a ML Whirlwind. And his new armored vest was sculpted as well. His left thigh’s dagger holster was sculpted, while a small 5mm magnet was installed inside the pouch affixed upon his right thigh, in order to hold the submachine gun affixed there. Plus the dagger held on his right thigh was custom made.



Since Roadblock is a Heavy Gunner, he needed a heavy weapon; so the heavy machine-gun came from the other ML Punisher toy, the Walgreens exclusive. I also gave him black gloves but I didn’t give him the movie version's beard; since I felt it wasn’t necessary, per my chosen design. He has about four guns and two daggers, plus I attached a walkie-talkie-thingy to his leftward shoulder, right on the strap of his armored vest. The gun holster for the large two-toned handgun affixed on his lower back was custom made from cardboard and duct-tape. Finally, Tamiya paints were used and I tried to weather him a little bit, with some metallic shades.

 Stay tuned for more!