Monday, August 1, 2016


For those fans that missed the previous post on my Facebook page, DSNG Book 17: Ominous Part 2, has been launched at Amazon! Its over Here! And the cover of the new ebook features artwork of a new character, named Aiden Wolf. Despite his youthful appearance, Aiden is actually a General and he bears the title of the "God of Justice".


Aiden is not a regular superhero teen / a young adult warrior. He is actually a Paragon, specifically an elite Wind-walker. The Paragons are the ancient Sons of the Gods - or Demigods, with mighty powers and endless life spans. They do exist in the same Makuran Galaxy and they are part of the rich history of the DSNG Sci Fi Series.

The Paragons have existed for over 10 million years. And they perish not from old age, but from destructive blasts or decapitations by their potent peers. And the Centaurs, Fairies, Serpentors, Ravenors, Monkey Kings, Monkey Queens and other ancient beings fall into that category [and in general they are tagged as Paragons]. Those familiar with DSNG Book 16 will know more about that stuff...
Of course the DSNG saga still revolves around Prince Azzar Omenus, the main protagonist [who is an Alpha Senturi Super Soldier]. But there are still over 500 characters in the DSNG Universe, and they all have interactions that affect the Prince in one way or another.

Anyway, this new ebook cover is similar to the one created for Book 16 that features Commander Dezeth the Fairy warrior, per the layout and background colors. [The former blog article with concept art for DSNG Book 16 is over Here!]

I'm not going to waste your time by explaining what this action-packed mature sci fi series is all about, since you're a fan and I assume that you've read the old DSNG teaser ebook that was 99 Cents, over Here :)

And here is the long synopsis for DSNG Book 17... and yeah, it's long, since it is tied to a 1,000+ page novel!

Presently Prince Azzar and some of his allies are still vacationing on the neighboring techno-world in the Beta sector, planet Taran. And the Prince has finally commenced the MECH Sentinel Program. So he now finds himself locked into a series of meetings with the CEOs of the major robotics firms based on Taran, as he seeks to find the perfect manufacturer for the first generation of giant MECH defenders, which will serve the military force of his home planet Avera.

At the same time, the super-human Prince finds himself in a budding relationship with the lovely female Kataran named Dr. Karli. Their desires seem to be getting stronger, while the near-death experiences that he’d saved her from have only strengthened their bond.

Yet the Prince is fully oblivious to all the events that have been transpiring in the RX-Realm, the alternate reality zone where the Twelve Clans of the Ancient Paragon Beings—the early beings that predated the Era of Mankind—reside in a somewhat tumultuous state.

And in that mystical realm, the Paragons, who are ultra-sentient beings, still live by various ancient laws… such as laws that give them the right to keep what they kill, in terms of the property, position and authority of the Paragon warrior that they slay.

And at this time, five elite Ghoul Commanders from the Paragon Clan called the Larksen Slayers Legion have traveled from the RX-Realm to the Human Realm, as they seek out the new villain named Lord Blacnor. And the five Commanders, comprising of four Ghouls and one Fairy, have decided to split up in order to cover more grounds on their search.

Yet a group of Young Wolves, who are young Paragon warriors led by the military trainer named Abe Apollo, were dispatched to track down the five Ghoul Commanders. And so far they’ve been able to slay one of them, while the four other evil Commanders are still at large.

The threat of the four Commanders begins to amplify, when it is suspected that they’re in league with one of the most powerful evil Paragon warlords of the past, an Ice Necromancer named Argus Demacles. And Argus has been tied to the infamous Gray Hawk Legion, from the days of old.

Thus after he almost kills Rikah the Sea Mistress, Argus is again on the loose… and this forces Aiden Wolf, the young God of Justice and the current leader of the Silver Falcon Legion, to arise and confront the singular threat from Argus. Yet Aiden and his assembled strike team—comprised of fellow Paragons—soon have to seek out some urgent council from an ancient upright Ghoul patriarch, an Arch Mage named Father Benvamos, who resides in a fortified castle within the RX-Realm, a mystified alternate realm in which no mortal has ever set foot before.

But while Aiden and his strike team get set to meet with Father Benvamos in order to get a guiding oracle from him, they have no idea that they’re being hunted down by another team of Paragon mercs that are being led by a separate oracle, one that strangely predicts that Aiden will be the source of a huge act of genocide in the near future…

Additionally, Azzar’s Scalatan half-brother Tek-Hon, aka the vicious Killer of Killers, is sidetracked from his quest for the legendary Makura Stone, so that he can hunt down a certain dangerous Gorilla operative, someone tied to the very band of rebels that he is affiliated with.
Simultaneously, one of Tek's old allies, the female assassin named Agatha the Slayer, finds herself tracking down a group of mobsters that are known as the Brotherhood of Kanu; since they've abducted a young girl that she desperately needs to find on behalf of her sponsors.

Eventually, as the evil Ghoul Commanders from the RX-Realm continue their rampage in the Human Realm, two separate worlds slowly begin to collide… and the hand of fate seems to be steering Prince Azzar towards one last bloody battle, one that he will not have the power to emerge victoriously from…

[Part 17 of 17 e-books. Rated M for Mature; Over 1000 pages!]


All right, be sure to download the new ebook over Here!!
You can get it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or kindle, as long as you download the free Kindle App to any of those devices first!!


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