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An Intriguing Alien Race

The Scalatans are a wondrous race. They reside in the gamma sector, on planet Scalata.

Per their phenotype they appear as humanoids, but they possess unique traits. They have four arms, and tentacles located beside their heads upon their temples. These tentacles replace their ears, while hosting extra eyes. Some of them have tails, and others have spikes on their backs, like the female shown here.

Most of their people have skin tones that are shades of pink and purple, while they have various markings on their forehead. Having exotic features, their women are naturally well-endowed. And most of their men are very strong, per their genetics.

They are an advanced alien race, possessing nanotech breakthroughs that enhance their commercial products and daily lives. And as shown in the image on the left, the female is utilizing a chair designed with anti-grav boosters at its base. And there are alarm sensors in the chair that identify it as part of the furniture set in the office.

Currently having two major moons, Scalata is a planet known for its sweltering annual temperatures. Therefore the indigenous people have many dwellings that are created within hollowed-out mountain ranges and inside subterranean chambers. 

A Familiar Face...

One of the most popular Scalatan females is Yatzat [pronounced as Yat-sah], who was featured in the DSNG Chronicles Book 1 Prologue.


She is a beautiful female doctor who can often be viewed as a victim of circumstance. When she is introduced, she appears to be aligned with the ruthless Gorilla Rebel Militia - although she was forced into that role, compelled to join one of their genetics research labs. The tale of Yatzat's forced alignment with the Gorillas is explained as the story unfolds. Her plight carries on from the onset of the sci fi series in DSNG Book 1, and she plays a major role all the way up to Book 10 and beyond....

The 16-page Prologue was posted in the Deviantart gallery.

A Filthy Rich Young Lady

Voxxana Veraguddon is a news anchor for the GNN [Galactic News Network] and she was also first introduced in DSNG Book 1. Her younger sister [a pop diva] is named Velint, and they are both extremely close. She is the 7th out of 8 children, who are heirs to one of the most affluent pedigrees in the Makuran Galaxy. Her father, Lord Veraguddon, owns his own planetoid, along with a host of galactic firms that serve the four sectors.


As a female alien with purple skin, Voxxy has a very alluring form. And she lives a life that makes her the envy of many Scalatan princesses, young ladies also hailing from distinguished pedigrees. She is also an IP-Net celebrity, having numerous Web sites created by her adoring fans. These sites feature tons of her pics from photo shoots in her early modeling career, along with articles that speculate about her love life. Her winning smile and her voluptuous assets definitely assisted in boosting her fame. She has a witty younger sister named Velint, who looks rather different from her. And the article on Velint is over HERE.

Voxxy acts like she's a celebrity and there are those who believe she's nothing more than an arrogant snob. Perhaps its because she often says things that appear to be condescending - although she only vocalizes her opinions that are tied to her level of affluence.

She was once quoted as having said, "No Tony, I can't date you... well, its not you, its just that you're too poor to make me happy."
[Tony Kal-Slate was a renowned action movie star, making 10-million Cinars per flick]

Voxxana has a crush on Commander Vince. But they start butting heads right from the start of DSNG Chronicles Book 1 and the drama continues in DSNG Book 5...

Stay Tuned for more of the DSNG Sci Fi Series Overview!

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Posters of the Young Justice Cast and other cool pics...
Fan art of Artemis, the blonde archer chick from the new animated series, Young Justice.

Her costume, physique and bow were all modified in this character concept design. In the cartoon she's about 16. I've drawn Artemis as a 21-year-old, while making her look like a "Sexy Pawg with a phat booty".
Don't ask why it did it... it was a spur of the moment kinda thing...

The etymology of her name stems from one of the venerated Ancient Greek deities. Artemis was a chaste goddess of wildlife and animals. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She often was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows - and that's the angle that the creators of the WB animated series decided to adopt, per her skill set in the cartoon series.


Young Justice currently airs on Cartoon Network, on Fridays. I believe the action/adventure cartoon show is slated for 26 episodes and it will include of a host of cameos from popular members of the Justice League and the rest of the DC Comics Universe.

And check out this foreign TV commercial for a gymnast/contortionist named Lilia Stepanova, who is a phenomenal archer.... she projects arrows from her feet and she was featured on the ABC hit TV show called "Americas Got Talent", back in 2007.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Fan art of Ms. Marvel, colored and inked versions.


The inked version of this pic was originally done as a promo for the DSNG blog, and it was posted at DA. I think I've done about 7 of these super-heroine type posters, and several other comic related posters. Some are placed in past blog posts like this one. The rest are at the DSNG DeviantArt gallery & in archived blog posts. The Ms. Marvel comic page below is from the DA gallery:


How to view archives in this Blog...

I get this question a lot via notes and e-mails. Some people struggle to view past pictures/ fan arts, which were uploaded last year. So I'll present the tip again.

Search for the bar on the right side of the blog page, then click on the past year/ past months. They will each have various topics. And you can browse by topic, to see the archived articles.

You can also type the name of a topic in the top searchbar of this blog. Try "Superman", "Storm", "Xero error", "Jedi" or "Star wars" and the search engine will give you some results from past posts.

Sample works from past months:
Spiderman poster 1
Black Cat poster 1 [plus extras]
Black Cat poster 2
Avengers and Xmen fanart [pencils]
Sequential art [featuring The Ultimates]

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Lethal Beauty...

Kinera Foxx is probably one of the most popular cast members from the DSNG sci fi series, per her pronounced assets. She was on the cover of Book1, shown along with Prince Azzar and Wandah Konnrad. 

Also known as the Golden Assassin, she’s one of those unforgettable characters, per her feisty attitude and her foul mouth. She exclusively accepts jobs from affluent female clientele, who can pay her 3-million-Cinar fee. And she only kills male targets. Of course there will always be casualties of war when things get dicey, but her focus always remains on the man she's sponsored to terminate.

Originally hailing from planet Erion, she is a resident of planet Taran, the hi-tech sister planet of Avera. The Taranians are known for their nanotech innovations and advanced technological breakthroughs. And Kinera utilizes a wide variety of sleek armor [mecha artwork designs] and automated weaponry to accomplish her tasks.

In a time past, she mentored a group of mercenaries known as the Infernal Acolytes.

Living a double life is something that she's learned to accept as a consequence of her career choice. Most people don't know her true identity, yet there are a few venal operatives that she associates with across the four sectors, who are aware of who she really is. Hazanat the Pirate [a Scalatan female] and Margitar the Pirate [an Entradan male] are two of her closest allies. And her husband, one of the richest men on planet Taran, is completely oblivious to her covert occupation.


In the pic above, via gyroscopic mag-lev stabilizers and electromagnetism, her extra weapons follow her armored suit, and her suit's AI helps to control their firing sequences. The "spikes" are actually mini-missiles and her custom sword has three blades.
Perhaps Kinera was destined to be a ruthless killer. Her pedigree back on planet Erion was full of headhunters, since her family was part of a warrior clan that served as hired guns for militias.

She utilizes a variety of morpher MECHs, and the name of her combat AI is Scar.
Having a male persona, Scar is a sentient machine. And he is rather used to the four letter words and incisive statements that are constantly made by his fierce mistress, one of the elite villains in the DSNG series. Patience and forgiveness are concepts that are foreign to her. If a man slaps her, she doesn't turn the other cheek; she just cuts off his head.

[Above: Sci Fi Fantasy Wallpapers featuring Kinera Foxx the golden assassin]



The DSNG CHRONICLES Sci Fi Series isn't a comic book. It’s a series of mature action packed novels, available as 8 ebooks. You can find it here at Amazon.com

This is Part 7 of 17 insightful blog articles [as listed below]. Stay tuned for more character profiles and lots of artwork in this overview series.

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More fanart of Cheetara, cheesecake style [inks and colored version].

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Classic Thundercats overview [the original 1985 cartoon series]: Here
New Thundercats 2011 cartoon remake: Here

More on the DSNG Sci Fi Series:



[From top, left to right: Cover of DSNG book 4, book 5, book 1 and the last pic shows Elena Eden]

The DSNG Chronicles is a collection of dynamic sci fi books and this Web site is the portal that guides you in discovering more about the characters in the series, which is based in an alternate universe. A host of blog articles with characters pics have been written, which explain and explore the concepts in this series --> Placed Here

Elena Eden is one of the sexy focal characters in the DSNG series. There are several blog articles on her, in this blog.

DSNG Chronicles Books 1 to 6 are available at Amazon.com as downloadable e-books, to PC/Mac and digital tablets. Check it out Here.

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This clip was released almost a week ago...

The story appears to commence on Thundera, as opposed to Third Earth.

I really don't have any in-depth comments on the preview clip at this point....

There are a couple of new toys for this series produced by Bandai Ent., which were showcased at the recent 2011 London Toy Fair [before the Fair hosted in New York]: http://geek-news.mtv.com/2011/02/01/new-thundercats-action-figures-bandai-toys/

OK, I do have a comment... the anime-styled artwork of the forthcoming series slightly bothers me. I expected something more "bold" or "fierce", reminiscent of the original series. Anyway, here is another fanart, my take on Liono:

More Thundercats concept artwork from my portfolio is over here:

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...I still know Kung Fu...

Keanu Reeves seems to have flown under the radar for a while.
But he has been quite busy. Various sources have confirmed he’ll be staring in 3 forthcoming movies slated for release this year.
  • Jekyll
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Hanuman
 Jekyll is a modern remake of the classic by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson [Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde].
Most sci fi/ fantasy movies that present that tale always transport the setting back to the 1800s, in order to fit the premise of the book. But from what I’ve heard, Keanu’s movie might be set in modern times [I’m not completely sure about this, but I'll will keep watching for more hints on the secretive project].

Cowboy Bebop is an anime cult classic that was released back in 1998 in the US. Set in the future year of 2071, this sci fi adventure follows a guy named Spike and his three friends as they take on various jobs as bounty hunters, traveling across Earth and in neighboring space.

I’ll let Keanu give you an update on this project, from an interview he did about 5 months ago:

An animated movie based on the series was released back in 2003, and its success only hinted that fans adored the concept and its characters.

[From left to right: Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward Wong, and the dog]

As stated earlier the series is set in the year 2071, and it showcases a lot of  fusions between contemporary and futuristic themes in the dress style, architecture and technology. In the anime setting, the entire Solar System has been made accessible through reliable hyperspace gates. Mars has become the new central hub of human civilization, and interplanetary crime syndicates exert influence over the government and the Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP), limiting their effectiveness in dealing with crime. As a result, a bounty system similar to that in the Old West is established to deal with fugitives, terrorists, and other criminals. 

The series often refers to Bounty Hunters as cowboys.
"Bebop" is actually the name of the spaceship owned by Jet Black, which conveys the heroes through space.
A fan created this image of "Keanu in character" on YouTube: 

Keanu has always had the rather laconic persona, which will be a perfect fit for the role of Spike.

No word yet on the female actress who will be playing Faye. She's known for being sexy and feisty, yet in the anime series her past debts and the questionable things she did before joining the cowboys keep getting her in trouble - forcing Spike to risk his life on her behalf.

As for the movie titled Hanuman... I don't know too much about that one. I think it is tied to characters from Hindu religion and folklore. I'll keep you posted when I hear more.

There is still a rumor that he'll be working on a 47-Ronin movie, but that appears to be a future project.