Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Another new one for 2017! Today I’m showcasing Sergeant Stalker from G.I.Joe!
The base model for this Stalker custom was an Elite Roman Reigns WWE toy. I chose an Elite mold, because of the added articulation it offers. I had to take off his long hair, and after that I sculpted an army green beret hat and his ears. After the head modification was done, I decide to give him an original costume. Hence all of his gear was sculpted, while his boots were standard.

His guns were modified and sculpted as well. And I added a small 5mm magnet to the pouch sculpted on his left thigh, so that one submachine gun could be attached there. The four cylindrical frag-grenade canisters attached to his right thigh-strap were all sculpted. And there is another magnet on his back, for attaching his assault rifle. The shotgun that he holds in his left hand also has a magnet in its midpoint, so it can be swapped with the weapon held on his back. And the last magnet was added to the pouch locate on the right side of his torso - for attaching another submachine gun, held below his right armpit. In total, Stalker has 6 guns that he can hold and store on his body.

I refrained from adding a saber / ninja sword to his back, since I didn’t feel that it was necessary [But my Destro Custom had such a feature]. The pouches on the sides of his biceps were sculpted, while the pouch held behind his belt was fodder, as was the M18 Smoke-grenade storage canister held on the left side of his torso. After the sculpting stage, I painted him by hand, using two different greens, gun metal and black [Tamiya paints].
And this guy is actually bigger than the standard Marvel Legends, by about an extra 0.6 – 0.8 inches, so he’s roughly 7.0 inches tall. Stay tuned for more!


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Monday, November 20, 2017


Here is my Custom Destro, the Cobra Death Dealer / Arms Smuggler, who founded the sinister M.A.R.S. corporation. It took a while to make this one.

I utilized Marvel Legends Tombstone as the dark-colored base, and I added the head from Draxx, before modifying it and adding putty for the metallic plates on his face.
The body armor, gauntlets, boots, etc, were all fully sculpted. His weapons were heavily customized as well. And rather than given him a regular WWE Mattel briefcase that can hosts some handguns, I decided to give him a handheld boxed-mini-gun, which is held like a briefcase. And that mini-gun has a sword holstered to it, placed on the inner side. There is an extra sword fastened upon his back and an extra dagger as well, behind his belt.

His left arm and his left hand are from a HHH basic series toy, while his right arm was standard from Tombstone, and the clawed open fist on his right hand came from Draxx. Both of his gun-holsters and thigh straps were custom-made. And the customized heavy machinegun held upon his back is fastened in place via a magnet. His left gauntlet has three sculpted heat-seeking mini-missiles, which are glued in place.

Additionally, I gave him a removable phantom mask, obtained from a WWE Elite Warlord figure. Tamiya paints were used to color him, along with two shades of red. I have a habit of loading up my Joes… so my Destro has five guns [including the machinegun and briefcase], two swords, and one dagger. I couldn’t add more than that, without blocking out his gut / his chest design.

No Cobra stickers on him… the design speaks for itself. And I had to include his sexy lady, the Baroness. I also posted the full gallery of the Baroness HERE in my DSNG Blog gallery, and over at Figure Realm.







Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Prepare for a Blast of Nostalgia!!!! First, a Brief Cartoon Role Call: In the 2000s, we had Justice League, My Little Pony, Avatar Air bender, Danny Phantom, Samurai Jack, Ben 10 and Young Justice. In the 1990s we had TinyTunes, Animaniacs, Batman, Duck Tales, Goof Troop, Xmen and The Gargoyles [Fawk Yeah!!!] And back In the 1980s, we had the G1 Transformers, Voltron, The Centurions, Heman, G.I.Joe, and Ma-Ma-MA-MASK!!

 And my customs are based on two characters that I greatly admired as childhood heroes, back in the 80s, from the MASK Cartoon Series. Matt Tracker [or often spelled Trakker] was the ultimate good guy, cool-headed and always calm, and he was a loyal father. He also showed a fatherly spirit to his men [and women] and he was always a good father to his son, Scott, even when the young lad would get himself in trouble. Those traits in my eyes, made him a true hero, even though he had no super powers.

Truthfully that cartoon was way ahead of its time in the 80s setting, because the good guys & villains were using advanced nanotechnology, finite-particle manipulation and zero-state quantum mechanics to create those masks with diverse customized powers. Although fans never got to meet the wife of Matt, they did get to see the Karate Hottie, Ms. Gloria Baker [who is shown as my female MASK agent]. As far as I can remember, these two characters never hooked up in the series, but as a childhood fan, I thought it would be nice to put them together as a power couple.





The base toy for Matt was the ML Captain Britain [and I enhanced his chest with putty before adding the body armor, gloves and boots]. And the Captain Marvel Carol Danvers was used for Gloria’s base; plus the extra mohawk-head from the Carol toy was used as the base for creating Gloria’s aquatic mask via putty, in stages. Their removable masks and costumes were fully sculpted and hand-painted with Tamiya acrylics, and the base of the mask for Matt was gotten from a McFarlene TitanFall toy – but I had to enhance it greatly with putty as well. Some of their weapons have magnets and those guns were customized. Like and Share!