Monday, January 20, 2014


There are lots of prominent X-men, good and bad: Colossus, Cyclops, Wolverine, Beast, Magneto, Juggernaut, the list goes on. When you think of raw power, you also have to undoubtedly consider the Hulk - he may not officially be one of the X-men, but he's an honorary Avenger. And the various members of the Marvel super-teams always move about and team up, every now and then.
Marvel Comics and [DC Comics as well] have never been known to fully honor any sort of strict "code of power levels", so often a certain character will stand out in one particular storyline and beat up all of his opponents; while in another storyline, that tough guy will end up getting pounded into the ground, by an average super-opponent. And that capricious issue often makes it difficult to incisively highlight the toughest X-man on the roster of X-men.

But honestly, the most powerful member of the X-men is not really a man. It's a woman. And that person is Storm [aka Ms. Ororo Munroe].
Now think with me... No mortal can take a heavy bolt of lightning into their eyeball [channeled consistently for 60 seconds], and live.
No man can walk through an incoming tornado with wind speeds that exceed 500 miles per hour and remain unharmed. And there are a host of other elemental powers, ranging from giant hail, to aquatic storms located out at sea like maelstroms, which Storm can generate. Imagine what would happen to an entire city, if Storm rained down giant frozen rocks that were the size of bulldozers? That feat shouldn't be too hard for her, since she can manipulate the elements, not just lightning.
It is said that tasers use about 50,000 Volts, but with a very limited / brief current. Now imagine 50 Million Volts, channeled at a mans chest for an extended period. Storm can do that with ease, if she chooses to do so. And not even Thor can play with lightning, without his puny hammer.

I can't give you a reason why Marvel and DC notoriously marginalize / belittle certain "A Class" characters and treat them as if they were weaker "B Class" characters [BTW, think of Batman vs Robin Boy Wonder, if you want to know an obvious A and B Class comparison].

Nevertheless, I still strongly feel that Storm is in an elite class all by herself. Even Cyclops [who has eyebeams that are more powerful than those of Superman] has never really stood out in the comics as a powerful "A Class" character, although he has that potential.

As for Storm and the way her powers are poorly presented in the Marvel storylines, perhaps it's due to a bias linked to gender, or race; or maybe it's just poor writing or horrible editing. I dunno. But I do know that regardless of the way Marvel portrays her in the comics / cartoons, Storm is still the most powerful member of the X-men team, not in terms of her muscles, but in terms of her comprehensive abilities and destructive potential. Figured I'd do a fan art of Storm [shown above], as my first poster of the year.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The header says it all. I'm not going to give you a lengthy philosophical speech today, narrating the importance of things like new year resolutions, loosing the weight you gained over thanksgiving last year, or doing something brand new and flashy in 2014.
All of that stuff is good, but it's not as important as these two points: Learn to love and accept yourself. And never give up on your dreams.

Now lets move on to the other issues on the table. Although I've written 12 ebooks, I plan to write lots of DSNG ebooks this year... and I hope to draw more sci fi related art, linked directly to DSNG. Drawing Superman, Powergirl and Supergirl is good, but drawing my Original Characters is even better for me. Plus I've found a few new models online, whom I can use as references for my female characters like Elena, Yatalia, and Sam.
And speaking of models, there was a time before iphones and smartphones in the early 2000s when people purchased sexy model wallpapers and ringtones for their Razor flip-cellphones. And at that time, there were several urban magazines [Like King and Blackmen Magazine], which showcased a popular Hip-hop video model named Melyssa Ford, who is of mixed heritage.
BTW, Buffie the Body was also popular at that time; and she is shown below.

Remember Jadakiss and his "Knock yourself out" music video, back in 2001?  Well Melyssa was the featured model in that classic video.
And now, fast-forward to 2014; and Melyssa is back in a Reality Show on Cable TV called Blood, Sweat and Heels. And it features her and some girlfriends trying to make it in NYC. Honestly, Melyssa has always been known as a chaste disciplined young lady, who didn't mess around with the rappers that she was seen in the videos with. She's always been classy and apparently she has a fetish for collecting high heels...  
Don't worry about who else is on the reality show. There are roughly 5 other chicks along with Melyssa, but trust me: "Ain't none of them as hot as her" - LOL.

I'm probably not going to keep up with the TV show, but I will keep up with Melyssa, and see what she's up to this year....
BTW, the sci fi  art poster above with a futuristic female soldier was done by Boosoohoo, over on the DA website.
Stay tuned for more stuff from DSNG!