Saturday, January 29, 2011


Inked and colored versions of the sexy Black Cat commission:


The Black Cat is owned by Marvel Comics, from the Spiderman comic universe.
Prelim digital photos of the pic above are over here:


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE BLACK CAT, Part 2, Prelims

Working on drawing another sexy anime Commission of the Black Cat [yeah, this picture will have a slight anime influence]. Here are some prelim pics from the drawing board. Inking hasn't been done yet, these are just the sharp pencils.


The middle combo shot displays some comics from my collection. Those Marvel / DC comics were drawn by Terry Dodson. I draw inspiration from his techniques and use it to improve my own style. Hi works guide me in voluptuous art, and that "cheesecake style" is what I use primarily for drawing ladies like Elena Eden.

The first Black Cat poster is over here: 

Second Black Cat poster [the colored version of the pic above]:

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First, if you look to the right side of the blog page and scroll downwards, you'll eventually see a Starcraft pic titled "About Me".

Right under it are the Archived blog posts. There are over 50 posts with exclusive artwork from 2010. Just click on the Year, then the Month you desire. Read through the headings before clicking on the one you want.

Next, someone with a PhD sent me an e-mail praising this blog and asking me how to follow it.... [I know him personally, from my undergrad days at Georgia Tech]. Its not that hard, buddy :)

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The colored version of the Black Cat pic at the crest of this article was posted over here:

Friday, January 21, 2011


Sexy pinups of Marvel Comics sultry vixen

All right, today I'll showcase some of my fav pics by pro artists, featuring the Black Cat [aka Felicia Hardy, from the Spiderman comic universe]. Her scripted Marvel origins differ, but according to the '90s cartoon history, she got her powers from the same super-soldier serum that created Captain America. Not sure if she ages like a regular human, but she's definitely a sexy heroine. The recent commission I did is added to the showcased set below.

Pic 1 by Mark Brooks
Pic 2 by Marcio Abreu
Pic 3 by Ron Adrian
Pic 4 by J Scott Campbell
Pics 5 & 6 by Terry Dodson [the pro I consider a mentor]
Pic 7 by Adriana Melo [pencils] & Norman Wong [colors]
Pic 8 by David Finch
Pic 9 by Chris Stevens
Pic 10 by Artgerm
Pic 11 by Candra
Pic 12 is a Black Cat Cosplay by Lady_I_Hellsing
Pics 13 & 14 by DSNG Artist






More Black Cat posters - These comic book covers were done by Terry Dodson:


 Next, these two covers were drawn by Terry Dodson [his wife does the inking] for the Marvel Knights Spiderman Graphic Novel; while the third pic was done by me, DSNG Artist.


The daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar, Felicia Hardy followed in her father’s footsteps by embarking on a life of crime, originally taking on the guise of “Black Cat” in order to break her father out of prison before he died. It was on that very same night that she first encountered Spider-Man, an encounter that would impact both her romantic life and her criminal career. She felt an immediate attraction to Spidey, later learning that the attraction was mostly for the mysterious adventurer than to the man behind the mask. In fact, she begged him to put the mask back on, not wanting the mystique to be ruined by the thought of him being just some average Joe. While their relationship didn’t work out, it helped in her turn from criminal to hero, leaping to the other side of the fence to become a costumed super heroine. Although she fights for the good guys these days, she is far from de-clawed.

The Blackcat is an iconic female, and she is one of the most popular women in the Marvel Comics universe. 
Second Black cat article with artwork:

And the New Blog article featuring 22 pinups / sexy posters of Catwoman is Here!

BTW, if your Web Browser is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, check out this cool alternate view of the DSNG blog:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Smart and Sexy Lady...

Elena Eden is one of the unforgettable bubbly characters in the DSNG sci fi series. Take a closer look at the background images of this blog's template; she's the focal female you'll see. As a part of the original cast dating back to 2003, she's endured the test of time. And she still stands out, just like a priceless gem embedded in the heart of a radiant crown.

[Above: Elena Eden. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Nicole "Coco" Austin. Elena was drawn in the alluring Cheesecake art style. The article on that topic was posted over HERE]


[Above: Elena in a sexy bikini outfit; this poster is based on a photo-shoot. Those familiar with the artwork that Frank Cho did on Marvel's Shanna will be able to appreciate this as well]

Elena is a super model and an entrepreneur, who has used her popularity to build a personal affluent brand. She stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and her dress measurements are 40F-26-44. She is energetic, extroverted and sassy. And she is currently dating one of The Top 5 Centura elites, General Obed Primon. Their personalities are actually rather opposite. Obed is fierce, focused and brash; while she is loud, comedic and playful.

[Above, Obed and Elena... Somehow they make it work]

She often comes across as a sort of bimbo, carrying herself in a manner that almost illustrates a surprising ignorance to her personal beauty. But beyond projecting a rather flirtatious character, she's a silent genius.

Elena is completely aware of her appearance, having inherited her physical beauty from her mother. And she knows exactly how to use her feminine charms and voluptuous curves to market a plethora of feminine care products and fancy merchandise for men, thus channeling wealth directly to her product sponsors.

Elena grew up in New Romania without fatherly support. Having come from humble roots, she has two younger sisters. And her single mother, Lady Nadia Eden, is currently part of the Grand Council: a body of wise psychic elders that serve as supreme judges, residing at the head of the judicial branch of the national government.

Her resume is quite diverse. Having worked as a waitress, a teacher and a dancer, she understands what a demanding daily hustle is all about. She's learned how to manage her resources and developed immense mental strength over the years. And at this stage, she's a bit reluctant to admit to her peers that she's lost track of her incredible bank account.

Her beautiful face graces giant e-billboards across planet Avera and she's even showcased on product displays hosted within the major commercial centers of the sister world in the Beta Sector, planet Taran. And her famous curves have also earned her a premier spot as one of the most featured cover girls in Averan history.


[Above: Elena Eden puckers up, at a photo shoot]

Elena has her own lipstick brand, along with a facial cream. And she has a thriving clothing line.
Her popularity has made her close to the royal family. She is a personal friend of Prince Azzar. Her cousin, Wes, is also an elite soldier; while Wes' sister, Bella, is married to the King.

Some critics have viewed her as an unworthy overnight success, while others tag her as a rich snobby seductress. But she really doesn't care what people call her; she's too busy having fun and living her dream. 

Elena is smart and sexy. Yet she is fully oblivious to the fact that her success is an offensive stigma to the ruthless Gorilla Rebel Militia. And that means she's got a huge target on her forehead....

[Elena Eden, posing as a "Sexy Pawg" Sith Lord with a red light saber]

More artwork of Elena is posted in another article, Here

And this article is Part 4 of the numerous posts in the DSNG Sci Fi Series Overview:

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Friday, January 14, 2011


The Centura Elites!

The Centura [aka the Averan Military] is divided into three distinct military groups:
  • The Nova XSI soldiers
  • The Imperial Knights
  • The Alpha Senturis
The first group are local law enforcement officers. And the second group are Heavy artillery and InterPlanetary [IP] warfare soldiers. The third group are specialized assassins, sponsored by the nation. The Alpha Senturis are trained to conduct espionage missions in order to quail pending militant storms, sabotage terrorist strikes and prevent conflicts that would adversely affect the Averan throne.

There are two distinguished Generals and a host of Commanders collectively leading the national military divisions. Most of those that attain lofty ranks are super soldiers, capable of a variety of phenomenal feats. One does not need to have special abilities to join any of the three Centura divisions, but it is a requirement to ascend to elite status. There are male and female elite soldiers, as gender discrimination is virtually an absent concept in the Averan military.

And at the helm of the Centura, there are a group of super soldiers that are regarded as the Top 5 [shown in the sci fi wallpaper below]:

From left to right:

1. Barak Konnrad [Commander, Nova XSI Troopers]
                             [Height: 6 feet 9 inches, Weight: 368 pounds]
                             [Weapon held: Bersachi Alamo XV85, aka The Big Alice] 

2. Trent Terronus [Commander, Imperial Knights]
                           [Height: 6 feet 5 inches, Weight: 278 pounds]
                           [Weapon held: Two Rango R40 blasters, automatic shotguns]

3. Vince Garroth [Commander, Alpha Senturis]
                          [Height: 6 feet 5 inches, Weight: 245 pounds]
                          [Weapon held: Ciko1500-H laser handgun, plus katana blade]

4. Wes Ezen [General, Imperial Knights]
                    [Height: 6 feet 4 inches, Weight: 270 pounds]
                    [Weapon held: Ciko1500 laser rifle, custom]

5. Obed Primon [General, Imperial Knights]
                         [Height: 6 feet 6 inches, Weight: 290 pounds]
                         [Weapon held: Ciko-Avenger laser handgun]

             [Commander Trent, General Obed and General Wes are shown in the triple set of pics above]

They are formidable fighters and war veterans, each having impressive capabilities. Their amazing exploits are well documented in the archives of the Averan Historical Center. And these feats place them in an exclusive category, as they stand amongst the most powerful men on the planet. Energy pulse projection, shield generation and flight are amongst the powers that they individually possess, in varying degrees. They also have special abilities that are as unique as their personalities.

Vince is the fastest member of the group. Trent is the fearless one, with incredible abilities. Obed is a mighty brash bull; the sort of guy that breaks your back first, and asks questions later. Wes is a strategic genius, the wisest of them all. Barak is the most patient one; and he's also the most powerful, despite his relatively slow pace.

Yet they are not immortals; hence they do need to eat, sleep and rest. And they utilize sleek armor and weapons when going into combat. They are all featured in DSNG CHRONICLES Book 1.

The image above showcases the three military groups, while also describing some of the tasks that each division engages in. They also have standard colors, tied to the body armor [mostly light, sometimes heavy] worn by the soldiers enlisted in the individual groups. Most of these helmets have internal, dynamic, heads-up displays that are activated via voice-commands. And those multiple digitally enhanced screens showcase active details like zoomed optics, Infra-Red readings, climate and elevation, GPS maps, bio-scans, open comlink channels and the like.

The helmet/armor colors are reflected in the combat attire worn by the Top 5 shown above.

Prince Azzar Omenus [the main character in the DSNG series] is not part of the Top 5. Azzar is an Alpha Senturi by training and he is a distinguished Centura elite soldier, yet his comprehensive abilities place him above the Top 5. His gifts come from his regal pedigree, as he is directly tied to the national throne.
And King Titron Omenus [Azzar's cousin] is regarded as the most potent Averan alive, per the massive biconcave blasts that he can emit from his palms at will.

Stay tuned, more to come...
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Makuran Galaxy...

Infinite possibilities exist within the endless well of space. The Sun is one of the major stars in the Milky Way. And the Milky Way is part of a compact solar system. Yet there are other identified solar systems, distant neighbors within our spiral galaxy. And if the climatic conditions are right, then there just may be living creatures - commonly tagged as extraterrestrials - existing on other planets within habitable solar systems.

The DSNG sci fi series is set in an alternate plane, called the Makuran Galaxy. There are four major sectors in this comprehensive system: the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta sectors. And there are seven major worlds in this galaxy, where diverse alien races thrive and coexist.

The Seven Major Planets:
  • Erion
  • Avera
  • Taran
  • Macur
  • Scalata
  • Planoris
  • Entrados
UPDATE FOR March 2014: A brand new Global Map for planet Avera has been uploaded, in this new article over HERE!

Life in Deep Space

Sentient life flourishes within the colonized worlds of the Makuran galaxy, which spans about 20 light years from one end to the other. The resident eldritch species interact with one another, since the application of the principles behind advanced quantum physics fused with viable nanotech breakthroughs have made this distant galaxy a smaller place.

[Above: Two Advantor X-50 hyper jets, belonging to the Centura - the intrepid military force of planet Avera]

Via armadas, cruisers, hyper jets and large Class3 dropships, humanoids are able to charter/commission IP-flights [Interplanetary journeys] and travel between the planets for the reason of commerce, sight seeing and other interactive endeavors. Various space stations and gigantic docking ports have been established between the worlds, in order to provide refueling and rejuvenation facilities for the travelers and their transports.

And while some merely travel, other vessels sponsored by mega corporations embark on exospheric mining ventures, in order to harvest the plethora of precious stones, valuable ores and minerals embedded within the depots of frosted asteroids and vacant moons that orbit huge gas giants.

A flourishing terrestrial world currently established with an overseeing monarchy, planet Avera is the focal world in the Makuran Galaxy. As a unified planet, Avera has six continents, populated with several different ethnicities. Having a sole colonized moon, Avera is established in the region of space tagged as the Beta sector. And her highly-mechanized sister planet, Taran, has three moons.

The Prince of Avera

Prince Azzar Omenus is the main protagonist of the DSNG CHRONICLES. He resides in the Imperial Palace, on planet Avera. Rising over 2 kilometers from the street surface, the heavily fortified palace is located in the heart of New Romania, the focal continent of the planet. The entire series revolves around Azzar and his closest associates.

 [From left to right: Casey Trent, Azzar Omenus, and Vince Garroth]

Often trust is a hard trait to find in people, when one ascends to lofty heights within a lucrative career field. And its even harder to discern those associates that appreciate a man's personality more than his wealth, when the man considered is of royal descent.

Prince Azzar's closest associates have proven their loyalty to him over time, and that is why Vince Garroth and Casey Trent are individuals that the Prince holds dear to his heart.

Like Azzar, Vince is a super soldier. And he is a respected Commander within the ranks of the Alpha Senturi. Casey is Azzar's personal assistant. As his reliable secretary, she handles a host of scheduling and organizational tasks on his behalf from her office in the palace.

[On the left: Scenery showcasing the cityscape of Armania, the capital city district of New Romania]

Advanced modular construction methods have made the establishment of complex structures and sky towers an extremely basic feat to accomplish on Avera - especially with heavy machinery that have hovercraft capabilities. A basic example of this construction technique is shown Here.

Being strong willed and bold, Azzar is rather an introvert; and he's even more closed to those who are not familiar with him. He is the Senior Commanding Officer [SCO] of the Centura - the renowned military of the unified planet. And he possesses the gift of flight and thermal energy projection from his epidermal layers, primarily his palms. The genetic arrangements behind this unique trait are outlined in the DSNG e-books.

Yet Azzar doesn't vaingloriously parade the neo-industrial cities as a super hero. He's not the only gifted man in the galaxy. There are many like him even within the ranks of the Centura. And not all gifted beings choose to take the side of justice.

The eternal struggles between good and evil abides within the bands of the Beta sector, and there is a terrorist faction known throughout the Makuran galaxy for striking terror via large-scale assaults, while utilizing massive mechanized monstrosities [which can ravage over land or forge through the seas] to accomplish their sadistic objectives. That criminal conglomerate is known as the Gorilla Rebel Militia. And their supreme clandestine leader, known simply as the Overlord, has a ruthless vendetta against the Prince of Avera...

Stay tuned for more details on the DSNG CHRONICLES!

Continuation of this Overview

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A New Year, a New Destiny

Welcome, sci fi fan,

Time is a priceless gift. And with each passing second, history is made, as physical events roll into the past. Each person on Earth literally has the ability to forge their own destiny, making timely decisions that affect their present circumstances.

Now come with me, and dive forward into the imaginative realm of science fiction.
If characters in a neo-industrial world are to be founded in realistic environments, then that implies they must exist within time, amidst a peculiar space [often framed as an alternate reality, or a highly detailed distant galaxy, hosting several organized star systems].

When a protagonist is designed properly, then the author has to define the passage of time within the context of the saga; he or she has to initially write the history of the focal character, giving the hero an intriguing past, a dynamic present and mysterious future.

These are the principles that I always ponder: the essence of time, history and destiny.
And these are foundational cornerstones for the DSNG Sci Fi Series. The term "DSNG" is an acronym for Destiny Series the Neo-Genesis. And it is an evolutionary saga presenting the events that define the legacy of the main character, while giving glimpses of his past struggles and signs of his future plights.

[Above: Never-before-seen pics, showing the original DSNG Series Graphic Novel, dating back to 2006/2007. It wasn't released in stores. The Superman/Batman: Supergirl Novel by Michael Turner was included for size comparison]

No one writes an epic sci-fi saga overnight. It takes time to plan it right. And you have to understand how to intertwine the elements of action, drama, romance and comedy, while also inserting suspense at the appropriate junctures to keep the audience craving uniquely desired outcomes.




The six characters above should be familiar to you [Azzar, Kinera, Elena, Wandah, Vince and Chebeyah], if you've read DSNG Chronicles Book 1, the first volume of about 7 ebooks available now at

It is possible to write a story that is fully bland, focused upon an upright hero; this has been done many times before. But one can also create a story about a hero who may become a villain, yet the audience will acclaim that protagonist if the character's persona has been designed in a certain way.

This Overview is Part 1 of 17 articles in this blog, focused on explaining the DSNG Sci Fi Series and showcasing the main cast, along with the diverse alien races [As more article are posted I'll add them to the list]. I trust that the expose on Prince Azzar Omenus [the main hero, a super soldier] and his associates will give life to the sci fi saga, just as colors give life to a poster...

[Above: Shella-Nita, aka Shelly. She is a famous Scalatan supermodel, from the Winguddon Clan. There are more beautiful pinup posters of Shelly over HERE. She is introduced in DSNG Chronicles Book 4]

DSNG CHRONICLES Book 1 is at Amazon, as a downloadable ebook to PC/Mac/I-Pad: Here 
And the New 99-Cent DSNG promo ebook titled UNUSUAL SUSPECT is available: Here


Part 17:

NOTE: Concept art for the Thundercats 2011 remake are in the 2010 November Archives