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Presented below is Concept Art of Prince Azzar Omenus, the main protagonist of the DSNG Sci Fi Series. He is a resilient super soldier and the dynamic adventures are all centered around him. DSNG is an acronym for "Destiny Series, The Neo Genesis". And it dates back to concept sketches that I made in 1999, while in college.

[Above: Prince Azzar is shown in the first sci fi wallpaper; he's the main hero of the DSNG series. And the second character shown is Commander Vince; he's a seductive ladies man & he is Azzar's best friend]

The 6-part DSNG ebook series [available Here at Amazon] is a fusion of dynamic concepts, including cyberpunk, steampunk, military sci fi, action/adventure, thriller and romance themes.
Some years ago, I recall a fan at DA calling my work "Techpunk". At first that tag greatly annoyed me... I thought he was mocking my work, since I had called the art "Futuristic Steampunk". But after meditating on the highlighted new sci fi category, it actually made sense. Its not common to fuse a host of sci fi concepts seamlessly. Let me explain, via notarized live-action examples:
  • Steampunk themes were presented in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hellboy 2 and Wild Wild West
  • Cyberpunk is presented in Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix Trilogy , Total Recal , Akira, Cowboy Bebop and Blade Runner.
  • Military Sci Fi was showcased in AppleSeed, and Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars, although that movie also had romance and drama intertwined into it. 
And DSNG borrows concepts from all of those categories, even including several fantasy based themes [i.e., "Aye, there be monsters and dragons", in some of the DSNG books].

So what is DSNG? It is a crossover series. It is the birthing of the Sci Fi Techpunk Genre

Everyone is open to their opinion about what Science Fiction category / genre that DSNG focally falls within. But until you've read the 6 books available, you really won't be able to make a definite opinion...

So what are you waiting for?? The promotional ebook called DSNG TALES is 99 Cents! --> HERE

Link to DSNG Book 1 [Part 1 of 6, available @]:  HERE

Link to DSNG Book 4 [Part 4 of 6]:  HERE


[Above: Book Covers and Concept art from the DSNG Series]



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Here is the colored version of Wolverine [the pencil art was posted Here at Facebook], and The Wasp from Marvel's The Avengers, along with Cable from the X-Force / X-men. I drew and colored the inked pics with Photoshop. I've been trying to go for the "digital painting" look, as opposed to classic comic coloring style.


The three characters above are owned by Marvel Comics.

By the way, this sci fi blog has received a major upgrade, visible at the very top of the page - New surfing tabs have been added. Now you can browse through in a more organized fashion, since the DSNG Series Blog Articles and the Superhero Fan Art Blog Posts have been grouped into separate archives for your convenience! 

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Avengers Assemble...

Those privileged to go to the world's most famous annual geek-fest going on right now [July 21 - 24] were granted access to a host of images and special previews, including official artwork promoting the forthcoming Avengers Movie slated for summer of 2012. I heard that those who watched the special screening of Captain America: The First Avenger at the Comic-Con got so see about 2 minutes worth of extra footage at the end, featuring clips from the Avengers movie [which I think is in post-production right now].

Anyway, the general consensus is that the Avengers movie will kick ass, so fans have something to look forward to next year. Here are some cool posters done by artists Ryan Meinerding and Charlie Wen, which were being handed out at the Marvel both today over in San Diego.

The fan-made poster above shows The Avengers cast from the classic comic book story-lines. And it includes a few characters that are not going to be presented in the forthcoming movie.

Main Cast for The Avengers 2012 Movie: Robert Downey Jr [Ironman], Chris Evans [Captain America], Scarlett Johansson [Black Widow], Jeremy Renner [Hawkeye], Mark Ruffalo [Incredible Hulk], Chris Hemsworth [Thor],  Samuel L. Jackson [Nick Fury] and Tom Hiddleston [Loki, the main villain; its rumored that he will recruit the Skrulls to combat the Avengers].

The last two images are presented for the female members of my blog.... that buff dude without his t-shirt is Chris Evans, aka Captain America. A host of new pictures with the costumed Marvel superheroes from the production set of The Avengers movie [currently being filmed] have surfaced on the Web and they were added in this other Blog Article.

More on the DSNG sci fi series:

Sequential comic art by DSNG artist featuring The Avengers:

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Two Sides to Every Coin...

The concept of two disparate ends of a horizontal spectrum inspired me when pondering how to present this next article. Fire and ice are two opposites based on different thermal readings. Their difference is also analogous to the split nature of good and evil, yin and yang; yet those two halves always make a unified whole - you really can't have good in the world, unless there is some evil to balance and contrast against the good. Plus every action of the people within a society seems "good and permissible", if there are no set rules or guidelines to state otherwise.

The intriguing & futuristic DSNG Sci Fi Universe is full of good and evil. And certain locales that seem to be the breeding ground of good can also be the harvesting field of evil. The planet that I'll focus on is Planoris, the icy home world of the wolf-hybrids. Over the centuries, the wondrous residents of Planoris have left their frosty birthplace and migrated to the warm heart of the Beta sector, where planets Avera and Taran are located. And some of the most alluring female aliens in the DSNG Series hail from the giant cold world.

[Above, Fanart of Wandah showcasing one of her favorite pastimes. She's as speed nut and her home world is a dynamic hub for the production of conceptual thrusters that can be applied to hoverbikes / futuristic motorcylces. High-speed sports such as drag-racing completely thrill her. And her husband, Barak, is completely baffled by her adrenaline addiction. The inspiration for the concept motorcycle design above is shown below]

More Concept motorcycles linked to the TRON: LEGACY Movie and other futuristic hoverbike designs were posted in another blog article, HERE.

Those familiar with DSNG CHRONICLES Book 1 already know Wandah and Chebeyah quite well.
Wandah [she's dark-furred and regal-natured, plus she has a taste for Steampunk designs] is a surgeon who works at the Averan Medical Center. While her acquaintance, Chebeyah, works at the Averan Ministry of Alien Relations. Having white fur and long hair, Chebeyah is strong-minded and rather bold.

[Previous Blog Article on Wandah and Chebeyah is HERE]

They are both beautiful female aliens [from the Kataran alien race] that can be categorized as Wolf Hybrids [Not to be confused with Werewolves in any way]. Despite their obvious differing fur coats and tails, they are unique characters that instantly infuse the mind of observers with wonder [and in some cases, shameless lust].


[Wandah on the left, Chebeyah on the right. They are both alien wolf-hybrids from 2 different clans]

Beholding both of them could make you instantly conclude that their planetary heritage is a completely peaceful one, with an atmosphere pleasantly decorated with placidity and gentle snow drops showering over vast tundras. But Planoris is also home to other alien races who are far from gentle and compassionate in terms of their upheld corporate ideologies.

The Mighty Yetirons!

The Yetirons are also indigenous inhabitants of Planoris and they have a reputation on the giant icy planet as a ruthless host of hunters and bloodthirsty raiders.

Like the Katarans, the Yetirons are mystical beings; this means that they have a peculiar genetic make-up and distinct adaptations that they've developed to combat the frigid temperatures of their home world, while also being able to channel their magical arts in the creation of phenomenal contraptions. They live in hollowed-out mountain ranges along with various modern super-structures built and designed to withstand the chilly annual temperatures. Most of the wild rivers are frozen throughout the year, but the watercourses close to the inhabited zones are specially heated from below via rising thermal vents that are channeled through networks of antechambers, which arise to the surface from the planet's warm core [as seen in the modified sci fi wallpaper below]:

At first glance, the Yetirons appear to be classic abominable snowmen [relatives of the fabled Bigfoot, a Sasquatch that roams in mountainous snow covered regions]. But they are highly intellectual beings, and their stately intelligence is akin to a massive trunk of pride that supports the arrogant mentality of their patriarchs and clan leaders. The endless quest for singular supremacy and utter dominance are amongst the identifying traits that inwardly drive the Yetiron race [who number in the millions], and they were part of a crafty scheme that led to the death of a great Averan King... [the details of this plight are presented in DSNG Book 4]

The Yetirons have four fingers and four toes. Their women have hair on their heads while their men are bald from birth. As a race, they are extremely huge - their males stand at an average height of 8 feet, while their females are between 6 feet and 7 feet tall. The Yetirons are literally the "yang"; they are the other side of the coin, hailing from the icy world where rain never falls - snow and hail is all that they experience on their huge planet, which takes twice as long as Avera to complete a single annual cycle about the main star in the Gamma sector.

One of the most prominent Yetirons in the DSNG Sci Fi Series is Ska-Myra S'iyshaz. Ska is a voluptuous female Yetiron with beige-colored skin and a pleasant high-pitched voice. She is a physician and she works on planet Taran, and she is very familiar with BCI Technology.

Ska-Myra is best-friends with Wandah, since they both grew up together in neighboring communities. But growing up close didn't mean that they were both groomed with identical values or matching moral ideologies in their minds.
Ska has an insidious dark side that many people are completely ignorant of. Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Ska-Myra was introduced in DSNG CHRONICLES Book 2, as she was making a business trip from Taran to Avera. And she was sent on a diabolical mission, which played-out over time. As the story unfolds, she is a widow - her Yetiron husband is dead - yet the details about his demise are still extremely sketchy...

Ska-Myra is related to another popular character, named Ska-Rusk. He is a monstrous being, having fangs in his mouth and a sole horn like that of a rhino on his forehead. Being a rugged warrior from his youth and the son of a prominent clan leader, Ska-Rusk stands at about 7 feet 6 inches tall and he weighs over 400 pounds. Some view him as a carnivorous man, who preys on the flesh and bone of his prey; and that may not be too far from the truth. He is a stone-cold killer, and he's actually part of the Northern Clique, the three top members of the Gorilla Rebel Militia.

Ska-Rusk makes a cameo in DSNG CHRONICLES Book 4 and DSNG Book 5. He isn't one to run his mouth, commonly allowing his actions to do the talking. Ska-Rusk doesn't wear any bulletproof vests or armor since he really doesn't need such epidermal coverings for protection; like most Yetiron male warriors, his skin is extremely durable. His giant broad sword is a mystical weapon and its powers are showcased briefly during the joint storyline listed above. And in Book 5 he pays a visit to a popular facility called the Angel House Entertainment Center on planetoid Darosa [one of the moons of Taran], along with the leader of the Northern Clique; someone who is even more of a ruthless headhunter than Ska-Rusk....

Stay tuned, there is more to come. And catch up on the older articles in this Overview series!

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This movie was hilarious.
It focuses on three different men struggling in three disparate work environments. Veteran actors lend a hand in enhancing the storyline. And the amusing facial transformation for Colin Farrell [shown on the left] was probably the magnetising factor that drew me to the movie theater.

I guarantee that you'll laugh if you watch this movie. Yet I must highlight the fact that you'll have to personally swallow the dark / insidious / sadistic satire streamed along throughout the entire flick. Dark humor is the central theme interwoven in this funny movie, as the three main characters [Jason Bateman, Charlie day, & Jason Sudeikis] are striving to kill their immensely obnoxious bosses without leaving trails that will tie them to the crimes. Slight plot twists, constant foul language, hilarious discussions, sexual overtones and unforeseen homicides are amongst the issues that help to make this movie stand out in an already cluttered summer season of new releases.

Throughout this HB flick, moviegoers were laughing at the statements made by the actors, as they were virtually free-styling at several junctures -- I'm referring to speaking freely outside the confines of the script. You can tell when this happens, because sometimes the stupid shit they say truly cannot be scripted. Shae LaBeouf does this ALL the time, in the Transformers Movie Trilogy.

[Collin Farrell as the "coke sniffing tool-boss", Bobby Pellitt. Just look at that pose... & that forehead. He seems to have a grudge against fat people and those like Charles Xavier who get premium parking spaces - watch the movie and you'll see what I mean]

Jamie Foxx plays a small role in this HB movie as an "ex-con tattooed murder consultant guy" from a rough neighborhood. And the name of his character who has just ended a dime [10 years] behind bars is "Motherfucker Jones". Yes, that was his first name; and he went on to explain exactly how he got that name while at a bar with the three main actors. Jennifer Aniston also did a great job, taking the issue of work-related sexual harassment to a whole new level. Yeah, her performance was undeniably raunchy and overly horny, but she did it exceptionally well, while donning a wig that masked her formerly candid "girl-next-door appearance" known from her stint in the mid-90s hit TV series Friends.

There is a faceless guy who goes by the onscreen name of "George" [hopefully I got the name right] - he is an On-Star support representative / the talking voice behind the auto GPS device, who answers calls made by Jason Sudeikis while he's driving his Volkswagen around - and George makes a huge difference in the movie, before everything is said and done.

I'll point out that one of the horrible bosses gave me a flashback, to another classic movie. Not sure if you guys remember the old flick American Beauty [released in 1999; a movie painted with dark satire, sexual innuendos and slightly sadistic themes], staring Kevin Spacey [who is one of the offensive bosses in this new movie]. Back in 1999, Spacey was the lead man in the AB movie, and he played a guy going through a midlife crisis... his wife ended up cheating on him in that movie, and history repeats itself in Horrible Bosses. HB has already made about 42 million dollars in the US theaters within 1 week; and it may double that tally before its run is over.

Yeah, you can go see it; but like I said, you've got to have a taste for dark humor to fully appreciate it.
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 The Chosen One who helps The Great One...

I had no idea that this guy existed until this week. Most fans that have trailed Dwayne Johnson's dynamic career since his days as "Flex Kavana / Rocky Maivia" in the WWF have beheld him as a sensational in-ring performer, a tier-one athlete and eventually the most electrifying man / wrestler to ever make the crossover to big screen movies.

And for some strange reason, wrestling fans that are young at heart view their on-screen heroes as almost indestructible and completely above immense bodily harm. But since most of the top Hollywood actors/actresses are actually analogous to priceless artifacts worthy of preservation, even The Rock has someone that commonly stands in for him when it is time to plummet down from 20 stories or crash through a solid barrier. That chosen one is Tanoai Reed; and like The Rock, he has a stunning physique and also has Samoan blood in his veins.

Born in 1974 in Honolulu Hawaii, the 37-year-old Tanoai has been doing his thing for a while, and he's actually the cousin of the Rock [who was born in 1972; Dwayne is 39 years old].
Having grown up in a beach rimmed area, Tanoai's innate fondness of the water was expressed in his earliest stuntman jobs. Back in 1995, he did stunts for the blockbuster movie Waterworld [an almost 4-hour flick that was cut down dramatically to about 2 hours for the theatrical release... which sucked unfortunately]. And that same year, Tanoai did a host of stunts for the TV series Baywatch Nights.

Note: The costumed guy in the "Goofy pic" above [placed at the head of the article] is NOT Tanoai Reed in disguise. This is Tanoai:

As far as helping to stand-in for the The Rock, that substitution began back in 2002 when The Great One starred in the movie The Scorpion King.
Other movies that Tanoai has helped to perform stunts for The Rock include:
  • The Rundown (2003)
  • Walking Tall (2004)
  • Be Cool (2005)
  • Gridiron Gang (2006)
  • The Game Plan (2007)
  • And most recently, Fast Five (2011)
His professional acting resume is longer than that, but those are the flicks in which he has helped to represent Dwayne in rugged & brutal sequences. I think he even got the tattoo on his right bicep so that he looks more like Dwayne when they both have to wear short-sleeved t-shirts in tough action scenes. Tanoai also had a career back in 2008 as one of the New American Gladiators on a popular TV show that keeps getting resurrected every few years. His battle/warrior name on the AG Show was Toa.

Despite the fact that they sport different tattoos, there is a sharp resemblance that they share per their skin tones and physiques. Not sure if they work-out in the same gym or if they hang out as buddies. Yet I'm sure that they trust one another like brothers, since Dwayne constantly relies on his cousin to help out when the action scenes get a bit too crazy. Plus Tanoai gets paid to put his ass on the line for the Rock, so its all good.


Above: The Rock as Mathayus back in 2002 [on the left] and Tanoai [on the right]. When they're running / moving at high speed, you really can't tell them apart, from a distance. And if you are unaware of Tanoai's existence, you'll always believe its Rocky that you're watching, "laying the Smackdown" on the big screen...

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from the 2011 movie Fast Five, showing the Rock, Tanoai, the cool Hummer / Tank / Armored SUV and some other people. The first pic shows Dwayne Johnson, and the very next image is Tanoai Reed [standing with Vin Diesel's stunt double].


And as for the last pic... I'm sorry Minnie Mouse; you can dream, but its just NOT gonna happen.

Check out the previous blog article on the 2011 Fast Five Movie Review:

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Both articles feature more of The Rock!

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Prominent Female Scalatans...

The DSNG sci fi series was designed to inspire and entertain. Yet it is also a portal for imagination, presenting the audience with a glimpse of an alternate reality contrived with ultramodern themes and nanotech innovations. But every distant world needs indigenous inhabitants. And if the inhabitants of the alien world are different from the human race, then there is an opportunity for presenting creative paradigms that showcase something new, different and unique.

The first blog article on the Scalatan alien race was published over two months ago. And within that race there are four distinct family lines, also tagged as the ancient clans:
  • The Veraguddon Clan
  • The Winguddon Clan
  • The Koraxxan Clan
  • and The Maktorran Clan

Although the Scalatan alien race are known for having four arms and extra eyes that replace their ears [their hearing organs are transferred to their "nostrils" as horizontal strips], each clan has peculiar phenotypical distinctions that make them stand out; and this ranges from spikes upon their backs to tails and other light appendages.

Empress Havita Hantraggon [shown above with her golden scepter and regal crown] is from the Winguddon Clan and she governs the planetoid called Darosa - which is one of the 3 moons that orbits planet Taran. Populated by mecha-beings and diverse droids [called the Bions and Trions], planet Taran is the highly advanced sister planet of Avera and it swims around the central star of the Beta Sector.

Havita is often referenced to as the Valderra of Darosa, since the Scalatan word "Valderra" literally means Queen / Her Majesty.

With a financial portfolio tagged as being in the trillions, Havita is virtually viewed as the queen of her small world [she is the largest land and property owner on Darosa, which is a planetoid designed as a massive modern Las Vegas]. She is a woman of immense intellect, class and grace. And she is extremely sexy, having the melodic voice of an angel. Uniquely, the main towering entertainment center / hotel & resort that she owns is a massive dome-shaped facility called the Angel House, and daily it attracts thousands of patrons from across the Four Sectors.

The only problem with planetoid Darosa is that its gates are open to both the good and the bad, since it is virtually a paradise land, where all the torrid, exotic and eccentric fantasies of a man can be met for a steep price. Sometimes the inner well of greed & lust within the heart of an extremely affluent man [or woman] can be completely insatiable. And that means orbital colonies like Darosa have the potential to be havens of peace, or venues that glow with the flames of war...


Two other popular Scalatan females are Shella-Nita [aka Shelly] and Tekshat Zong. Shelly is a supermodel from planet Scalata and she is contracted to Vector Weapons Systems Inc., an advanced weapons manufacturer from her home world. If you've read the past blog article called Exploring DSNG Part 1, then you've seen Shelly before.

And Tekshat is an affluent female attorney with a strong will and a bold personality. She grew up close to the current royal pedigree of planet Avera, and she has personal history with the family of Prince Azzar Omenus [the main protagonist of the DSNG sci fi series].

Those metal hovercrafts behind the Empress are called Exo-drones [spherical robotic sentinels]. There is another large sci fi wallpaper slightly similar to this one above, placed in the blog article featuring the Top 5 Centura elites [the good guys]. And it was posted HERE.

EDIT: A new blog article featuring DSNG Book 6 has been posted, and it includes another large poster with sexy female aliens; its over HERE.

These three sexy Scalatan females shown in the poster above were featured in the storyline of DSNG CHRONICLES Book 4 and Book 5 [both are available for download from as ebooks].



The Link to DSNG Book 4 is HERE
And The Link to DSNG Book 5 is HERE
**NEW The Link to DSNG Book 6 is HERE and the 99-Cents DSNG TALES is HERE!

Stay tuned, there is more to come. And catch up on the older articles in this Overview series!

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