Friday, August 31, 2012


Born back in 1963, Arthur Adams has been working on mainstream comics since 1985, when he joined Marvel Comics and did a miniseries called "Longshot". Arthur has a distinctive style and his works are rather easy to identify, once you understand his drafted faces and aesthetic themes. I believe that the image on the left is the cover of one of his latest sketcbooks, which can be found online if you run a search with his name. The lady wearing the skimpy daisy-dukes on Aurthur's sketchbook cover reminds me a bit of Jessica Rabbit, or even Red Monika; but its probably just due to her red hair, which gives her a feisty look. Not sure who that Original Female Character drafted in the Cheescake art style is, but she probably has a fondness for stray alien pets...

BTW, The past blog article on the sultry comic vixen Red Monika [which will open in a separate window] is over Here. And Red Monika was created by Joe Mad!, the guy behind the Darksiders 1 & 2 video games.

Cheesecake art is a style of drawing that features voluptuous pinups of female characters, with often exaggerated proportions. That same technique can be applied to creating masculine characters as well; Remember He-Man and She-Ra back in the 80s? Well, those cartoon characters were actually done in the Cheesecake art style, per the striking hourglass figures of the female characters and chiseled V-shaped torsos of the males... who walked around most the time wearing just their undies and their mystic / barbarian combat gear.

More of Arthur Adams art for Marvel and DC Comics is shown below:

Arthur's artwork of Emma Frost [Xmen], the Baroness [G.I.JOE], Zatana [DC Comics New 52], Red Sonja and classic Wonder Woman are all lovely and distinct.

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Monday, August 20, 2012


Gallery of A Certified Pawg  :)

I've posted articles on Laura Dore in the past. Her ethnicity is quite mixed, having a heritage related to French, Italian, Puerto Rican and Black roots. Her striking hourglass figure made her a hit amongst the fanboys years ago, after she attended one of the NBA AllStar Games that was hosted in her hometown of Austin, Texas - that was where she got discovered by a photographer back in 2006. And since then she's graced several magazine covers and done photoshoots around the world. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and her archived dress measurements are 34C-23-40 [she may have evolved a bit and gained more sexy curves over the years, but I'm not certain]. I utilize her as a model in many of my drawings. And even the cover for the popular ebook  DSNG Book 4 was inspired by one of Laura's posses in a tight latex outfit. Check out this picture gallery showing some classics and exclusive pics of Laura Dore:


More pics of Laura are in this previous article over HERE and there are more posters of her in the popular article on Cheesecake art HERE