Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Been a while since I posted anything on this blog, since I've been super busy. Plus the Batman casting announcement of Ben Afleck had left me too stunned / angry / pissed / shocked to write anything good, so I stayed away from typing things in this blog that would be offensive to my readers.

Anyway, today I'll present an assortment of digital concept art posters and sexy pinups, which showcase a variety of styles by some of my favorite artists. The first pic is some sort of latex tentacle fetish pinup; it was part of a coloring contest done over at CGHub.com - yet it kinda looks like sci fi, so I boldly added it to the mix. The next pic showcases Geriva, one of the characters from the DSNG sci fi series. I've done an article on Geriva's home planet, in the past - and yes, baby got back.
The other three posters showcase sexy female mech / mecha designs and sci fi armor. Special thanks to: papa ninja, d33m0n, saturnoarg, matoel grande, felsus and Mr. DSNG.


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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


You've probably heard the rumors of actor Josh Broslin being considered as the next Batman, in Zack Snyder's forthcoming Superman & Batman Movie sequel, which currently has no name. Personally I don't have a problem with Josh [who is shown on the right side below], as he is a good candidate for the role of a mature Bruce Wayne - yet I did have a problem with the rumor about Ryan Gosling beign considered as a Bruce Wayne; since honestly I don't think he has the voice or the persona to pull it off properly.
Nevertheless, the proposed Superman & Batman Movie is probably going to be a springboard for future epic action movies that will be a shameless attempt by DC Comics to contend with Marvel's The Avengers movie franchise [which has the Agents of SHIELD TV Show spinoff, coming later this year].
Yet I stand back and take a look at the numbers; and I wonder if Warner Bros is truly ready to "give" before they "receive", in terms of their future major "investments" and their desired "profits", as they try to keep up with Marvel & Disney.

The 2013 Man of Steel Movie cost about 225 million dollars to produce. And that movie starred just One Main Superhero. Now let that simmer in your mind for about 10 seconds.... and then think of what it will cost to produce a bigger and better movie that will involve about 5 to 8 Superheroes!! 
That's one of the points that I'm trying to make. Zack Snyder, as good as he is, is the sort of director that will go "over the top" if you give him the money and the creative freedom. Zack is not like Micheal Badaboom-Kaboom Bay, whose idea of "over the top" is a ton of explosions plus explosions and multiplied by explosions.

I will say that the Man of Steel movie had some segments that seemed to need more expansion [like more scenes of daily life on Krypton, so that we would care more about the sad fate of the people who died on that world]. And there were other segments that could have been fully excluded from the movie, in order to cut down 5 - 10 million dollars.... like the scene with Superman battling the "terraforming tentacle machine" that was sitting in the shallow end of the Indian Ocean, after Superman flew halfway around the world through space, with no oxygen mask, and yet his cape was also fluttering in the wind of space as he flew there to stop the giant machine.
FYI - there is no wind in space; and anyone flying through space will freeze to death, per the subzero temperatures outside of Earth's encasing thermosphere :)

Anyway, Zack Snyder could have cut out that tentacle machine fight and included more of Faora, either interacting with Superman, or just kicking the crap out of him - since Faora was born and raised as a soldier back on Krypton, and Kal-El was not [I did an article about that sexy femme fatale that assisted General Zod over HERE].
Yet Zack Snyder is the kind of director that thinks on an epic grand scale, and that's why he seemed to keep trying to create exponential chaos in the Superman movie - it's also the reason why he spent a ton of time and money on the final battle between Zod and Superman, which wrecked more than half of Metropolis, practically turning the entire city into rubble. 

So what about including a storyline that will properly honor and introduce The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman and Wonder Woman? What sort of budget / realistic setting could possibly be created to accommodate a running-man, a guy with a power ring that can generate anything green except veggies and Kryptonite, a water-world-king that can walk around and breath freely underwater, and an Amazon princess who has an invisible fighter jet?
Don't worry about Cyborg - he is basically a one-suit-Ironman, without the human limitation of fatigue and without the cocky playboy persona. But just imagine the complexity of the sort of script that could include all of those heroic characters.... AND THEN EVEN HALF OF THE EVIL INJUSTICE LEAGUE??

BTW, there was once a rumor that Christina Hendricks [shown on the right] would be the next Wonder Woman actress, per some things that a director named Nicholas Winding Refn was saying a few years ago. The article with more pics of that voluptuous actress are over Here.
I don't mind if Christina plays that role sometime in the future, in a Justice League movie. I'm more concerned about how the pieces will fit together properly [in terms of balancing the comic-book-lore and fantasy along with believable reality]. Plus I'm still wondering how much money such a a movie, which is intended to be an epic masterpiece, will cost. Remember that "big budget" doesn't always automatically yield a "big hit" at the box office; there are a ton of major films that have flopped this year, including the infamous Western that cost 250 million dollars to produce - The Lone Ranger.

As of August 22, the word is out.... Ben Affleck has been chosen to play the new Batman..........

WTF??????!!!!! Is this some sort of sick joke?? Did anyone at WB studios see Daredevil??? What if Ben borrows George Clooney's old Batsuit??? Of course I'm angry with the casting choice, just like 99.9 percent of the loyal fanboys out there!! :)
I could have sworn that Christopher Nolan [the director behind the latest Batman trilogy] had actually recommended Wes Bentley for the new role!! And I definitely don't want to see this damn Batsuit in 2015!!!! -------->