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The theme of this poster was an urban brawl, between two extremely attractive women: Elena and Shella-Nita [aka Shelly]. Both of these "Sexy Female Street Fighters" are original characters from the DSNG sci fi series. And if you are familiar with this blog then you've seen them before - they were both posted in this Overview article over HERE. Per their design, they are both prominent supermodels with slight similarities. But they hail from two different planets and have two strikingly disparate backgrounds.

[Above: sci fi wallpaper with two sexy female aliens - Elena and Shella-Nita. Yeah, it almost looks like they're wearing the classic Sailor Moon schoolgirl costumes]

Elena Eden is tied to the Averan throne and she is also linked to the Averan military. Her cousin, Bella Ezen, is married to King Titron, the Monarch of Avera; while her other cousin, Wes Ezen, is one of the two supreme Generals over the Centura forces. Elena is also dating Obed Primon, the second General over the Centura. Thus she is literally treated as a VIP wherever she goes. Elena also has two younger sisters, who are dear to her heart. Both Elena and Prince Azzar [the main protagonist of the DSNG sci fi series] were featured in the storyline for DSNG Chronicles book 6. The blog article that talks about that 620-page ebook was posted over HERE, earlier this month.

On the other hand, Shella-Nita is one of the three daughters of an affluent Scalatan family. Per Shely's aristocratic background, she is extremely affluent. And she also has links to the Averan throne, due to her friendly affiliation with Prince Azzar's younger brother, Theo. Shella-Nita has a younger sister named Yavu-Nita and a clandestine cousin named Kra-Kan.

Shelly is also linked to one of the most powerful businessmen across the four sectors, named Lord Veraguddon. Her association with him is hinted in DSNG Book 4 and in DSNG Book 5. In terms of her character, Shelly is rather spoiled due to her rich pedigree, almost like Voxxana - the flashy daughter of Lord Veraguddon [the article on Voxxy was posted Here Previously. And while Voxxana and Shelly are casual associates, they really can't be tagged as close friends.... since Shelly often "hangs out" with Voxxy's dad.

Voxxy has a younger sister named Velint, who is a pop-diva. And Velint definitely hates Shelly [The new article on Velint is over HERE].

This is a rather uncomfortable scenario for most people. Just imagine the mental state of a young girl in college who knows that her dad is dating one of her girl friends. But that sort of thing happens all the time. Yet the outcome of such relationships is a portal that leads to more drama, especially in a futuristic setting where a finger can hold a biometric-ID card embedded as a microchip, which can be used effortlessly by a father to secretly buy gifts for one of his daughter's friends... Issues like this are intertwined with explosive action scenes in the DSNG books.

Some fans were probably thinking of the classic Super Street Fighter theme per the header of this blog post... Honestly, Elean and Shelly have no reason to raise thier fists against one another or cross swords with moods of vengeance. They are buddies and they both make money from their bodies; since they are supermodels, known across the cities of planet Avera and the other green worlds. The sci fi wallpaper above was tied to a photo-shoot with an "urban assassin / Sexy Street Fighter" theme.

And for die-hard SSFIV fans, you can check out this clip of Chun-li vs Cammy:

Out of the two supermodels, Elena is the elder & more mature one - although one would never guess Elena's age just by looking at her. Elena is an Averan, and the Averans [who are essentially golden-skinned aliens, from the Makuran Galaxy] do not age like earthlings. There is a DSNG Galactic Map that was posted in this blog a long time ago and it showcases all the major planets and their orbiting satellites. Check it out over HERE.

**EDIT on December 12th 2011:

Here are more pics of Elena and Shelly, from the drawing board. The prelim design done in the Cheesecake art style shows the basic inked sketch, traced over the pencil art. After the image is scanned, I do a lot of digital modification; shifting, streamlining and changing the pose / rotating the image till I'm satisfied with the art. After that, the coloring takes place via Photoshop.

Shelly does modeling for VWS - Vector Weapons Systems; that's why she is often seen posing with fancy assault rifles and concept laser guns. And her hourglass figure, ample breasts and winning smile give her a natural sexy appeal as a female alien. Technically, Elena is a hot female alien as well, since she is Averan.


More pics of of Elena are in this article HERE
And there are more pics of Shelly the Scalatan supermodel: HERE and HERE

This article is "Part 15" within the overview of the DSNG sci fi series. Stay tuned for more articles and check out these classic blog posts with pics and details on other intriguing characters!

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Akira Movie Preview and other new details.

Those fans familiar with the classic cult anime Akira will be pleased to hear that Warner Bros. has given the green-light to the production of a feature length film tied to the cartoon that was originally released back in  1988. Akira is a cyberpunk science fiction feature anime [it was not an anime TV series] and it was based upon the black & white manga comic created by Katsuhiro Otomo [this guy also directed the Japanese anime movie].

[Above: Fan art of Akira by pro-artist Mark Brooks]

The original Akira film depicts a dystopian Neo-Tokyo in 2019. The plot focuses on biker Tetsuo Shima (bad guy, voiced by Nozomu Sasaki) who has his psychic powers, and the biker gang member Shotaro Kaneda (the hero, voiced by Mitsuo Iwata), who tries to hunt down Tetsuo to stop him from releasing Akira. While most of the character designs and basic settings were adapted from the original 2182-page manga epic, the restructured plot of the movie differs considerably from the print version, truncating much of the last half of the manga. The Japanese animated movie became a hugely popular cult film and is widely considered to be a landmark in Japanese animation and film making in general.

Featuring biker gangs and street thugs in a futuristic setting amidst a city with a degenerated government, the story follows a biker gang leader who tries to save his best friend from a government experiment designed to unleash people's psychic abilities.

[Above: 3D models of Shotaro Kaneda's concept motorcycle / power bike. Art by]

According to, reports indicate that TRON: LEGACY star Garrett Hedlund [he also played the young ambitious cousin of Achilles in the TROY movie] is the top choice for the lead in Akira. And production is scheduled to begin in late February/early March of 2012. Actually, there have not been any massive waves of criticism stemming from hardcore fans of the original cult classic... since the lead character of Akira in the manga comic and anime version was a black-haired Japanese guy named Shotaro Kaneda [see the fan art above], as opposed to a blond American male.

 [Above: Garrett Hedlund, the chosen Akira actor, shown in clips from from Troy and Tron: Legacy]

But Hollywood is notoriously known for hiring the big Western stars that are guaranteed to bring in big bucks at the Box Office. Here is an example of this selective ideology:
I'm sure you remember I,Robot, starring Will Smith, released back in 2004. That movie was very loosely based on the classic novel by Isaac Asimov... but the role of the lead character in the book [a collection of short sci fi stories about robots interacting with men] was tied to a Caucasian male, not a African American guy. But alas, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air already had a huge fan following on the national and international front. Will Smith's hit comedy series is still running as a prime-time show in several countries overseas, even 25 years after it ended [back in the 90s when the Bel Air TV show as popular, people would listen to classic boy-bands like Boys II Men; remember their hit song "Motown Philly"? Its posted HERE].
Nevertheless, Hollywood execs love to take advantage of "star power" regardless of its origin. And I,Robot, which cost about 120 million dollars to produce, ended up raking in about 348 million dollars world wide. On a side note, Shia Lebouf, [aka Mr. Transformers / Mr. "I really did screw Megan Fox"], was also in that robot movie many years ago.

Right now, Warner Bros Studios has already allocated 90 million dollars to the production of Akira. And with actor Garrett Hedlund at the lead [he's already a sci fi contender, per his role in the hit movie TRON:LEGACY], the studio is hoping that they will literally hit the jackpot. With a budget of $11 million, the original 1988 Akira anime made 50 million in profits in Japan and about $500,000 in the US when it was released a year later.

Jaume Collet-Serra [director of UNKNOWN] will direct the new live-action $90 million production. HARRY POTTER's Steve Kloves penned the most recent draft. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson Killoran and Andrew Lazar are the producers.

Blog Home Page:

More screenshots from the hit Tron Legacy movie: HERE

Futuristic motorcycles used in Tron: HERE

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A New Phase in the Dynamic Sci Fi ebook Saga Commences Now!

All right, I've been waiting for a few weeks to give this update. This sixth ebook [DSNG CHRONICLES 6: LETHAL INTENT] is the latest and lengthiest installment [about 620 pages] in the explosive DSNG sci fi series. And the story, placed in a futuristic setting, features Prince Azzar Omenus and Elena Eden, along with a few new characters. Azzar is the main protagonist in the series and Elena [an exuberant supermodel] is also someone that most DSNG fans are familiar with, per all the fan arts and articles that have been posted in this blog, which feature her and Nicole "Coco" Austin.

A powerful alien female called Ellystra Exstron is shown on the cover of DSNG Book 6 and she is from the icy planet Planoris. No, she isn't a Kataran wolf-hybrid like Chebeyah and Wandah. She is a Dinatour and I'm yet to do an overview of her alien race. Note: Classic Minotaurs are mindless bull-like brutes with one tail; while the Dinatours in the DSNG series are designed as sentient alien beings with two tails.

Ellystra [aka Elly, for short] is a sexy alien female and she is the chief bodyguard and personal assistant of Empress Havita - the Valderra of planetoid Darosa. Elly stands at about 6 feet tall and her dress measurements in inches are approximately 40G-27-46. And she is designed in the classic pin up Cheesecake art style. As a Dinatour, she has distinguishing features like twin tails, hooves, long droopy ears and horns. And she definitely has a short temper, since she is rather impetuous. She is used to giving orders and getting respect. And although Elly is not a superhuman, per her eldritch pedigree she literally has superhuman strength and durability. 

As the Female Overseer of Darosa, Elly is second in rank only to the Empress. And when Prince Azzar visits their colonized moon on a rather diplomatic meeting, he is in a for a rude awakening.

Before the introverted noble Prince can settle down, an unforeseen murder ensues at the hosting conference center on that planetiod, and the explosive adventure shifts into 5th gear from that point. 

Here is the pitch for Book 6, as presented at


The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the sixth installment of the DSNG series!

Now that the undercover mission tagged as Operation Raven Wings-3 has been concluded, a wave of peace appears to flow over the shores of planet Avera. However an urgent comlink call from the beautiful Empress of a distant moon called Planetoid Darosa summons Prince Azzar, forcing him to travel to the orbit of Taran, the neighboring planet in the colonized Beta sector.

There, the superhuman Prince has been invited to survey and sponsor a particular biomedical breakthrough, tagged as the Spartacus AV-25 serum. And on this Inter-Planetary journey, he is accompanied by the exuberant supermodel Elena Eden and a trusted team of thirty Imperial Knights.

But shortly after the Prince arrives in the heart of Darosa, a wave of death washes over the convention center and someone is brutally murdered. The assistant of the Empress, Ellystra [a powerful female Dinatour] soon steps up to investigate the situation; and shockingly, the initial evidence points to the visiting Prince as the perpetrator of the violent act of homicide.

A dynamic rollercoaster ride literally ensues as a team of investigators embark upon a twisting journey to uncover the truth. But like an unforeseen plague of doom, several cybernetic hybrid beings—death dealers of unknown origins—soon begin surfacing around the futuristic cities on planetoid Darosa. Anarchy ensues and this further leads to complications in the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, Kinera Foxx is on a ferocious rampage. And the golden assassin appears to have a vendetta against a series of highly affluent and intelligent men. As a sadistic headhunter, she commonly works for hire. But in this scenario she appears to almost be killing civilians for no reason. Soon mysterious truths tied to the origins of the cybernetic hybrid killers start to emerge; and the fact that Kinera has a vicious vendetta against several prominent Taranian men is soon overshadowed by some shocking revelations. And per the hand of fate, her attacks strangely overlap the ongoing investigations that have the Prince of Avera tangled in a mystified web of confusion, which leads to explosive chaos…

- Part 6 of 6 ebooks. Rated M for Mature; 620 pages

Since the DSNG ebooks are a series, the story is continuous; yet each book presents a fresh storyline for fans to follow smoothly. In the previous blog article that talked about DSNG Book 4, Commander Yatalia was shown on the cover and the story arc was centered around an undercover operation that she was supervising. That mission bled into DSNG Book 5 and it was concluded at the end of that ebook. Therefore, at the onset of DSNG Book 6, you get to see Yatalia relaxing with her loved-ones in a family setting. Since continuity is a big issue in my opinion, that scenario was a necessary addition.

The poster below shows some of the other prominent characters featured in the story. From left to right:
  1. Countess Davinant Carter
  2. Baroness Yenah Von Klum
  3. Empress Havita Hantraggon
  4. Lady Neena Nekasha

[Sci fi wallpaper poster of sexy female aliens from the DSNG sci fi series]

Countess Davinat [the last letter in her name is silent] first made her debut in DSNG Book 3 and she is a clever female Scalatan. Daviant often goes by the name "Lady Iona Val-Welsh" and only her closest associates know of this disguising persona moniker. She is literally a female mob boss [notice her mafia-like appearance]. The name of her firm is Marcelo Enterprises Inc. and it is an Interplanetary shipping / bulk transport company. She is actually a goodhearted woman, who got fed up with her abusive husband. Right now he's six feet under and she's on top of the world...
Davinat Carter is a cousin of Tekshat Zong and Tek-Hon Zong, the two children of Lady Trishat Zong. Lady Trishat was married to the father of the Prince of Avera, Lord Vaygon Omenus, many years ago.  

Empress Havita is the Valderra [literally the Queen] of Darosa and she plays a major role in Books 4, 5 and 6. The premier blog article featuring her was posted HERE. Havita has an incredible voice, and even though she speaks like an alto, she sings like a soprano - she can hit high notes like Mariah Carey [check out this classic song by Mariah to hear the sort of high musical keys I'm referring to: HERE and listen to the last 20 seconds of that video to hear it]. Havita's voice and beauty catapulted her to fame and she actually has history with Elena Eden - their bond of camaraderie is revealed in the pages of Book 6.

Lady Neena Nekasha is the matriarch [uncrowned female ruler/clan mother] of the Nauticons, an all-female alien race hailing from the water world, Macur. Neena was seen on the cover of DSNG Book 3 and she was a main character in that story, along with the King of Avera [Azzar's cousin, King Titron]; and they had an "interesting" adventure together. Neena resides on planet Taran, the planet around which Darosa rotates; although she hails from Macur - the blog article featuring that blue planet is forthcoming, stay tuned...

And as for Baroness Yenah Von Klum, you've actually met her before. Hailing from planet Taran, she's an extremely affluent woman, who is one of Havita's best friends.This is her placid public persona; but this is her true identity: HERE

There are a couple of deliberative issues that are tackled in this new book 6; you can view them as secondary themes and plights that affect the nature of the odyssey intertwined in the new storyline:
  • What do you do when you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are really not on “speaking or doing terms” and you meet someone else who is 10 times hotter?
  • How do you solve a murder mystery when you are highlighted by the local law enforcement as one of the main suspects?
  • What happens when you create a dynamic interface between a sentient machine and the living substrate of a tender organism?
  • Does a calculating robotic mind have a conscience?
  • How should a respectable guy react when he has been verbally pushed to the limit by a lady who literally has power over him per her distinguished rank?
The answers to these rhetorical questions are open for careful debate. But you should check out the latest DSNG ebook to find out how all of the issues lead to an unforgettable and explosive adventure!

**NEW Link to DSNG Book 6 --> HERE
Links to DSNG Book 4 [HERE]  and  DSNG Book 5 [HERE]

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All right, if you are familiar with current female Hip Hop MCs then you know Nicki Minaj. She is 28 years old. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but moved to the Queens borough of New York City at age five. Nicki's real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She is very gifted, and she's someone that you can tag as a generational voice, since her fans literally grew up with her.

BTW, the third pic of a busty urban female model with curvy hips and a big butt is Ms. Vanity Wonder, not Nicki Minaj.


Laura Dubois is one of the sexy female characters from the DSNG sci fi series. She is a renowned District Attorney and she is an ex-girlfriend of Prince Azzar, the main hero in the DSNG sci fi series. I've done articles featuring her in the past.


She is a curvaceous woman with a sexy figure. and that almost looks like a sexy witches Halloween costume - yet that was not my intent. Laura was also featured in the short 150-page story: DSNG TALES: UNUSUAL SUSPECT, available at Amazon as a download for 99 Cents.
The Blog article that talks about that action packed e-book, an undercover mission / thriller: HERE

While they may be rather similar in physiques, these two ladies [Laura Dubois and Nicki Minaj] have some differences, which I'll highlight in this post:

1. Luara has naturally gray hair, while Nicki Minaj wears a variety of blonde, pink & white wigs.
2. Laura is tall [she's over 5 feet 8 inches] and Nicki is short [she's under 5 feet 5 inches].
3. Nicki released 3 mixtapes over 3 years before her big break & discovery by Lil Wayne in 2009 [ Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty]. And Laura loves to dance, but she has absolutely no rap skills. 
4. Laura's has shapely hips and a big butt. And Nicki has the same thing :)


Standards for beauty appear to change over time. And local cultures along with the media projections have a lot to do with what people perceive as beauty. I've made this statement before in this blog and it is worth repeating:
 - Curves don't make a woman. They just make men stare at a woman - 

Curves do not equate to beauty. And those who are ignorant enough to pump their backsides with chemicals like "Pebblez tha Model" have no idea what lasting beauty and overall proportions are all about. Take a look at this pic on the left, an Ebony magazine cover from last year.

That was singer Sade, in 2010, after her 51st birthday. The major complaint about fans tied to this image was the fact that her classic cheek freckles were airbrushed away. But beyond that fact, that is the real Sade, who sang "Smooth Operator" back in 1984.

Sade Adu is a British-Nigerian lady and she is an R&B legend. She doesn't have a giant butt or large boobs. But in my opinion you can look at her face and see timeless beauty....

This linked music video on Youtube showcases her face back in  the mid-80s over 20 years ago. Take a look at it and you'll note that Sade really hasn't changed that much. She literally has the gift of youth; thus like a lot of Brazilian women with exceptional skin, she doesn't age rapidly.

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So the New 52 from DC Comics included a revamp of Supergirl, the alien cousin of Superman from planet Krypton. Kara Zor-El has been reinterpreted so many times over the years that I've lost track of her multiple identities.


[Above: DC Comics New 52 Supergirl motivational poster by DSNG artist]

Artist Michael Turner and Writer Jeph Loeb also presented probably the most memorable interpretation of Supergirl back in 2005 [the blog article regarding that Graphic Novel featuring Superman & Batman was posted HERE]

But in this latest 2011 version, Supergirl is featured with a peculiar costume designed by pro-artist Jim Lee. Take a close look at these images from the New 52 comic book Supergirl #1:


You can see that she looks rather smooth and sexy; but she still has a peculiar misalignment between her red panties and her blue leotard top, around the belt line near her hips. And I'm not sure why her knees are bare. She may be using Kryptonian Superglue to hold that cape around her neck beneath her chin; there doesn't seem to be any surface button latching it in place. In my opinion, her new outfit looks a bit weird. The image of Kara that I drew above was modified, so that it would look more fluent.

I think Jim Lee, the concept artist behind the redesign, tried a bit too hard to make Supergirl look unique & futuristic.... and now, imagine what this would look like in a movie... DC Comics appears to have a nag for creating stuff that looks great on paper, but often the designs don't translate very well onto the big screen. Take Wonder Woman, for instance: in these modern times, no one wants to go to the movie theaters to see a heroic woman running around with white stars all over her blue thong, with high-heeled red boots.

You can check out this past article that shows the comparisons of the redesigned WonderWoman costume, done by Jim Lee over HERE. And that costume was part of the rejected Wonder Woman TV series pilot...

Don't get me wrong. I respect Jim Lee and consider him a mentor. In fact, I believe that his style is virtually the national standard for American comic art. Back in the 90s, because of his style and his work with Image Comics / Wildstorm Comics, he became a self-made millionaire. And now he has literally sold his major Wildstorm characters to DC Comics, where he works as the senior Co-Publisher. Jim is so popular that on Wikipedia, out of 6 other guys, the search for "Jim Lee" goes straight to his freakin' profile page.


In Supergirl #1, Kara's spaceship pod crash-lands on earth, in a frigid environment where it is snowing. And as soon as the sun comes up in a few hours, she instantly starts absorbing the golden rays - which give her super-strength & heat vision. Anyway, according to the cover image for Supergirl #2 shown on the left, she has a run-in with her cousin [Superman], who she doesn't recognize at all. Hence they have a brawl that lasts for about half the story. Will she eventually interact with other female superheroes / the Legion of Heroes? [a young team, separate from the Teen Titans in the DC Universe]

Apparently we'll have to wait and see... But I hope this book will have a consistent writer & artist team, so that they can build a true coherent legacy for the new Supergirl, thus giving us another classic graphic novel like Michael Turner and Jeph Loeb did.

Blog Article that shows the New 52s Justice League:

Superman and Batman posters:

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Review Based on BRAVO TVs MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Season 5 Episode 8: A Tale of Two Nice Guys

I was mad as hell after watching an episode from a reality show titled "Millionaire Matchmaker" last night, so I just had to write this article. That show features rich guys & gals who are searching for love. Its entertaining and often funny as hell, and a 3rd generation matchmaker named Patti Stanger is the hostess.

NOTE: This Blog article is designed to give dating advice to single people. Now lets move on...

Here, I have posted a nice romantic picture of Superman and Wonder Woman [by pro-artist Adam Hughes]. And remember this little pointer: if these two superheroes ever mate, their daughter will be a Super-WonderWoman
Even Aliens and Amazons need love, and companionship/intimacy is something that most people crave, for diverse reasons. But the bottom line is, no one likes to be alone and fully isolated. Having someone that cares for you and accepts you just the way you are is as priceless as a giant diamond.

Now I must reiterate the fact that most single people fail to remember these 3 simple truths, while they embark upon their dating adventures [which often resemble a tiring hunt on a wild safari range]:




On the episode of Millionaire Matchmaker titled “A Tale of Two Nice Guys” that aired on 10/06/2011, Patti Stanger tried to help out this black guy called Ayinde, who appears to be of Nigerian heritage [I could tell by his name] and he has a budding radio business, with a net-worth that’s under 20 million dollars. And he is a return contestant on this reality TV dating show, which is on its 5th Season.

The first time Ayinde showed up, he appeared to have several personal issues tied to his past. Yet he had a humble heart, a friendly disposition and a winning smile. And Patti Stanger instantly took a liking to him.

But this time, he returned with a new attitude. Now, he was an ardent perfectionist, who said the following to the matchmaker Patti [which I’ve paraphrased]:
“I am the best and I deserve the best… I need a woman who is a 10 on the outside and a 10 on the inside, I need a woman who has an advanced degree and who comes from a good respected family, I need a woman who is spiritual but not religious, I need a woman who not only has the looks, but she must have the ‘extra and’; she must be intelligent and intellectual, she must be mentally stimulating when we have a conversation, she must be tall, she must have sophisticated tastes, etc, etc, etc”

…………WTF??? You want a fucking Super-WonderWoman who worships you and is a perfect perfectionist in every fucking way? You want her to know everything you like and like it, and still make love to you only when you want it? Are you out of your fucking mind, you affluent idiot??

That is what I have to say to his long unrealistic list of wants…. And on this episode of the Cable TV show, at the very end, Patti literally said, “Fuck you! You know what? Eat me! Get out of my office now!”

And I don’t blame Patti for ...

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This digital painting on the left was done by artist Will Murray, back in 2010; and it depicts the lead character of the video game Assassin's Creed, as an attractive female killer. And I've also presented the concept art of the main game character, who is named Desmond Miles. Desmond is cool, but "Desmonda", the lady on the left, gets my vote...


Two new pics of "Desmonda Miles" have been done by jamietyndall, over at They are shown below, along with a female Steampunk costume design that I found rather cool per the striped pants, the hat, corset, monocle lens, belt and guns. And the third Assassin's Creed pic of Desmonda above was done by the CGHub artist Chang Ming.


Explore the Beautiful Female Aliens of the DSNG sci fi series: HERE

Blog Articles showing sci fi armor and various Steampunk costumes: HERE 

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I saw this clip a few days ago, and I ignored it.... But my persistent Web browsing eventually brought it back to me. Here is the pitch:

Deena Nicole Cortese from the popular MTV Jersey Shore Reality Show got to be on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, back on Sept 28, 2011. And Ed Helms [who plays "Stu" from The Hangover Part 1 & 2]  was also present on the couch, for an interview session. The discussion between Jay and Deena was coming to an end when Jay asked her about the "Jersey Turnpike" dance move... now watch this clip:

If that video doesn't work, then check out the link HERE

All right, you can tell that Ed enjoyed that tease a lot more than he's willing to admit. I could have sworn the Jersey Turnpike was another classic dance move, notoriously known for its origins in the Southeastern USA [Florida, the home of Uncle Luke and the 2LiveCrew] and its popularity in the islands [Like Jamaica & Trinidad and Tobago]. I think it's even popular in Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and Oman. I'm quite certain that rapper Juvenile had a hit song back in 1999 titled "Back that thing up", which summaries what Deena was doing. Per her physique, Deena Nicole Cortese [shown on the left side above, who is 23 years old and stands at 4 feet 11 inches tall] is a bit of a thick Pawg with strong legs, so she's probably used to getting attention in the Jersey dance clubs.

This Jersey Turnpike dry-humping dance is basically the classic booty shaking / twerking dance move; the guy stands still and the girl backs up into him. Some call it the Makossa / the Ndombolo, a traditional African dance, which can be modified into various sensual styles. I still remember the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie titled Coming to America, which had an African dance number somewhere close to the beginning, in the first act. Those were actually modified Makossa moves choreographed and presented in an entertaining fashion by a group of dancers.

BTW, I did see The Hangover Part 2.... and ... well lets just say Ed Helms found himself in a compromising and painful position at one point, at a strip club in Bangkok. No, he didn't get shot/stabbed; but he was the one bending forward....
Please don't rush off and rent that movie; it's not worth it, unless you want to feel "shock and awe... & disgust" :)

Go and see Mission Impossible 4, or Real Steel, or The freakin' Sound of Music --> I guarantee that you'll like at least one of those flicks.

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I chose to start this week with something dynamic. This is a collection of 3D models and artistic renditions of futuristic cars and concept sports-car designs. This first image on the left is by NixSeraph and its a futuristic Ferrari sports car; a sleek 2-door coupe. The image's lighting is perfect and the contours of the ruby-red design scream speed and performance. And the second metallic-red racer on the right side was done by Pedramr. This vehicle evokes visions of the McLaren F1 and even the Lotus Elise. Pedramr's DA gallery is over Here.


The name of the artist behind these two pics below is MeganeRid and his DA gallery is impressive. My guess is that he created an ultramodern Porsche and its design is rather fierce and distinctly bold. It is probably the sort of voice-activated sports coupe with a large rear spoiler that should be found in the driveway of Bruce Wayne, aka the Dark Knight:


And this next concept car was probably the most unique member of the set that I recently saw at DA. it was done for the French auto maker, Peugeot. The artist is named Digoma and he spoke of his design theme:
"...Conceptual car inspired by the fall of a drop of water that slides between the waves of the wind, running by the streets of the city..."

This other design is a... well I don't know what the hell it is; it could be an Audi, a Bugatti, or even a conceptual Mercedes Benz. It was contrived as a 3D design by Mus0u:

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Samples of Inspiring Sci Fi Character Designs.

This article features a collection of Sci Fi costumes and high tech armor worn by various characters & futuristic soldiers, displayed by some concept artists that I respect. From sci fi gaming series like StarCraft and Mass Effect to fantasy hits like Dragon Age and Magic The Gathering, each of these video games have a unique identity that can be linked to the setting and the attire worn by the characters. Even the giant Astartes characters [genetically enhanced soldiers] in the explosive Warhammer series have their own distinct look.

Jim Raynor from StarCraft II is shown on the left, along with some characters from Magic the Gathering on the right [Those familiar with the StarCraft I & II storyline will understand the pun I placed on top of the pic of Jimmy]. And on the extreme right, there is a pin-up poster of the classic character Little Red Ridding Hood, and this concept art was done by Nick Deligaris. And Ms. Red has been given pyrokinetic / fire-generation powers, per the artistic rendition of her as a mystic warrior.

The sci fi costumes are constantly a fusion of the following elements: the environment; the imaginative world; the futuristic era; and the fantasy realm, which the focal characters thrive within.

First I'll present work by Theo Stylianides, who has a phenomenal gallery over at
He resides in the UK and his personal conceptual works "Heavenmaker and the Helldivers" are actually extremely popular on the Web. If you are familiar with this sci fi blog and you've seen the article on futuristic Hovercrafts and Hovercopters, then you may recognize the art style of the first image in that article, which was done by Theo.

These two costume sets shown below were done by Wesley Burt. They appear to be created as outfits for freedom fighting soldiers & scavengers surviving in a planet that is probably covered with desert landscapes, where the temperature drops tremendously at night while the daytime has turbulent winds. By closely observing the "baggy outfit" design and the insulating features in the costumes, you'll understand my hypothesis on their staged world / plausible planetary setting. And Wesley also did some concept designs for Sega's sexy video game character named Bayonetta, shown on the second row. BTW, the concept design of the Fantasy Knight Warrior with the large broad sword was done by Nick Deligaris:


Now we'll look at the classic StarCraft armor and combat attire worn by Jimmy Raynor & the infamous Marines. Most of the pics shown below with concept high tech armor came from artists at Deviantart [right-click and save the hi-tech armor pics and you'll see the name of the artist in the description]:



The Ghost shown above [aka Nova, a blonde female marine / psi-ops soldier from StarCraft 1 & 2, gifted with telepathic and psionic powers], she almost had a game of her own released from Blizzard Ent., but it was cancelled for unspecified reasons. There are two Spectres [male and female black-ops soldiers] shown above, who are also developed on the same hi-tech platform that was used to contrive the popular Ghost characters.
The sci fi character concept designs below depict some broad swords and energy weapons [derivatives of the classic light sabers], along with a special exo-suit for female soldiers. The Holy Baron concept art on the left was done by an artist named Soulsurvivor. And the five poses of the female space marine was done by Rafael Grassetti.

The set of fantasy weapons above [broad swords and battle axes] are samples created by one of the artists at the Web site. Can't remember his name right now, but his signature is the right hand corner of the pics.

Some cool Fantasy and Steampunk costume designs are shown next. The two "knights armor" designs are by a guy named mohzart at Deviantart, while the Steampunk costumes are also from cosplyers at DA. And Concept artist Paul Kwon [he's also at DA] did the last two images in the set, for Blizzard Entertainment:



The classic DSNG Blog article on the Steampunk genre [along with explanations of other sci fi categories] was posted Here.

When it comes to sci fi & fantasy costumes and concept armor, the interactive environment usually dictates the sort of attire that the humanoids will wear. This blog article was intended to be a resource as well as an inspiring reference for those artists interested in creating their own sci fi armor and costumes. The image below on the left is tied to Mecha / Mech design, showing sexy female fantasy characters and their combat robots. A cool Gears of War 3 poster is also shown. And Commander Shepherd from the Mass Effect video game franchise is presented as well in the second row, with two of his shipmates:

Starting back in 2007 as a breakthrough sci fi game produced by the Canadian firm Bioware, the Mass Effect franchise has gotten better and better with each interpretation. And the third installment of the adventures of Commander Shepherd and his band of merry men [and feisty alien women] looks like it is tinkering on the verge of a global catastrophe, as the insidious Reaper Aliens are attempting to devour the earth and destroy its inhabitants via their mechanical monstrosities. The fun fact about Mass Effect is that with each new game, you can import previously saved files that will literally transfer the past decisions you made in previous games, bringing them into the new game. And this effects your game sprite's reality in a radical way. Mass Effect 3 will be released later in this year, 2012, on all major gaming consoles.

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