Tuesday, September 21, 2021


 A fan contacted me a few weeks ago and he had four projects that he wanted to commission me for.... we started talking and it was narrowed down to three. He had seen one of my Marvel Legends Black Cat Customs somewhere on the Web. And he wanted me to upgrade and repaint three of his items [two 6-inch figures, and one 8-inch statue].

So he sent the items to me and I got to work. About 3 weeks later, the job is done. And here are the pics... he wanted the toys to be made extra thicc / thick / shapely, so I had to sculpt boobs and booty upgrades, where possible. And he also wanted glossy paint, which takes a few days to dry. You can tell they are 3 different models, per the type of zipper on the costume's front side. And only one of them has white high-heeled boots. Also, the statue is the one with the black shoes and black gloves. The retro Black Cat has the flat white shoes, and she is the shortest & newest of the three models, per her production date.



Thanks for looking. Enjoy and Share!

Monday, July 19, 2021


Another Brand new custom, from a 40 yr old customizer that still remembers the original GIJoe cartoon! This is my Original Character called Agent Sparrow, from my DSNG Sci Fi Universe. She's a mercenary and fits in well with the Joe villains, like a bad-ass Cobra Ninja Force Commander.

Her base body was Marvel Legends White Rabbit, and her head and arms came from Lady Thor. Her lower legs came from the tall Valkyrie figure, and her hood was custom made. Her body armor and boots were all sculpted with putty and her swords came from Lady Deadpool, while her twin handguns came from ebay. One of her side-guns is held by a magnet, while the other holstered handgun came from the Deadpool Movie Domino.

She's quite tall, per her long legs. And she can stand perfectly well with the G.I.JOE Classified and Cobra Island figures. I added a few pics with her and my custom Storm Shadow, which I recently posted at several websites. Thanks for looking! Enjoy and Share!



Thursday, July 15, 2021


Back again with a new one! Here's my custom GIJoe Classified Storm Shadow! This is actually my third Storm Shadow, the other two versions are archived here in my blog. For this model, the base body was Marvel Legends Magneto [white version], and the head came from another figure. The entire body armor was sculpted, while the quiver on his back was from Hawkeye and the tactical bow was from the movie version of Taskmaster. His swords came from ebay and he was hand-panted with Tamiya paints. Thanks for looking! Enjoy and Share!



Wednesday, June 2, 2021

THE NEW OPTIMUS PRIME WAIFU TOY - Alien Attack OPG-01 Optional Girl M2 / M3

There's a lot of stuff that goes on in Japan in terms of entertainment, which doesn't always make sense here in the United States. But sometimes, they come up with something that makes the fanboys in the West sit up and say: "HolySh#t, what's that? And where can I buy one?"

One of the latest contrived moneymakers from the original land of Anime is the Alien Attack OPG-01 Optional Girl M2, and the M3 variant. I believe the M3 has the Energy-Ax, while the M2 has the energy-Blades... or maybe its the other way around. 



Anyway, this female Optimus Prime Waifu toy, which is conveniently tagged as the Optional Girl, is about 8.5 inches to 9 inches tall, depending on if she's got her armor on or off... and yes, you can undress her, but don't ask me why LOL.

Roughly 2 years ago, back in 2019, I did an article on Nicee, the sexy Arcee variant toy. That post is over HERE. And that  toy looked more like a "sexy female android", in comparison to this M2, which is a "sexy girl wearing armor". 

This trend of sexy toys has been around for a long time, starting with the popular anime & cartoon statues that could be imported to the USA, which date back to the 1960s - 1980s [that's a little before the time of the original Voltron cartoon, which premiered in 1984]. 

But you can go further back than that, all the way to 1906, to find the fist ever "anime clips" produced in Japan, which were in black and white. That's at the start of the 20th Century, and perhaps various sexy hand-made dolls were also being sold as collectible items in Japan, back in those days.

Since I'm more of a toy customizer than a collector, I may not buy this gal, but I know a lot of people will :)

The thing about collecting statues and toys is this - it gets really addictive for the guys / girls, who slowly become Otakus [Japanese word for a person obsessed with toys, games, gadgets, or pop-culture]. And the addiction can happen even without the person fully realizing it. 

It's not bad... hell, if it keeps you from spending money on drugs and alcohol, I say go for it! And if you're interested in this toy, which will be released later this year in 2021, just Google her name!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


 All right guys, those of you that follow me on other social media platforms know that DSNG Book 25 was recently launched online!! And the original sci fi saga keeps getting better and better!!

Truthfully, Book 24 was launched last year. And I was so busy that I didn't post a promo here on Blogger [although other promos & updates were posted at my other accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter].

So for those fans who missed it, the link to download DSNG Book 24 is over Here: AMAZON LINK

And here's the cool cover art, featuring Prince Azzar on the left, and Command Trent, on the right. Azzar is the main protagonist and Trent is one of his best friends / trusted allies. And they are both super soldiers hailing from planet Avera. 

Azzar is an Alpha Senturi, while Trent is an Imperial Knight. And they are both linked to the Centura - the combined military force of planet Avera.

Anyway, the new story in Book 25 features the villains, specifically the three characters shown upon the new book cover below. From left to right: Zevah Sparks [seated], Lho-Khi the Marksman and Jamie Jericho.

Per their races, Zevah is a Averan with light-blue skin, while Lho-Khi is Entradan, since he hails from Planet Entrados. And Jamie is a Kataran [wolf hybrid being], from Planet Planoris. They are part of the terrorist faction known as the Gorilla Rebel Militia. And Lho-Khi is ranked among the Top 3 Gorilla operatives. Zevah and Lho-Khi were previously shown on the cover of Book 9 [the artwork is over HERE]. 

And together in Book 25, the shown trio embark upon a long dynamic journey to find a mysterious killer, while other explosive events are taking place...

Here's the overview of the New eBook!:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the Twenty-fifth installment of the DSNG series! 

On planet Taran, a triad of Zarchons are assembled within a covert location. They are Dark Veins, terrorists from the Water World. And together they commence a plot to resurrect a dormant giant golem army, in order to crush and annihilate a target located on their aquatic home world, planet Macur. Yet the Zarchon terrorists are unaware that a group of Newteron stealth operatives from Macur have been hunting for one of their allies for several weeks, an ally named Rut-Zormon that recently perished at night within an amusement park... 

Also on Taran, out at the Caspian Sea at night, a masked female assassin adorned in hi-tech gear invades a cruise ship, in order to terminate an ex-Navy officer. And the targeted officer is linked to an Entradan man named Jon Parkov, while Parkov is an ally of a devious billionaire named Lord William Fractus. And William is also allies with two other affluent businessmen, namely Sergio and Mr. Kojima. 

But William is unaware that Mr. Kojima has been under surveillance by Ace and Keyana, two black-ops operatives sponsored from the group known as the Iron Jackals. And as a trained Alpha Senturi sniper, Ace is the sort of guy that believes in terminating a high-priority target, for the greater good. Yet the female assassin that struck the ex-Navy officer was paid by a devious sponsor. And if she succeeds, then her vicious actions will trigger a series of events that could lead to the death of 3 million innocent people on Taran... 

Two nights before that attack on the cruise ship, another masked blue-skinned assassin is sponsored to attack a Steel Factory owned by Sergio, which is based on one of the three colonized moons of Taran, specifically Terra-Nova-2. And the Blue Killer’s target is a villainous group of Gorilla rebel agents, meeting in the rear storage room of the Steel Factory. The next day, the police and the Feds are called in, to investigate the incident. And the news travels from Terra-Nova-2 to Adena—planet Avera’s sole moon. 

Finally word of the incident gets to Jut-Hun, the Gorilla mob boss residing on Adena And with an apprehensive mind, Jut-Hun reaches out to one of the top three Gorilla operatives in the galaxy. His name is Lho-Khi the Blue-Skinned Marksman. He is a true veteran assassin, and the best friend of the infamous Killer of Killers. And it appears that he was the one that committed the homicides on the Taranian moon, per the onsite surveillance records. 

Hence Lho-Khi the villain is forced to head out on a dangerous mission with two of his female associates, Zevah and Jamie, as he strives to clear his name and uncover the truth. And that means he must go undercover, and become something that he never dreamed of being... Yet as Lho-Khi embarks on the dangerous assignment, he is completely unaware that a chain of irreversible events have already started on Taran, which could lead to a bloody global event, and the death of 3 million people...

 - Part 25 of 25 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 1190 pages


You can download the long dynamic eBook to your PC, laptop, kindle, or phone over HERE for just $6.99!!

Plus you can keep reading the archived "Exploring DSNG" blog articles, which show more concept art from past eBooks via these blog links:


All right guys, even with the damn lockup / lockdown phase still going on, I'm sure you heard about this controversy online. There's a new Space Jam animated movie coming out on July 16 2021, featuring my man Lebron James and some others guys. Plus there are Looney Tunes characters that will show up to help him combat the Monstars. And some of those original Looney Tunes [like Bugs Bunny] have been around for over 40 years.

The problem was, the director at the WB movie studio green-lit a redesign of all the characters, including Lola Bunny, who debuted roughly 25 years ago in the original Space Jam movie featuring Micheal Jordan, back in 1996.

Hence some of the Original Fans gave an outcry that they were tired of "desexualization" of original characters, since Lola now looked like a "short kneeless tween sports-reject"... for real, she has no knees. And her bust was now more flat than before. 

Of course, there were other fans, from the Politically Correct crowd, who said it was perfect. And most of those people weren't old enough to watch and fully remember the original movie when it debuted 25 years ago... 

The double-poster I created on the left shows some side-by-side comparisons of the female character in question, standing on the right side of the poster. 

And the drafted version of Lola Bunny showing her as being more shapely / mature, was done by a guy called @linkertoon on Twitter. 

Anyway, I saw both sides of the argument. And as an artist that's over 40, I'll give you a hint... Never change a classic comic / cartoon character design... just make a new character that fits the ideals / image / message  that you desire to convey. That's the wisest solution.

No one can complain about a new "Lacy Bunny" character, since she never existed before and there is no reference to criticize / critique her by.   


Nevertheless, I did some fanart of Lola, which shows her as a young adult, roughly 21 - 25 years old. She was drawn in my art style, so she is thicc, thick, shapely, curvy etc. 

Lola was created back in 1996 by Warner Bros Pictures and she was intended to be a girlfriend / love interest for Bugs Bunny. And WB technically has the right to present her in any designed form that they choose, depending on their marketing objective. Honestly it's impossible to please every single fan around the world, but WB executives also do have the choice, to do whatever the hell they want.

But as a fan, you have the power to support whatever you want. After all, it's your damn money. So if you like the new Lola design, then go to the theaters later this year on July 16, 2021 and support it... if not, just pirate the damn movie online :) 



Yeah, I've been around, posting more on FaceBk and Instagram. I barely Tweet... it's a bit too toxic on that website. Anyway, I'm back!! And here's some throwback art from 2012, featuring Ashoka Tano and Aayla Secura. I haven't got any new art for #TheBadBatch which premiers on Disney Plus today...


Enjoy and share the art, and make sure you check out the newest DSNG eBook over here! -->