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So amidst the other insignificant events flowing from the aftermath of the New 52 relaunch that took place roughly 2 years ago, there are a few lasting storylines that have spawned their own comics in recent times. And along that trend, Superman and Wonder Woman are now formally dating, although they have been keeping it private. And they tend to make-out and swap spit a whole lot [as shown in the kissing pic on the left]. And in Superman / Wonder Woman issue #4, the secret is finally out, about the covert love relationship between Clark and Diana.

I did an article a few years ago that listed the many girlfriends of Batman, who is a certified billionaire playboy [that article is over HERE].
And unlike Bruce Wayne, who is clearly a player, Clark Kent has always been mild-mannered and gentle, almost like a good little boyscout. But now the boyscout from Krypton is probably doing "the nasty" / "the dance with no pants" with an Amazon princess.
And according to Futurama fans: HOTDAMN! SUPERMAN AND WONDER WOMAN ARE  DOIN' THE SNU SNU!! :)
I truly can't imagine what it would be like for a male alien demigod and an super-female Amazon to make love.... But putting those uncensored imaginations aside, I'm more concerned about the current Superman and Wonder Woman comics. Of course DC Comics will keep it PG-13. But if they intend to turn it into a mushy soap-opera based on concepts like: "our love is so deep, it is stronger than evil" or "today, I think he loves me, or he loves me not", then the entire series will crash faster than a speeding bullet, due to dwindling comic sales.
Traditionally, comics have been predominantly bought by fan boys [although there are lots of lovely geek gals out there, like those who read this blog]. And most male fans actually buy comics because of the dynamic action & adventure tales. The guys do enjoy the romance, as long as the art is fantastic and they like the male & female couple. But if the entire story over several books is watered down into a tender soft soap-opera, then it tends to be a turn-off to the guys.

Perhaps DC Comics is aware of this issue [they should be, after being in business for over 50 years]; therefore, they have released the cover image of Superman / Wonder woman #6, which shows General Zod and Faora, fighting against the Kryptonian boyscout and his Amazon girlfriend. But that's in issue #6; and issue #4 will be hitting stores in the next few weeks, on January 15, 2014.
So will the entire series keep fans entertained? I dunno; guess we will have to wait and find out....

Monday, December 2, 2013


In this post, I'll briefly talk about three beautiful ladies from the DSNG sci fi series.
The first is Azda Makeshdag, the second is Cinderah Kha'Lin and the third is Zelinda Denzo. These three ladies are featured in the latest DSNG ebook [DSNG Chronicles Book 11, which was launched last night, over here at!]

BTW, the lady shown on the cover of DSNG Book 11 is Yatzat, and the "t" at the end of her name is silent.

If you've been keeping up with this Overview series of blog articles, then you've actually met Azda before, about 2 years ago. She is the mother of King Titron [the lascivious monarch of planet Avera] and she is from planet Entrados, the Steampunk world. Azda is an ex-gladiator and she is a strong-minded lady. Azda was first presented in DSNG Book 1, so she's quite a notable character. And Azda is 10-times stronger than She-Hulk, since she is gifted with super-strength and agility - although she can't fly. Since Azda is from the Steampunk World, planet Entrados, she has orange skin; and most of people from that planet have either red skin or blue skin. And the Lizardians also hail from that world, which is run by the infamous Red Witch.
Azda is a veteran martial arts trainer, an she plays a major role in DSNG Book 11.

Next, we have Cinderah; and she is a female Kataran hailing from the icy world, planet Planoris. Clearly she was designed to be thick / sexy / phat / curvy / voluptuous etc. And in terms of her personality, Cinderah is very laid-back and she is rather secretive. Cinderah is a powerful female Kataran, and she is an ex-MMA champion.

Actually, you've met other female Katarans in the past, since I've done articles on Wandah and Chebeyah, who are regular characters that pop up in the DSNG sci fi books.
Cinderah is an NCI operative, thus she works as a senior Federal Agent in the Organized Crime Division. She first showed up in DSNG Book 10, when Azzar was hunting down the razerbacks / werewolves, while he also battled a super-strong villain known as The Tank. But if you recall some of the brisk details within DSNG Book 6, that volume [with the cyborgs on planetoid Darosa] contained one of the earliest mentions of Cinderah - and it was Yatalia that mentioned her, while Yatalia was arguing with Vince.
Anyway, Cinderah has a strong crush on Prince Azzar, and they both go out on a hot date in the latest volume, Book 11.

The last female in the trio is Zelinda, and she is a neurosurgeon with a lovely hourglass figure. Plus she makes her first appearance in the latest ebook. Perhaps the best words to describe Zelinda are "crazy, sexy, cool", since she often comes across as a bubbly dumb-blonde, even though she is super-smart. She loves to joke around and she trully is blessed with the gift of youth, since she is older than Prince Azzar [the main protagonist in the DSNG sci fi series], yet she looks like she's younger than him.
Zelinda hails from planet Erion, where there are animan characters like Mieka, the wife of the suave mob boss Jut-Hun, who hails from a panther species [Mieka was shown previously in This Article].
Zelinda loves to flirt, and she is fond of grinning broadly and saying hilarious things.
And Zelinda is a character with a very peculiar past... yet she keeps her past as a highly guarded secret, while she works as a veteran surgeon. She and Azzar also meet in the book, but under very chaotic circumstances....

There are other returning characters like Fadiya Blackthorn and her huge elder brother Farooq [from the evil superhero family known as the Blackthorns], whom I could have drawn and added to this article... just didn't have the time to do so. But they are featured in the latest ebook! 

Make sure you check out DSNG Book 11, which is now available at!
740 pages, $5.99, Rated M for Mature Audiences! --> OVER HERE!

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They are the ultimate dream-team, the super triple threat, and perhaps the best Special Forces Super Team that could ever be assembled in the mind of a hardcore comic fan. Regardless of your likes or dislikes, you have to respect them, individually. But when you put them together, these three guys could be viewed as an unstoppable triad: Superman, Ironman and The Wolverine. Two MARVELous characters and one representative of the DC Nation.
Yeah, they'd make an incredible team. But on the other hand, if you could place them all in a vast arena like the Colorado plateau beside the Grand Canyon [over in Arizona] and ask them to go at it until we have the Last Man Standing, then who would really win the all-out brawl??

At the Box Office, Ironman reigns supreme; and he's got an army of remote controlled armored-robot-suits that can answer his beck and call. But honestly, without his armored exoskeleton suit, he is a mortal man, void of special powers.

Wolverine is also a mortal, but he's got a peculiar thing called the healing factor, which helps him to practically cure himself from all of his internal and external injuries. Plus his adamantium endoskeleton comes in handy every now and then.

Superman is the only alien in the mix. And while he has the power to literally leap over skyscrapers [or just lift them out of the way], he is almost invulnerable. I say almost, because he is still limited by respiration requirements, and therefore he can suffer from asphyxiation - he can run out of oxygen.

But once the bell rings, what would happen? Here is a brief clip of my envisioned battle:
Tony Stark would be brazen enough to attack both of his foes simultaneously. Wolverine would be knocked down but he'd able to recover from the repulsor rays that pound into his chest, while Superman outruns the heat-seeking mini-missiles that Ironman would send after him. Next the two guys that can fly would be battling in the sky, trading heavy blows; and the first person to get knocked down into a mountain would become prey for the Wolverine. And Superman truly won't be able to regrow a hand that gets hacked off by adamantium claws. Since he is wearing an armored suit, Ironman can probably take the most immense pounding once the other guys gang up on him; but Tony has some laser-styled weaponry that can easily lacerate flesh and cut off their arms and legs. But if Superman gets angry enough to use his ice-breath and eyebeams as a lethal-combo, then he can freeze the leaping Wolverine in mid-air, before blasting off his head with his heat vision, unleashed at a wide angle. And once his suit's power-cell is down to 10-percent, Ironman truly is nothing more than a playboy in a heavy metal tuxedo. Perhaps that would be the time for Tony to pull out some kryptonite-coated brass knuckles....

I could keep going on and on. Perhaps the battle would be easier to debate, if there were two rather than three opponents. But on the other hand, I think you probably know who would win this battle. Yeah, they're all Alpha Males. And they are all incredibly strong.
But only one of them has the "hope symbol" on his chest.... 

Monday, October 28, 2013


I've gathered a few more concept art posters and wallpapers from around the Web. They showcase mostly fantasy armor concept designs for female warriors, including light knight armor, light exo-suits, mecha, heavy armor, future policewomen, barbarians, and other sleek battle armor.
And some costumes are just skimpy bikinis, added for the horny fanboys who only view this blog so that they can see pics like that.... BTW, the original name of the first pic on the left was "Spider Woman". Not sure why the artist from Asia chose that name; and don't ask me why he drew the skeletor panties on her LOL

Special Thanks to the following artists: ZWY, Igor Bulygin, Moof Anderson, Khezu, Taesi, Shin Tae Sub, and Zeronis. FYI, thera ere a few pics that I found randomly in various blogs, so i don't know every single artist behind the amazing works above.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Real talk.... I saw just Ep. 2 of The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D a few weeks ago. And I instantly realized that the entire TV series wasn't worth my time. If you like it, then that's fine. You are entitled to your opinion. But I could have sworn that the Avengers / the super-team that works with SHIELD have over 30 members on their historic roster in the comics, so any of those characters [even the "B" heroes] should have been recruited to make this show worth while.

Just take a look at this list of 5 characters, tagged historically as the founders of The Avengers, datign back to the comics in 1963:
Ironman, Thor, Antman, Wasp  and Hulk.

BTW: Guys like Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch came later, as recruits.

Now, here is a jumbled list of just some of the characters that have joined various regional branches of Shield [Many of whom will never make it into the Marvel Movie Adaptations, but they'd still be good for a TV show]:

**War Machine**, Luke Cage, Sentry, She-Hulk, Spider Woman, Hercules, Ares, Black Panther, Tigra, The Vision, Black Knight, Captain Marvel, StarHawk, DarkHawk, Sandman, Namor, Mockingbird, MoonKnight, Firebird, Demolition Man, Machine Man, Stingray, Crystal, Thunderstrike, Justice, Firestar, Captain Britain, Silverclaw, 3D-Man, Echo, Mantis, Jack-of-Hearts etc,

That's over 30 characters, and there are more, listed over HERE. War Machine got the stars, because he was underrated in all of the Ironman movie sequels. It was shameful to see such a great character used so poorly...

Anyway, you can see that there is a wide array of comic characters that the TV show's writers and directors could have freely considered. And the TV show does not have to be linked directly to a movie - remember Smallville and the Man of Steel movie? That's basically the case and point. Hence, when the superhero TV show is entertaining, then the fans will give the franchise a lot of liberty to be creative, even if the show isn't tied to a known canon / any previous comic legend.

I'm not sure if Joss Whedon had a hand in the production of The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but even if he did / didn't give those guys any pointers on creating a respectable cast roster, any true fan of Marvel Comics will agree with my incisive bottom-line.

And the bottom-line is this:

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Most fans of the DSNG Sci Fi Series know who Yatalia is [and the premier articles about her are posted Here and Here]. Yatalia is a strong female character. She is an Alpha Senturi soldier with the rank of Commander. And she is a trusted ally of Prince Azzar, the main protagonist of the DSNG series. I posted the pencil version of the Yatalia pic over at facebook, so here are the inked and colored versions. And yes, baby got back. And hips. And thighs... etc.


On the other hand, if you've been following this blog over the past year, then you've probably seen some of the articles [created for drooling fanboys], which are solely about Pawgs. One such female is Kathy Bentley, who is a Cuban Web model. Not sure if Kathy Ferreiro is pursuing a serious modeling career; and I really don't care. I'm more concerned about that phat ass.... I mean using her physique and her lovely curves as a reference model, when I draw voluptuous characters like Yatalia.

You can check out the previous articles featuring Kathy over Here and Here

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Been a while since I posted anything on this blog, since I've been super busy. Plus the Batman casting announcement of Ben Afleck had left me too stunned / angry / pissed / shocked to write anything good, so I stayed away from typing things in this blog that would be offensive to my readers.

Anyway, today I'll present an assortment of digital concept art posters and sexy pinups, which showcase a variety of styles by some of my favorite artists. The first pic is some sort of latex tentacle fetish pinup; it was part of a coloring contest done over at - yet it kinda looks like sci fi, so I boldly added it to the mix. The next pic showcases Geriva, one of the characters from the DSNG sci fi series. I've done an article on Geriva's home planet, in the past - and yes, baby got back.
The other three posters showcase sexy female mech / mecha designs and sci fi armor. Special thanks to: papa ninja, d33m0n, saturnoarg, matoel grande, felsus and Mr. DSNG.


There are other articles like this one within this blog; just browse through the archived posts below to see them.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


You've probably heard the rumors of actor Josh Broslin being considered as the next Batman, in Zack Snyder's forthcoming Superman & Batman Movie sequel, which currently has no name. Personally I don't have a problem with Josh [who is shown on the right side below], as he is a good candidate for the role of a mature Bruce Wayne - yet I did have a problem with the rumor about Ryan Gosling beign considered as a Bruce Wayne; since honestly I don't think he has the voice or the persona to pull it off properly.
Nevertheless, the proposed Superman & Batman Movie is probably going to be a springboard for future epic action movies that will be a shameless attempt by DC Comics to contend with Marvel's The Avengers movie franchise [which has the Agents of SHIELD TV Show spinoff, coming later this year].
Yet I stand back and take a look at the numbers; and I wonder if Warner Bros is truly ready to "give" before they "receive", in terms of their future major "investments" and their desired "profits", as they try to keep up with Marvel & Disney.

The 2013 Man of Steel Movie cost about 225 million dollars to produce. And that movie starred just One Main Superhero. Now let that simmer in your mind for about 10 seconds.... and then think of what it will cost to produce a bigger and better movie that will involve about 5 to 8 Superheroes!! 
That's one of the points that I'm trying to make. Zack Snyder, as good as he is, is the sort of director that will go "over the top" if you give him the money and the creative freedom. Zack is not like Micheal Badaboom-Kaboom Bay, whose idea of "over the top" is a ton of explosions plus explosions and multiplied by explosions.

I will say that the Man of Steel movie had some segments that seemed to need more expansion [like more scenes of daily life on Krypton, so that we would care more about the sad fate of the people who died on that world]. And there were other segments that could have been fully excluded from the movie, in order to cut down 5 - 10 million dollars.... like the scene with Superman battling the "terraforming tentacle machine" that was sitting in the shallow end of the Indian Ocean, after Superman flew halfway around the world through space, with no oxygen mask, and yet his cape was also fluttering in the wind of space as he flew there to stop the giant machine.
FYI - there is no wind in space; and anyone flying through space will freeze to death, per the subzero temperatures outside of Earth's encasing thermosphere :)

Anyway, Zack Snyder could have cut out that tentacle machine fight and included more of Faora, either interacting with Superman, or just kicking the crap out of him - since Faora was born and raised as a soldier back on Krypton, and Kal-El was not [I did an article about that sexy femme fatale that assisted General Zod over HERE].
Yet Zack Snyder is the kind of director that thinks on an epic grand scale, and that's why he seemed to keep trying to create exponential chaos in the Superman movie - it's also the reason why he spent a ton of time and money on the final battle between Zod and Superman, which wrecked more than half of Metropolis, practically turning the entire city into rubble. 

So what about including a storyline that will properly honor and introduce The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman and Wonder Woman? What sort of budget / realistic setting could possibly be created to accommodate a running-man, a guy with a power ring that can generate anything green except veggies and Kryptonite, a water-world-king that can walk around and breath freely underwater, and an Amazon princess who has an invisible fighter jet?
Don't worry about Cyborg - he is basically a one-suit-Ironman, without the human limitation of fatigue and without the cocky playboy persona. But just imagine the complexity of the sort of script that could include all of those heroic characters.... AND THEN EVEN HALF OF THE EVIL INJUSTICE LEAGUE??

BTW, there was once a rumor that Christina Hendricks [shown on the right] would be the next Wonder Woman actress, per some things that a director named Nicholas Winding Refn was saying a few years ago. The article with more pics of that voluptuous actress are over Here.
I don't mind if Christina plays that role sometime in the future, in a Justice League movie. I'm more concerned about how the pieces will fit together properly [in terms of balancing the comic-book-lore and fantasy along with believable reality]. Plus I'm still wondering how much money such a a movie, which is intended to be an epic masterpiece, will cost. Remember that "big budget" doesn't always automatically yield a "big hit" at the box office; there are a ton of major films that have flopped this year, including the infamous Western that cost 250 million dollars to produce - The Lone Ranger.

As of August 22, the word is out.... Ben Affleck has been chosen to play the new Batman..........

WTF??????!!!!! Is this some sort of sick joke?? Did anyone at WB studios see Daredevil??? What if Ben borrows George Clooney's old Batsuit??? Of course I'm angry with the casting choice, just like 99.9 percent of the loyal fanboys out there!! :)
I could have sworn that Christopher Nolan [the director behind the latest Batman trilogy] had actually recommended Wes Bentley for the new role!! And I definitely don't want to see this damn Batsuit in 2015!!!! -------->

Monday, July 29, 2013


Most of the fans on facebook have heard that the new ebook DSNG Chronicles Book 10 was released on Amazon over the past weekend. The link to that ebook is over Here.
And in this new 630-page story, Prince Azzar Omenus [the main protagonist] is drawn into an investigation that links him to two lovely Scalatan ladies. The first lady is Deelilah Kerrchof, who made her debut back in DSNG Book 8 [and the previous blog article with pics from that ebook is over Here].
Deelilah is a flashy young lady from a filthy rich pedigree, and she has red hair and lovely pink skin. And Deelilah is a venture capitalist, who buys up faltering firms and transforms / upgrades them, before marketing their new products with a dynamic makeover.
Tori Lox is Deelilah's personal assistant / secretary and bodyguard. And Tori is trained in lethal martial arts, as well as in handling diverse firearms; and Tori has alluring purple skin. Both of them are shown in the pinups below, along with unused sample covers for DSNG Book 10. And the last poster was chosen as the cover image:


And although Deelilah and Tori look like sisters per their similar sexy physiques, they are like night and day, in terms of their diverse personalities.
Tori is disciplined and direct in her speech, while Deelilah is rather flamboyant - and she often loves acting like she's in a Shakespearean play. Tori is an introvert, while Deelilah is an extrovert. And while Tori enjoys quiet evenings with a glass of wine beside an indoor pool, Deelilah prefers partying with a wild crowd on the top of a tall building with loud music.

Nevertheless, they are almost like sisters. And in DSNG Book 10, after death-threats are made on Deelilah's life by an evil individual, the rich young Scalatan lady contacts Prince Azzar, seeking his help. Azzar, a super soldier, considers Deelilah as one of his trusted allies, despite her eccentric ways. Thus he steps up to the challenge and that leads to an explosive adventure.

Beyond those two intriguing Scalatan ladies, there are other characters featured in the new book 10, including old faces [like Sargon, Mia, Obed and Elena] and some new faces [like The Tank, and the Blackthorn Clan]. I probably should do a separate article featuring Mia; she's the lady that Prince Azzar is currently dating and she looks just like Buffie the Body, in terms of her sexy hourglass figure.

Anyway, this book 10 is not the end of the sci fi series. Consider it a new beginning, as a lot of puzzle pieces have been gathering slowly since the first book. And DSNG is a continuous saga, so you can expect lots of action-packed adventures to come in the future!

Here is the Synopsis for the new ebook, as presented in the description at Amazon:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the tenth installment of the DSNG series! After some startling violent attacks at different venues by a massive alien creature tagged as a vicious razerback, Prince Azzar Omenus gets a distressed call from one of his trusted allies, a beautiful pink-skinned Scalatan lady named Deelilah Kerrchof. And the lovely female CEO appears to be in need of his powerful assistance, in order to protect her from some recent lethal threats that were strangely linked to the enigmatic razerback. Hence the regal soldier soon embarks upon an arduous investigation to find the devious sponsor of the fanged eldritch werewolf.

Simultaneously the young Alpha Senturi soldier named Sargon Nexzon—one of the soldiers mentored by the Prince—gets a separate call from Rebba Gerradez, a distressed professor. And that call draws Sargon to the site of his former grad-school college campus, in order to investigate the deaths of several graduate students and security guards. And when Sargon finally starts asking hard questions to Rebba and the other eyewitnesses, it appears that there is more to this case than meets the eye—and even the federal investigators at the site appear to have their own agenda, thus further complicating things for Sargon.

And as the two disparate investigations progress, neither Prince Azzar nor Sargon are fully aware of the devious web of chaos and destruction that they’ll inadvertently find themselves drawn into, as they travel throughout the mega state of New Romania, hunting the mysterious razerback and its elusive sponsor…

Meanwhile, over on the colonized moon Yantos, Yatzat’s day of sentencing has finally come; and she eagerly anticipates being exonerated from all blame, at the venerated Zarchon tribunal. But things soon take a sharp turn for the worse; and it appears that she is destined to be mercilessly punished for the past crimes that she was forced to commit, when she was a captive working for the Gorilla Rebel Militia…

- Part 10 of 10 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 630 pages

Download your copy of DSNG Book 10 today and join the Epic Sci Fi Adventure!! --> Book Link!

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While ignoring the Sharknado buzz of last week, I shall focus on more important issues.... I did some digging around on the internet and checked out the list of big names and big movies that will be showcased this year at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. And the most prominent feature so far will be The Wolverine movie which is slated for July 26th, just less than a week after the Comic Con ends. Hugh Jackman is slated to be at the con, and it is likely that he'll be drawn into extensive panel discussions in order to promote the movie. The wallpaper on the left from the latest movie trailer shows Wolverine vs. the Silver Samurai [played by Will Yun Lee].

Marvel comics will probably also introduce other Easter eggs and surprise treats at the con for the fanboys, in an attempt to utilize the media blitz to push their other in-development projects. There is another rumor swirling around the net that the 2014 Phase-2 movies from Marvel will be Dr. Strange and Ant Man. And word is, Vin Diesel [who will also be at the San Diego Comic Con promoting Riddick] may be grabbed by Marvel to play Ant Man [and this will mean that he will also be in The Avengers 2 movie].

Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield will also be on hand to make their presentation for Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Not too interested in that movie, since honestly.... I didn't see the first one!! I was a fan of the original Spidey goddamnit! Tobey Maguire was the perfect geek for that role and that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!!! :)

Anyway, Hopefully I'll post more articles featuring cosplay from the San Diego Comic Con later this week...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


MMmkay, After seeing her pic in another major Website, I've heard that some fanboys are actually hoping that the Scarlet Witch actress will look like this cosplay chick on the left, who will probably be at the San Diego 2013 Comic Con later this month... And not that it really matters, but I think she is wearing a corset to keep that hourglass figure... since I can see some sort of X-lace over her stomach, beneath her one-piece red bathing suit.

And speaking of X, Ms. Scarlet here is part of the X-men and the Avengers, per their expanded team rosters [just like Wolverine]. And I can't wait to see the real Scarlet Witch Costume in the Avengers 2 movie! Come on Joss Whedon! Give us some damn teasers! Or better yet, find out who this cosplay chick is and give her an audition! And who cares if she can't really act? Since when have Marvel movies ever been hits solely because the chosen actors could all really act?? LOL!!

EDIT: I don't know the name of the Power girl cosplayer on the right, but she may be from the 2013 Comic Con.

More archived San Diego Comic Con cosplay pics are over HERE! and ALSO HERE!

Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'll start of this week with a little rant, and the focus of this discussion is tied to an article that I saw recently on Yahoo. Some guy was saying that Wonder Woman was going to be The BEST movie for DC Comics to make next. But I strongly disagree. Truthfully it looks like DC and Warner Bros will probably be focused upon bringing a Superman & Batman movie to the big screen, sometime in 2015, if not sooner. 

Honestly if you take a look at Wonder Woman shown on the left, you will recall that she was created at a period in which heroism and patriotism were fused together to create comic characters that appealed to young men. But trust me guys, watching a young busty lady wearing star-spangled panties flying in the air with an "invisible jet" and running around in high-heeled boots while wielding a super-truth lasso is something that audiences might not be truly ready for. BTW, I do not know the name of the cosplayer behind that pic - but if you're a regular at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, you might catch her there.
Anyway, a few years ago the big wigs at DC Comics rapidly tried to revamp WWs image and they gave her a new spunky costume designed by the legendary Jim Lee; which truly made her look more hip than ever before [and the image by Alex Garner on the right shows the new costume]. But even that didn't help the attempted Wonder Woman Television series - which turned out to be a major failure back in 2011 - the past article on that flop is over HERE.

And now for the inconsistency: Most fanboys and fangirls know that Wonder Woman is the female version of Superman, having almost all his powers [save for his heat vision, X-ray vision and frost breath], and none of his weaknesses [she isn't allergic to shiny green rocks].
But if that is the case, and since Wonder Woman / Diana is invulnerable to fire and bullets, then why the hell does she need those damn bullet-proof bracelets?? [Ping, ping!].
And why would you need Wonder Woman when you have PowerGirl, a true Kryptonian? [although in some alternate universes, PG is presented as a clone].
Alas, there are a lot of inconsistencies in terms of power levels for the heroes / heroines in the world of comics; it's the sort of thing that I strive to avoid when I write my DSNG ebooks, out of respect for the fans. Nevertheless, I do hope that DC Comics brings "Boyscout Clark and Billionaire Playboy Bruce" together in the next Man of Steel movie sequel; since a poorly planned Wonder Woman movie just might crash and burn faster than a speeding bullet...

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Movie Review... Plus Spoilers!! So Be warned!!
After a long morning, I finally saw the hyped movie.... and yeah, it was worth the hype. The new Man of Steel is just that.... "An alien Man internally made of Steel"; he seems to be taken right out of the serious-mood-fantasy-files of Director Zack Snyder, the guy behind 300 and Sucker Punch...  Truthfully speaking, Zack has a dark mind; and that means he prefers rather "darker themes" to the "brighter ones" - it even shows in the color schemes he chooses when shooting all of his movies. Plus it appears that Zack hates happy endings; if you doubt that, then go and see SuckerPunch one more time, with your lil' kids - LOL

Anyway, I'm not too sure about how much input that the Producer Christopher Nolan [the guy behind the Dark Knight Trilogy] had in the presentation of the movie; but this new Superman was far more grittier and hardcore than all the others in the history of the franchise.
I will admit that the sci fi action in the new Man of Steel 2013 movie is extremely intense, from start to finish. Not sure how the hell it got a PG-13 rating... but alas, stranger things have happened! Now here are 10 things [funny & serious] that stood out when I watched the movie:
1. Superman [played by Henry Cavil] was portrayed as a happy buff hobo, a guy with no permanent address and no real job, who roams about doing good.

2. Superman was capable of breathing in space, and his cape did not freeze while he soared outside of the Earth's orbit [and neither did he]. In fact, there was a strange wind blowing outside the exospheric band of our planet Earth, which caused his cape to be fluttering, while he soared outside of Zod's spaceship and rocketed towards the escape-pod that Lois had utilized to flee from that vessel. Apparently the writer / director forgot that space is FREEZING COLD.

3. Lois Lane is a Redhead! Oh Sweet Baby Jezus, when did Lois Lane become a Redhead? And if  you're going to make Lois a Redhead, then take a cue from Jessica Rabbit and make her SMOKIN' HOT! In fact, Faora-Ul, the female villain / Commander that helped General Zod, was even HOTTER than Lois!
Plus Faora could kick ass, just like Superman!! BTW, Faora was played by actress Antje Traue - and she is pretty much Ursa, reincarnated from the good ol' 1980s Superman II movie!

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Monday, June 10, 2013


I've collected some more posters & wallpapers that showcase sci fi / fantasy armor for both male and female warriors. Some of these armor concept art posters are from video games such as League Of Legends & World of Warcraft [Wow], or other online MMORPGs. A few MECHs and Giant Robots have been added, and the are a lot of Steampunk character concept designs in the mix! Special Thanks to the following artists from DA and CGHub for their outstanding work: yamao, duelisto, zeronis, su_ke, yuchenghong, rupid79 and scebiqu. Now check out their concept artwork!




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