Monday, April 18, 2016


For those fans that have been away from Facebook, DSNG Book 16 has been launched at Amazon! And the cover features artwork of a new character, named Commander Dezeth; she is a Fairy warrior and an ancient Embearn beings. And the Emberans are divided into two groups per their genders; the Fairies [females] and the Ghouls [males].

And the Emberans are actually the aides / servants of the ancient Paragons, or the Sons of the Gods, in the DSNG universe. Anyway, this new eBook features Action, Adventure, Drama Comedy and Romance. Plus some fantasy elements start to prominently emerge. And like the other books in the Sci Fi series, it is Rated M, for Mature Audiences. It's about 590 pages, and it is Part 1 of a 2-Part story; and the next story should be ready before the end of May 2016... Hopefully... :)


Sometimes I create more than one cover option for a book. And two faithful fans helped me pick out the best cover art for Book 16. But I decided to show some of that stuff to everyone else, just so that you get to see a glance at what alternative designs / concept art sketches that I often come up with.  By the way, in the picture set above, the third image features a backshot of the sexy female Dinatour named Ellystra [aka Elly] who is one of the other female aliens from my Sci Fi series. More of Elly can be seen over HERE.

And Here's the Overview of DSNG Book 16:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the sixteenth installment of the DSNG series!

At this time, the main protagonist Prince Azzar and some of his allies are still vacationing on the neighboring techno-world in the Beta sector, planet Taran. And following the foiled kidnapping and rescue of Dr. Karli, the regal warrior is finally given an opportunity to spend some quality time with her. Therefore, together they head out to an upscale nightclub venue, where they can relax and enjoy themselves in a festive atmosphere. Yet Azzar has no idea that some disguised members of the Gorilla rebel militia, who still want to slay him, are lurking around that same venue…

Additionally, Prince Azzar is fully oblivious to the ominous events that have been unfolding in the RX-Realm, the alternate reality zone where the Twelve Clans of the Ancient Sons of the Three Gods—also known as the early Paragon Beings that predated the Era of Mankind—reside in a somewhat tumultuous state, where they still live by various ancient laws.
One of those laws strictly forbids soul-fusions between Paragons and Mortals.
And another law dictates that you can keep what you kill; therefore to the winners of the territorial battles belong all the spoils of those that they’ve conquered…

Nevertheless, in recent times, the new super villain named Lord Blacnor had been going on a rampage throughout the ultramodern cities of Taran. And Blacnor had been created by a secret soul-fusion between a tiger animan named Basil and an ancient Ghoul being named Norg. And like their female counterparts that were known as Fairies, the Ghouls were ancient Emberan beings that were the servants of the Paragons of old.

With time, it became evident that Blacnor was almost unstoppable by his upright mortal opponents. And this was because he was no ordinary foe. And Blacnor was tagged as a triple-threat, since he possessed physical might, super-powers and psychic powers.

But per the desperate intervention of the aquatic matriarch named Lady Neena Nekasha, Lord Blacnor was stripped of some of his psychic powers, while his levitation, his morphing abilities and his super-strength remained.

And once that act was done, Neena’s life was placed in great danger due to the fact that 1,000 vengeful Ghouls, the allies of Norg, jointly arose to punish her for her actions. Yet Neena was saved by the group of ancient Paragons that were tagged as the Omega Storm Riders. Acting as an intrepid team of marines, the veteran Storm Riders were led by an ancient Paragon warrior named Rikah the Sea Mistress. And their intervention was nothing short of phenomenal, because it had been 1,000 Ghouls against just 5 Storm Riders.

Yet Rikah and her allies seem to have no time to celebrate their grand victory, since they now have to head to a court hearing and stand trial before the Ancient Justice Council, in order to give an account for their brutal actions. But one of the elected Councilors was a devious Warlord from the days of old, named Commander Argus. He was a sly trickster and he definitely did not believe in true justice...

And while those pedantic formal hearings are unfolding, the ominous storm clouds of destruction continue to gather; since the brethren of Norg and the 1,000 slain Ghouls—who all hailed from a Paragon Clan called the Larksen Slayers Legion—begin to plot their vengeance. And now 5 elite Ghoul Commanders are dispatched to viciously execute that objective.

And these acts of vengeance from the enraged Ghouls are destined to bulldoze their way from the RX-Realm into the real realm, and right into the life of the regal warrior, Prince Azzar, even while he strives to finally initiate his MECH Sentinel Manufacturing Program on behalf of his home planet Avera…

[This is Part 16 of 16 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 590 pages ]

And you can check it out and download the new ebook over HERE!


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