Monday, February 19, 2018


Today we're going to take a look at one of my fav customs so far. It's a remix, based on the Lady Thor that Marvel released last year 2017 [and a sample of that original toy is over HERE]. I decided to repaint her and upgrade her from head to toe, while utilizing fodder from my storage bin and also from the original toy.

So the base model was Marvel Legends Lady Thor, while the head remained the same, but the helmet's ears were ungraded with putty. Her right am received a new bracelet with studs, as well as an armband on her bicep [which was also added to the left arm]. Her left arm has a tied rope added to it, almost like a watch. Her removable cape was cut and customized; so it has  a connecting chain like Power Girl would have. And the "plug" in the back of her cape was removed. Her boots were upgraded with putty, while her chest, her butt and her thighs received upgrades as well. Her frontal loin cloth was also changed, while I added some "pocket-chain side-laces" and a new belt for her, with some yellow-painted painted gemstones. Her new metallic bra has upgraded silver swirls. Then I gave her a bigger hammer handle. Plus I added a holstered short sword to her right thigh, which she can grip in her right hand. Enjoy the custom gallery and don't forget to share this page!




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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I've been super-busy lately, and I just wanted to share something to keep the blog active ;) I didn't draw this one. I found it on the Web and touched it up a little. I couldn't find the original guy who drew it, per the old disconnected pin on Pinterest. And she seems to have a tally on her right arm, documenting the number of her kills in combat...  and I'm not too sure if you can call her an Amazon...

Honestly, I came across that pic on the left last night [although it dates back to 2015], when I was searching for costume ideas for an African female warrior... but the thing is, different parts of Africa have had different female warrior costumes, over the centuries. And Africa is actually bigger than the USA, if you really check out the continent sizes...

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Thursday, February 1, 2018


This Jodie “Shooter” Craig has been sitting on my desk for a while. I just didn’t have time to take the pics. Anyway, as a brother, I had to make her, since there aren’t enough female Joes with chocolate skin tones...

Jodie is tagged as an expert marksman / sniper. Her origins as a character were almost a joke by some Marvel Comics editors back in 1982, which tag her as the 14th original GI Joe, but it's something you'd have to read up to understand. Not a big deal though.
The base model for Jodie was Marvel Legends Enchantress, and I sculpted some parts of her body, along with her gauntlets, her boots and her primary belt. Her second belt came from Demolition man, and I added a rear holster to that second belt for one of her handguns. Her gripping hands came from Mockingbird, while her head came from Captain Marvel Carol Danvers [so I had to give her new hair, a new skin tone and a new eye color].

There is a small 5mm magnet adhered to her back; and three of her weapons [the modified Deadpool blaster on her back, the custom shotgun in her left hand, and the sub-machinegun held in her right] can each be stored on her back, because those three weapons all have magnets placed upon them. Tamiya flat black, gloss black and metallic gray paints were used for her costume, while her hair was colored with three colors: Hull Red, light brown, and black.

When the photoshoot started, getting her to stand was a bit tricky, due to her heels. Plus I decided to add my custom G.I.Joe Stalker to the mix; so some pics show Jodie and Stalker standing together, like a mixed tag-team. Per her weapons, Jodie has a total of 6 guns, along with 1 dagger. I made a seventh custom handgun gun for her, but there was no place to store it, so I left it out. Stay tuned for more...





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