Monday, May 20, 2013


Over the weekend I saw these pics drawn by an artist named Zabolight over at CGHub. They were cool looking Sci Fi pics, yet I found them a bit hard to swallow... since the heavy battle armor seemed just a bit too excessive to accept as functional gear.


  Does that arch-angel combat armor look epic? Yes, it does. But is it truly functional? Probably not... and I'll explain why.
Consider a human soldier in a fantasy world wearing that angel armor and heading out into the battlefield. Yeah, he will have big guns and flashy wings, but he has just  made himself a bigger target for snipers to hit. And even considering maneuverability, he / she really cannot fit into tight corners or hide away behind barricades, due to the excessive horizontal and vertical protrusions of the armor.
Perhaps flying high and fast would be the only saving grace of having such bulky broad battle armor... but even then, a human soldier being flying around with that sort of angel armor is now inserted into an aerial zone where there are much bigger metallic birds in the sky, bird with 40mm autoguns and heat seeking missiles, who will blow the human angel to "infinity and beyond."
Relax, I'm just thinking out loud, the same way I was thinking aloud about "deadly cyborg zombies" when I posted that other pic on the right side in facebook. But rest assured my friend, zombie cyborgs with flesh-ripping claws do not exist :)

A few months ago I wrote an article that showcased female fantasy armor from the Galaxy Saga mobile gaming franchise [shown over Here]. And today, we have another pic of a Space Knight from the "Galaxy Saga galaxy", located above on the left. First of all, it should be clear to see why it almost looks like a Star Wars rip-off, per the light sabers that the knight is wielding, almost like some fantasy Jedi. Perhaps if the dual swords had more unique shapes, then perhaps it wouldn't be so easily linked to Star Wars, from a conceptual point of view. BTW, did you ever realize that "Jedi" is a dictionary word?? LOL!! George Lucas made history and even additions to the English language!

BTW, the cyborg zombie pic was drawn by concept artist Randis, while the Galaxy Saga Space Knight was drawn by the guys at conceptarthouse. And the last image of a sexy female sniper with a big butt was done by artist Jibro. There should be links to more archived articles with concept art shown below!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I've gathered a few more concept art posters and wallpapers from around the Web. They showcase mostly fantasy armor concept designs for female warriors, including light knight armor, light exo-suits, barbarians, and other sleek battle armor.

When you download the images to your desktop, you should see the names of the artists intertwined  in the description. Special thanks to: Kveldulv, june99, Datouxiaozuo, Hinew and George for their great art!

The so-called "controversial busty redhead Sorceress art" poster shown above is from the forthcoming video game, Dragon's Crown. The name of the artist behind those two pics is George Kamitani... not sure why the Sorceress is using her magic staff as a stripper pole, but hey, I didn't draw any of this stuff so I make no apologies or explanations for it.

George is clearly a Cheesecake artist, and a lot of people on the internet [Trolls, who obviously have no jobs or anything else better to do] have been ridiculing his artwork, per the exaggerated female proportions. Honestly that stuff is trivial and should not bother anyone. What he draws is his prerogative; plus the game publisher has to approve of the concept art before it's accepted and animated.... so the guys at ATLUS and VANILLAWARE must love his busty chicks and their big butts and huge boobs. Do I care about what they like? Nope. Makes no difference to me at all. I've got better things to do than bitch about the artwork / art-style of someone else.

Plus if you don't like it, then when the game comes out in a few months, then don't buy it. The game will be released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on July 25, 2013 in Japan, and North America on August 6, 2013.
There are more links to the previous blog articles below:

Thursday, May 2, 2013


You can consider this article as a movie preview rather than a review, since it doesn't have any spoilers - Tomorrow, May 3rd 2013, Tony Stark [Robert Downey Jr.] returns to give fans his uncanny mix of humor, wit, high-tech gadgets and drama. I gathered these images from around the Web and decided to post them. Right now the Iron man 3 movie has grossed over 300 million dollars oversees, after about 2 weeks in the foreign box office. And Marvel Inc. is hoping that it does the same in the US. Will Iron man 3 movie be better & more profitable than The Avengers movie? I dunno, guys; but both movies have clearly been contrived around Robert Downey's entertaining armored character.

Some online reviewers have already stated that Iron man 3 is the best installment of the trilogy. And while there is no news right now on whether Robert Downey Jr. will be back for a 4th ride [he'll have to sign a new contract with Marvel Studios for that... and it won't be a cheap one], fans can rest assured that they will not be let down by this third movie.

I must confess that I wasn't certain who was behind the Iron Patriot armor last year, when I wrote an article about Iron man 3 - rumors about a certain villain named Coldblood were swirling around that time. But now it's clear that it was actor Don Cheadle wearing the Iron Patriot armor [shown above], who played as War Machine in the previous movie.

In this 3rd movie, the insidious movie villain, the Mandarin, is played by Ben Kingsley [shown on the left]. And apparently Guy Pearce has a role as a bad guy as well, from the movie trailers -- I'm not sure who he is yet, but he probably locks horns with Iron man half-way through the movie. Additionally, I'm not sure if an excess of explosions in an action movie can be a bad thing, but that's what the reviewers who saw the early movie screenings keep hinting about.

OK, the very last image above on the right made me laugh... almost made me think that Russel Westbrook dressed up Robert Downey for that movie premier - LOL. That pic was taken in Munich Germany, last month in April 2013.