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This is a fan art poster that I was working on yesterday, while watching some NBA games...

Elena Eden is one of the sexy female characters from the DSNG Sci Fi Series; her personality is upbeat and humorous. Elena is a trusted ally of Prince Azzar and she made her debut way back in DSNG Book 1. And even though she often acts like a dumb blonde, she's extremely intelligent. More pics of Elena are archive in this past blog article, over Here.

To all the true DSNG fans, I hope you had a Merry Christmas!
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Monday, December 15, 2014


All right guys, lets be honest.
If you like this blog, then you like Jessica Rabbit.
And if you like Jessica, then you like cheesecake art and redheads.
And if you like redheads, then you like Christina Hendricks! 
Yes you do, damn it! I can see it in your eyes! Just admit it! LOL

Have a great week ~ DSNG Artist

Saturday, December 6, 2014


When you hear the term "Ogre", chances are, your mind will drift to the World Of Warcraft and their green monstrous-looking beings. That can be viewed as one particular artistic vision. And even the classic cartoon from 1985, Disney's Gummi Bears, had a host of Ogres, while the 3D character "Shrek" is also an Ogre. And in the DSNG Sci Fi Megaverse, the Ogres do exist. But they are completely different, in terms of their genetics and appearances.

Here are some sample concept art posters showing Ogres that I gathered from around the web: 


So what is an Ogre? Simply put, the Ogres in DSNG are hybrid beings. Remember, in the DSNG tales, there are 7 major planets: Erion, Avera, Taran, Macur, Scalata, Planoris and Entrados. If you're familiar with this blog, then I'm sure that you've already met the four-armed Scalatans in the former articles; and you've also seen the Entradans in another archived blog post.
So the Ogres are actually a genetic mixture of Scalatans and Entradans. And this is where the unique style of the DSNG Ogres comes into play.
The Scalatans have horns, four arms, four eyes [or even six eyes] and sharp "dorsal spikes" on their backs that can sprout to yield Gargoyle-like wings. Plus the Scalatans have red, purple, magenta and even pink skin. Conversely, the Entradans have just two arms and two feet, while they can be endowed with mystic abilities; plus some Entradans are Lizardians. And the Entradans have red, blue, orange and golden  skin.
So when aliens from those two disparate races mate and produce offspring, the hybrid child ends up being stronger and tougher than his/her parents. And that mixed Ogre child may have multiple horns, two arms, four arms, four eyes, three eyes, or even just one central eye, etc.

Some Ogres are giants, while others are regular-sized humanoids. And they all have teeth that can morph into sharp fangs, at the speed of thought.

In the latest ebook DSNG Book 14, one of the main plots is an adventure that involves a small band of Ogres, namely Sokov Schwarz, Odesa Montegra, and Go-Ran. Two other Ogres introduced are named Zandin and Zamrah.

As you can see in the sci fi poster / wallpaper below, the DSNG Ogres are far more sophisticated in their appearance than the standard Ogres that you find in other video game and entertainment franchises. Remember that DSNG is set in a sci fi world; thus everyone and everything created has to fit, in terms of the technology that exists.

Most of the Ogres are usually considers as Entradans. and their home world Entrados is referred to as a Steampunk World, where dragons and draco-hounds exist like roaming wild horses, in certain regions. But of course, the magic spells projected from law enforcement units keep those wild creatures in check, so they don't wreak havoc on the populations within the city districts.

 As hybrid beings, the Ogres are not dumb and clumsy; instead they are extremely sharp and gifted. And whenever you see the word "gifted" in the DSNG tales, think of it as an acronym for: "having one or more super abilities".

Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Sokov is a former high-school basketball player. And currently he's an ex-con and an independent mercenary. Odesa is Sokov's sexy girlfriend [although she calls him "Master" and the reason for that issue is explained in Book 14]. I know he looks cool and she looks sexy, but I must inform you that these two characters are actually.... ruthless villains.
Honestly, Sokov is a bad guy with a good heart; he's a villain, but he is a father and a thinker, who considers his opportunities very carefully... so he'll even work with the good guys, if he views such a partnership as a means to making immense profits.
Odesa is much younger than Sokov, while she has 4 eyes. They both have super-strength, plus some other special abilities. For instance, Sokov can see in the dark, while he has a mystical Super-mode ability tagged as Wild Coyote Reign.
On the other hand, Zandin is a hefty fierce guy and he's about 6 feet 10 inches tall. He has distinctive horns on his forehead, which help to make him more intimidating to his foes. Zandin is married to Zamrah, and she's a beautiful blonde four-armed female Ogre. As shown in the poster above, Zamrah is voluptuous and muscular. Plus she has a diamond-shaped birthmark in the core of her forehead, while she has golden skin like an Averan [and Zamrah gets to meet Azzar in the latest Book 14]. Zandin and Zamrah own a weapons manufacturing firm called Trigun Lancer Weapons Systems.  And they are both villains, who parade as corporate executives.
[Prince Azzar is shown on the right, manifesting his Super-mode ability, slightly similar to the Super-saiyan ability in DBZ]

Often my loyal fans forget that there are four different Scalatan clans, who have slight phenotypical differences. Plus there's an archived article that you should also check out, which shows another concept art poster with three female Scalatans, who all look different [HERE]. That blog link will open up in a new window, and the poster in that article helps to reinforce the fact that the Ogres can have a wide variety of appearances, due to the vast diversity within their ancestral gene pool.

[ Shown on the left is Prince Azzar and Lady Lizbeth, from the latest ebook. Lizbeth is a female Newteron]

Now you can see that the art style and concept of Ogres in DSNG completely differs from the Ogres that you find in WOW, or any other MMORPG fantasy world!

And remember, DSNG Book 14 is available now! --> Over Here!
[The ebook is 750 pages, Rated M for Mature]

BTW, This Article is Part 24 of the DSNG Overview series. Part 23 is over HERE!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Since I was born back in the 1980s, I was introduced to a host of cartoon series that were linked to techno-fantasy and anime themes. I've done blog articles on the Thundercats in the past and I even did some redesigns of Liono and his gifted anthro-pride.
There are lots of posters on the internet that put Liono against Superman and HeMan against Superman. I even saw a long discussion thread on "SheRa VS The Hulk"; and the fanboys just could not make up their minds on who would win.

Yet today, I was thinking about what would happen, if HeMan and SheRa were to take on all of the Thundercats in an all-out brawl! Thats the sort of Epic Battle you could turn into a hit cartoon series or even a blockbuster movie. Of course they are all heroes and in general, heroes don't get involved in death matches... not unless you're a team of Avengers or Xmen and you live in the Marvel Universe and you have nothing better to do.... then you just start a Marvel Civil War and kill each other for nothing :)

I've heard that The Avengers movie franchise will be heading in that direction eventually... its rather pointless to me; but hey, when the Marvel editors and writers run out of ideas, they do sh*t like that LOL.

Btw, the image on the left is from a Spanish Wildstorm comic series titled "Thundrecats perros de guerra" which was not released in the US.

Now back to Heman & SHeRa Vs. Thundercats. Picking a winning group in this battle-royale will be easier said than done; after all, HeMan and SheRa both have mystical swords, but Liono has the Sword of Omens, which has mystical powers of its own. Most fans always believed that Liono's sword could do more than he was aware of, peer the air of mystery that surrounded it. Plus the rest of the Thundercats, when they fight as a singular force, can be pretty hard to beat.
But if I were to really pick a winner, I'd have to go with... the guy who wears the hairy underwear: HeMan. He just comes across as a more experienced fighter, with elite level combat skills - as opposed to Liono, who is actually a kid at heart. Of course Prince Adam is a youth as well, but Heman has always been more mature than Liono.
His sister, She-Ra, will probably take on all of the other Thundrcats [Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra and WilyKit & WilyKat]. SheRa may get beaten up pretty bad, but she'll probably survive with the aid of her sword [which can change form into anything that she wants].
The other T-Cats [like Lynx-O, Pumyra and Bengali] are left out of the mix in this scenario. And their presence would probably change things significantly. And Honestly, if old-man Mum-Ra joined the fight with all the Thundercats... then they'd dial up 1-800-Ass-Whoopin. And Heman would definitely lose.

And in the words of Kurt Angle: Oh its true... its damn true! :)

Monday, November 10, 2014


Been busy as hell, working on the next DSNG eBook... Anyway, this was a warm-up sketch that I decided to develop further. And I'll give just four phases: the inks, the base flats, the intermediate colors and the final colors [with the BG].


The last two colored images do have slight differences, since a few more textures and shadows were added along with the BG... More fan art is in the blog archives!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Two wallpapers... featuring Yaya Han and some other cosplayer. Thanks to meanhonkey1980 on DA, for one of the backgrounds....


There are other articles featuring Yaya Han & Jessica Rabbit in this blog...

Monday, October 20, 2014


Fan art of the Black Cat; this one started out as a warm-up sketch and it kept evolving. Felicia Hardy was one of my fav characters from the 90s Spider-man cartoon, because she always walked the line perfectly - the line between good and evil.


There's a classic blog article that I dis featuring the Black Cat with over 20 pin up posters and cosplays of her, over HERE

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Here are the inks and colors for a Man of Steel poster that I started working on last week; I posted the pencil version over at facebook, and I tweaked it a little, before I started the digital coloring phase. Its September... and this may be the first Superman poster that I've drawn all year! LOL

Check out the articles below for more Superman and Supergirl fan art by the DSNG Artist!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This article features San Diego Comic Con cosplay [from past years] and some photo-shoot pics. Cosplay photo credits: In the first pic on the left, we have Ivy Doomkitty and Marie Claude; in the second pic is a lady who goes by the name Darth Raven [who is cosplaying as Darth Talon]. Marie Clause returns in the third pic, which features guns, a hidden smile and boobs. And next is the Morrigan Darkstalkers pic... I don't know her name. The last image is a photo-morph of Cammy from Super Streetfighter by Kenmasters33 at DA.

I've been busy as hell with work. But I hope to be posting more pics on the DSNG facebook page, later in October, so stay tuned!


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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Just some thoughts today about the Amazing Spiderman. This Marvel character almost didn't get created back in 1962, when the idea was being pitched by Stan Lee [artist] & Steve Ditko [writer] to the editor.
Now fast-forward over 50 years, and Spiderman is a household name, with global fame.
Every comic character has a certain appeal. The respective appeals of Batman [created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger back in 1939] or even Spawn [created by Todd MacFarlane in 1992] are both unque, and they are uniquely different from the vibe that fans get from Spiderman.
There's one phrase that best describes why Spidey is so popular: he is down to earth, and he's a friendly neighborhood guy.
Spiderman was first presented as an orphan teenager being raised by his grandparents in a small NY neighborhood. And after getting his powers, he was forced to learn that "with great power comes great responsibility". It's just one of those statements that sticks with you, like the words of the wise.

Additionally, Spiderman has always had a peculiar way with the ladies; he's never too strong or over-confident, he is not a classy billionaire playboy and he certainly can't fly faster than a speeding bullet. But the gals / dames / chicks all seem to love him, as shown in the picture above with Ms. Marvel and Spiderwoman.
[BTW the term "dames" dates back to the 40s and 50s].

If you followed the classic comic stories, you'd think that the affluent young lady Felicia Hardy [Black Cat] would be attracted more to a Bruce Wayne kinda guy; but yet she finds herself constantly being drawn to Peter Parker, because of his appealing persona.

Nevertheless, I think that the best term to describe Spiderman is not just a hero, he's certainly that.... but the better word is a friend. And that word makes his persona magnetic to fans!

There have been tons of graphic novel collections over the decades that have depicted Spiderman. And some that I will recommend for Google and Amazon searches, based on art styles that I like, are "Spiderman Terry Dodson", "Spiderman Joe Madureira", "Spiderman Mark Brooks", "Spiderman J Scott Campbell", just to name a few.
Check them out, when you get a minute!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Here's a commission that I did last week, featuring DJ Gemini 3rd Eye. He's from NY and he's a loyal DSNG fan. The idea behind this poster was a futuristic DJ booth setup, in a nightclub. I had the freedom to incorporate any themes that I chose, while the main required element was the Numark NV, the turn tables shown in the pic.
During my research, I found out that there are mobile DJ booths and larger ones that are quite fixed [in terms of the fancy elevated table and the stands for the other equipment and the 8-inch monitors, or even larger speakers]. I don't know too much about DJ software, but I heard about Serato Itch from DJ Gemini...


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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I was browsing through the Web when I saw some of these old favs... they just inspired me to draw more sci fi styled art. Artwork by the skilled digital artist and colorist, Chuck Pires. His art is a form of the Cheesecake style. And he  has a cool gallery on Deviantart.


The Infinity Poster was for a table top game, dating back to 2007; so I doubt it was connected to the Disney Infinity video games. The last Marvel poster with Red Sonya, She-Hulk and Psylocke is very dynamic. I suspect that he started out with a plain background and then he added all the special effects with Painter / Photoshop...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today we'll focus on The Baroness. She's one of the most unforgettable characters from the G.I.Joe toys / cartoon / movie franchise. And fanboys can't seem to get enough of her on the internet, or at the comic conventions. It might be because of her geeky glasses coupled with her seductive charm; or perhaps its her metallic bra that gives her that extra mojo-boosting "jono-say-qua", or whatever the hell the French call it. Anyway, since the 2014 San Diego Comic Con is coming up this week, I figured that I'd do this article featuring cosplay of the Baroness.
I've been super busy, so I haven't drawn anything to add to the mix. But I'm sure that you'll enjoy all these pinups and pics done by other cool artists... BTW, Thanks to Tremel for sending me the link to the Jenny Poussin Cosplay, which inspired this article!


Thanks to Michael Lopez, Turtlechan, BoOom, Dominic Marco and others for their art!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Today we'll be analyzing some fan art. The Lizardians are one of the intriguing alien races hailing from planet Entrados. The original blog article on that green world is located over HERE. And a Galactic Map showing the 7 major planets of the Makuran Galaxy, including Entrados, is over HERE.

I started drawing the earliest DSNG sketches back in 1999, while the first DSNG comic was published in 2003.  And back then, DSNG was tagged as "The Destiny Series" and I got the copyrights for it. Anyway, the name changed with time; and by 2006 / 2007, DSNG was the new flagship title for my stuff - which is an acronym for "Destiny Series the Neo-Genesis".

[On the right, we have Prof. Rebba Gerradez. And on the left, we have Demy and Bianca. They're all lovely Lizardians]

And as expected, the concept designs for the Lizardians have gone through a lot of evolutions over the years. So I'll be showing you some classic art and new sketches below, as I further explain the Lizardian race and their distant cousins...

Over on planet Entrados [The Steampunk World], there are a couple of alien races coexisting in harmony. Amongst them are the popular human-like Entradans, who have elf ears and four digits on their hands and feet. One of the prominent Enrtadans is Lady Azda, the buff mother of King Titron.
The human-like Entradans have a variety of skin tones, ranging from blue and red to orange and brown. Plus some Entradans have facial lines, almost like tribal markings on their faces; while others have facial diamonds located in the center of their foreheads. They are a rather mystical race, so some of their beings are hereditary magicians with a variety of powers. There are also some Entradans that can display Biothermal potential - hence they can unleash fireballs from their epidermal layers, while they can also defy gravity like Prince Azzar and the gifted Centura soldiers.

The Lizardians are a peculiar offshoot of the Entradan indigenous people, since they are related to the Newterons, who also have tails and slightly protruding faces. The Newterons are an aquatic race, who reside on planet Macur, and they can survive on the land and in the sea. But on the other hand, the Lizardians aren't really deep-sea swimmers, since they can't breathe underwater. The Newterons and Lizardians both have male and female species, although most of the concept art I'm showing is for their females.

While they both commonly have skin tones that are shades of blue, some of the key distinguishing features between the Lizardians and the Newterons is their tails and their faces. As shown in the nearby sketch,  the Newterons have a flare at the end of their tails, almost like an extra fin; plus they have "V-shaped" indents upon their noses. On the other hand, the Lizardians have "M-shaped" indents on their noses and they have no tail fin.

[Above on the right, we have a black & white pic of Lakinta and Sherza, cheesecake art style. They are female Newteron soldiers; and that's an old concept sketch from 2009 or so; they've both evolved since then, so their faces look more human]

The aquatic Newterons have some V-shaped gill-like slits placed on their biceps and thighs, which help them to breath beneath the waves. The mixed-race Newterons share planet Macur [The Water World] with the all-male Zarchons and the all-female Nauticons. And the current Ruler / Patriarch of the Newteron race is a huge fierce warrior named Lord Kilvrakk, aka the Phantom of Death.

Some of the popular Lizardians that you've heard of are Rebba and Demy. Rebba was featured in DSNG Book 10, and she was in that adventure with Sargon [one of Azzar's mentees]. And during a peculiar conversation between Neil and Geriva, Demy was mentioned in Book 10. And Demy was also in Book 13, since she is the chick that Lho-Khi was being set up on a blind-date with.

[Mr. Gan-Grid is shown on the right!]

And Gan-Grid, a powerful Lizardian male gifted with super-strength, is the current head of the Barracudas; and they are a mobster group from Entrados, who employ a variety of Entradan henchmen. Demy is his lieutenant and she also serves as his dropship pilot. Gan-Grid was shown in Book 10.

In DSNG Book 12 and Book 13, Trizza the Pirate is featured. And she is a voluptuous Lizardian, although her bloodline is mixed with Newteron genes per her grandfather.

Nan-Cee, a classy Newteron lady, was first introduced as far back as DSNG Book 1. You probably didn't notice her at one of the parties presented in that early book. But Nan-Cee is a tall affluent lady, who heads a company called Hercules Manufacturing Inc., which builds MECHs and dropships, over on Taran.

Bianca was shown above in the sketch with Demy; and Bianca is a former member of the Barracudas. She is a sexy female Lizardian with a light-blue skin tone and long hair. She has incredible speed and agility, and she is a ruthless villain from Azzar's past. Bianca used to work for a tall Lizardian guy named Mr. Menson Morati; and Mr. Morati preceded Gan-Grid as the leader of the Barracudas. 

There are other Lizardians and Newterons that will show up in the future DSNG ebooks, so stay tuned for more!

This Article is Part 23 of the DSNG Overview series. Part 22 is over HERE!
Cool cover art for the latest stories, Book 12 and 13 is over HERE!

Monday, June 30, 2014


The fourth TF movie has surpassed 100 million dollars at the box office profits, over about 3 days. And it is movies like this that give fanboys and fangirls a blast of action, nostalgia and excitement.  This article isn't much of a review; it's more of a series of positive and thoughtful observations from the movie.

1. Optimus Prime is a bad ass.... and he is an evolving robot, who seems poised to become some sort of grand samurai / robo-sensei warrior.

2.Optimus Prime was getting his Matrix on, at the end of the TF4 movie, since he blasted off into the sky, gaining the ability to fly without his jet-fire backpack and thrusters, which he used in the TF2 and TF3 movies. Plus Prime no longer needs his tractor trailer, which he usually lugs around in the cartoons and the former movies.

3. The Earth / neighboring galaxies are full of wandering transformers that come to Earth whenever they feel like it, since most of the new guys, like Crosshairs and Hound, seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.... while the Autobot Wreckers who were in the TF3 movie, were nowhere to be found. But I'm guessing that other guys like Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus [from the cartoon series] will probably make cameos in the next TF movie, which may take place partially on Cybertron...

4. The Dinobots are portrayed as.... four robotic renegades / giant rouge robots with a large bounty on their heads; since Lockdown the robo-bounty hunter [who strangely has Galvatron's original gun-morphing ability] had captured the Dinobots from an undisclosed location.

5. There were no former Decepticons shown in the movie, except for the old head of Megatron and I think Starscream [or some other villain]. So I'm guessing the Decepticons were all... scared of Lockdown and his crew of bounty hunters, so they were all hiding away around the globe.

6. Optimus Prime said: "I'll kill you all!" more times than he said: "Autobots, roll out!" LOL. And I noticed that Bumblebee still needs to get his voice modulator fixed, after more than five years.... WTF?

7. I don't think Grimlock actually said a single word in the entire TF4 movie.... but chances are, he didn't have to; since actions speak louder than words... But his origins were not truly explained in the entire movie, and he did deserve more screen time.

8. Mark Whalberg did a good job of portraying his character as a robotics genius and an overprotective father. His daughter's boyfriend, Shayne [played by Jack Reynor], who seems to be a stunt driver, was a bit of a coward. But at least Shayne came through near the end, when Optimus Prime needed help during the last battle against Lockdown. Personally, I think that as a Prime, Optimus is in a higher strength class than Lockdown, and the Primes are not that easy to kill [as Megatron always says in the cartoons]. So the battle against Lockdown should have been really one-sided, with Prime practically whooping his candy ass all over the dusty industrial site.

9. Where were the lovely female Tansformers, like Elita-One?? Are they back on Cybertron, or were they on the run somewhere on planet Earth?

10. And apparently the extinction of the ancient dinosaurs on Earth was caused by.... ancient transformer battle-cruisers and warships that came to earth, over 65 million years ago. Don't give me that look; that's what Micheal Bay thinks, so its must be true, Damn it!!

All right, check out the former blog article with over 10 posters featuring the Autobots and Decepticons from the new movie over HERE!