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WARNING: Some Spoilers Are Included.

The new Wrath of the Titans movie [a sequel to the Clash of the Titans released about 2 years ago] debuted yesterday; and it was quite an epic showcase of Special-FX and dynamic action. It stared Sam Worthington as Perseus, the Demigod son of Zeus [played by Liam Neeson] and the female lead role of Andromeda was played superbly by Rosamund Pike, a British actress. The trio of humans that were featured was rounded-off by Demigod Agenor the son of Poseidon, played by Toby Kebbell.
The story starts out rather slow paced, with Perseus living the life of a humble fisherman. But the explosive chaos soon unfolds right after he gets a warning visit from his father, Zeus [who has the ability to take over human bodies at will, even when he's somewhere else]. Perseus [Sam Worthington] is warned of a coming calamity as the people have stopped praying, thus the gods of Olympus have lost a great deal of their powers to keep the demons / monsters bound in Hades, within the prison in the core of hell known as Tartarus. But Perseus now has a young 10-year-old son named Helius, whom he wants to stay alive for and mentor - thus he wants no part in the forthcoming war.

 Less than 24 hours later, all hell brakes loose.... literally; and a Chimera beast attacks the fishing village where Perseus resides. The laconic hero is forced to spring into action and he slays the peculiar winged beast. This Chimera is one of the four mythical creatures featured in the movie and it has two heads [lioness and she-goat], and wings like a classic gryphon. Yet its tail is a venomous snake monster, and its two beastly heads can unleash a fluid that ignites like petroleum, unleashing fiery breath.

After that clash in which Helius is nearly killed, Perseus heads to a devastated mountain temple to pray. There, the god Poseidon shows up and is staggering with weakness... and he confesses that Ares [a certified bad-ass, played perfectly by Edgar Ramirez]  has joined forces with Hades, and they plan to unleash all the monsters in the Tartarus prison, especially the giant lava monster Kronos [who happens to be the father of the gods of Olympus... weird, but this is a sci fi / fantasy story, so stay with me]. And by the way, Zeus has been captured and put in chains, and his drained powers will be used to resurrect Kronos. After delivering the message, Posiedon turns to stone and literally dies.... yes folks, a god literally dies and crumbles like shattered concrete right before the eyes of the hero.

And once I saw this, I again said... WTF??? This is not the first movie in which I've seen the paradoxical demise of a divine immortal being. This sort of thing also happened in the 2012 movie  "Immortals", which starred the Man of Steel, Superman, aka Henry Cavil. Once again in the theater, I was caught up in a cycle of deliberative thoughts that are summed up in this two-part rhetorical sentence:


[Above on the left: Ares, played by Edgar Ramirez, was one of my favorite performances of the whole movie. He also wielded a mystical transformable club / hammer that was 10-times better - in terms of its functionality and application - than the one utilized by Marvel's Thor]

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


16 images of various Real Life Batmobiles, used in the movies and animated series!

This year, director Christopher Nolan concludes his Batman movie trilogy with the much anticipated release of The Dark Knight Rises, slated for release on July 18, 2012. Previously in this blog, we've spoken about Batman and his multiple love interests over the years. And today, we take a look at his sleek ride.
I'm sure you remember the classic movie Batman Forever [released in 1995, staring Val Kilmer] and the other movie Batman And Robin released in 1997, which starred George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell and Alicia Silverstsone.... on a side note, I'm not sure what Alicia has been up to since then, but in that Bad-Bat-movie, she played a British born gal who strangely spoke with a full American accent; yet the director didn't give a damn, because she was hot back then. Don't get me wrong; that movie was actually created with a host of gifted actors, who were given an awful / corny script. Thus the end product was rather.... "comical".

Anyway, I recently caught a glimpse of a new concept vehicle by the Japanese company Nissan / Infiniti, which looks a whole lot a like a Batmobile. And in this article we'll also take a look at classic Batmobiles, utilized over the years in Batman movies and TV series. Here are more pics of the vehicle shown above: [You may need to click on "Read More" to see the extra pics in this long article] 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012



You can call her powerful, heroic, hot, exotic or sexy.... just remember that she personifies beauty and strength, while upholding the greatest ideals of Justice. Meet the Amazon Warrior Nia, one of the outstanding characters from the New Advent Comics Universe. I was privileged to be selected to do some fan art for this new independent publisher, who has some new projects released this year and some slated for next year, 2013.

Drawn in the unique "Cheesecake art style", Nia is showcased here displaying her flight and energy projection powers. You can visit Advent Comics on Facebook over HERE, to find more posters of Nia and the rest of the characters in their independent universe. Those who enjoy this post can also check out some fan art posters that I did last year for Six-Deep, a dynamic urban superhero team created for another independent comic universe: HERE 

The DSNG e-mail address for commissioned posters / fan art inquires:  cdoko2007 @ gmail dot com  - remember to take out the spaces. And you can also visit "The Art of Dsng" on facebook HERE, and send me notes through that page!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Originally created back in 1934 by writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith, Red Sonja was a companion of Conan the Barbarian and Marvel Comics showcased the "she-devil with a sword" back in a comic in 1973. As a redhead with a hot temper, Sonja has always been feisty and she was designed as a pinup model, per her hourglass figure. But despite her alluring shape, she has a very violent side; and most of the Red Sonja comics are rated Mature, per their bloody and gory content.

The bikini she wears, comprised of "circular scale mail armor plates", is part of her signature. And the large broad sword she carries is certainly a lethal weapon. The cosplay pic on the left showcases Bianca Beauchamp [a popular Canadian latex model often featured in this blog] and she is dressed as a sexy female Barbarian; while the pinup poster of Red Sonja on the right was drawn by Kitsunx at DA and colored by Vest

"Savage Red Sonja" and "Queen Sonja" are amongst the monikers that she's adopted over the years. And Sonja has teamed up with a few characters during comic crossovers, including Conan, Claw, Spider-man and Wolverine [apparently she must be a damn time-traveler, but I'll leave the mechanics of that issue alone for now].
Here are a few pinup posters / drawings of the sexy Red Sonja by various artists, including Ed Benes, Marc Silvestri and J Scott Campbell. And despite Bianca's latex attire in the first pic above, I took the liberty of assuming she was shooting for a modern version of  Red Sonja, since the metallic bikinis are probably hard to find in stores.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


 Power Girl, Black Cat, The Defenders and Songes Coraline!

My art mentor has been very busy lately; Terry Dodson has been working on a series for Marvel comics titled The Defenders, which features a band of superheroes; Dr. Strange, She Hulk, Iron Fist, Silver Surfer and Namor [Marvel's version of Aquaman]. And in the latest issue [Defenders #7], The Black Cat returns. Terry Dodson hasn't drawn her since 2006, and there is a previous article that showcases his classic beautiful artwork of her over HERE.

The image on the left is form a classic Wonder Woman comic by Terry, done back in 2007. Today we'll take a look at a three-phase sequence, showing the pencils, inks and colored versions of the cover for issue #7 by Terry Dodson. We did this sort of presentation previously, in a blog article showing Spiderman Here. And this allows both art fans and fellow artist to behold a classic creative process, which is something that should be respected and imitated. Some artists today use graphic tablets as their drawing boards for creating their comic art. That modern method is optional, yet I still prefer the classic style.


As shown above, Terry has a way of creating lively montages that illustrate both beauty and action simultaneously. He also has a natural flare for drawing voluptuous females. Sometimes he makes them busty, and other times their proportions are more athletic.
Terry's style is his signature; it is distinct and unmistakable. He is a true Cheesecake Style artist, while his wife, Rachel, does the inking of his drawings. And once you're familiar with his work, you can tell him apart from Frank Cho or Chad Spilker very distinctly.

I have often wondered why he didn't emulate the Big-7; the seven artist that founded Image Comics in1992. The current Co-Publisher for DC comics, Jim Lee,  was one of the Big-7, as was writer/artist Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn... and most of those guys who dared to break out on their own to found Image Comics became millionaires less than a decade later, as fans showed a true thirst and appreciation for original characters and outstanding art.

Terry Dodson has outstanding art. And I first saw his work back in 1998 / 1999, when he was drawing a teenage team of heroes called Generation X for Marvel. Actually, Terry does have an original creation called Songes Coraline; she is a busty gentle-natured blonde with large breasts and an enticing smile. Caroline is set in a Steampunk World and she is surrounded by other intriguing characters that seem to create a tornado of chaos for her. That graphic novel is worded in French, but hopefully the English version will be released later this year. 

Check out more art by Terry Dodson over  Here!
And you should Explore the DSNG Sci Fi series over Here!

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DSNG BOOK 7 NIGHT RIDERS is a New standalone storyline that depicts a culture of speed and adrenaline addiction; it literally showcases life in the fast-lane, highlighting the often gritty side of gang life and the bond of camaraderie that bikers share. In the real world, some gangs are amicable while others can be very rambunctious as they engage in bloody turf wars. Yet as a work of fiction, I’ve taken imaginative liberties in order to create a more fascinating anecdote for the fans to read. The trails from the previous storyline in DSNG Book 6 are briskly touched upon, yet those who are new to the DSNG sci fi universe will still be able to appreciate what is transpiring at this point in the new 530-page ebook at

In this storyline, I've taken time to create layered plots. So while there is Plot A, there is also an ongoing Plot B. And eventually, they will literally collide. But you'll also get a glimpse of some sort of "powerful Illuminati group".... the Galactius Secret Society - and you'll see how their clandestine affluent members pull strings behind the scenes to manipulate economies and governments.

Prince Azzar Omenus is the focal character in this series [he is shown in this Other Article, wearing his black-ops gear]. And most of the storylines are centralized around him and his associates, who reside on planet Avera—one of the 7 major worlds in the Makuran galaxy. This DSNG Book 7 tale actually features Theo, Azzar’s younger brother. And it also showcases a four-armed female Scalatan named Shelly, who was introduced in Book 4 and Book 5 [Shelly is shown over Here].


Fans of "The Art of DSNG" at facebook recognize the wallpaper on the right - which is a modified version of the Campagna T-Rex motorcycle, a Three-wheeled ride. It was the basis for the futuristic sci fi poster on the left, which shows characters from the new DSNG Book 7. From left to right, in the wallpaper: Theo, Shelly, Gigi and Mary Jane. The T-Rex that I designed above, a Taknova Model, is transformable into a jet-mode; hence it has sleek wings and rear thrusters.

Velint, the pink-skinned witty pop-diva, is shown on the cover of the new ebook. This previous article showcased her full profile, along with her two powerful bodyguards, Gildat and Bleekat. Those familiar with this series are already aware that some of the Scalatan names end in a silent "t".

Other familiar faces in this story are Countess Davinat Carter - the female Scalatan mob boss, along with Tek-Hon, a member of the Top-5 bad guys. And you'll also see Ellystra, the powerful female Dinatour. Elly was introduced on the cover of DSNG Book 6, while she and the Countess were featured in the posters HERE. And some relatively new faces like Asumi Kojima, Jax, Mary Jane, and Gigi [who were both shown in the wallpaper above with the Campagna T-Rex] will be introduced in the new ebook.

I do a lot of reading on the side, on a variety of topics. My research on biker gangs and their unique culture inspired this new ebook, which was released a few days ago at And here is the Synopsis for the 530-page ebook:
The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the seventh installment of the DSNG series!

While Prince Azzar Omenus is absent from his home world of planet Avera, his younger brother, Theo, takes advantage of a rare opportunity to spend quality time with the Scalatan supermodel, Shelly, who is visiting the Imperial Palace for a few days. As an Imperial Knight, Asia, Theo’s girlfriend, is on duty tonight; thus she is absent as her boyfriend convenes with her best friend...

Together, Theo and Shelly travel from the palace to a boisterous nightclub. And their activities force them onto the path of a whirlwind adventure that unfolds at approximately midnight. They encounter a gang of bikers [night riders] who are known as the infamous Black Hawks; and this rowdy group is led by a tall guy named Jax and his girl, Mary Jane. Yet Theo and Shelly are completely ignorant of the true activities of this energetic 100-member gang, as they mingle with a host of other night riders at a jubilant midnight rally.

High speed races, explosive chaos, mysterious links and illegal activities all appear to create a maelstrom of volatile chaos, due to the actions of a diabolical biker named Sar, who inserts himself into the dealings at the rally; and Sar’s comlink calls initiate a bloody plot of deception, theft and blackmail. And soon the violent members of the Gorilla rebel militia are drawn into the mix, led by the orders of their greedy Chief Hitman.

Meanwhile, Asia finds herself in a desperate gridlocked situation, as she is assigned the task of transporting a regal package colloquially tagged by military logistics officers as “Pandora’s Box”, from the Lumina Sanctuary to the Imperial Palace. But an elusive man named Carl Rozenberger, a member of the clandestine Galactius Secret Society, is aware of the private itinerary of Asia’s transport; thus he strives to enlist the help of a skilled woman named Asumi Kojima – the wife of the Mr. Kojima, the head of a covert arms smuggling ring who recently fled to Taran in order to escape apprehension by Federal Agents. The Galactius Secret Society have covert rings on planet Avera and planet Taran. And their secretive members have a way of manipulating national economies and governments for their own lucrative purposes.

Yet Carl has no idea that the Gorilla rebels are already targeting properties belonging Asumi, and neither is he aware of how vicious she truly is, or how she will react when he forcefully pushes her into a tight corner... 

Download DSNG CHRONICLES Book 7 and join the dynamic sci fi adventure now! --> Book link: HERE


The Dark Knight; mysterious, highly intelligent, and a master of martial arts and investigative techniques. He's in a class all by himself. I did an article showcasing Batman and Superman previously, and its featured artwork by DSNG and Jim Lee. Although he is often viewed as the weaker member of the dynamic duo tagged as "The World's Finest", there are several things that Batman can do, which Superman definitely can't do.

1. Batman can tell when he's being lied to; he may not have x-ray vision, but he has a keen sixth sense for seeing into the soul of a criminal he's interrogating, thus detecting their dishonesty.

2. Batman can survive a kryptonite induced stab wound, even if shards of that substance are left inside his flesh. Superman CAN NOT.

3. Batman can figure out secret alien codes for reprogramming bombs designed by the great Darkseid; and he's done it before, without the aid of a supercomputer. See this past article for details.

4. Batman is a master manipulator, not a naive boyscout; so he can talk his way out of a lethal scenario, by using his crafty words to manipulate his foes, even causing them to turn on one another. He did that numerous times in the various WB animated series.

5. And lastly, Batman can KISS Powergirl and Supergirl anytime he wants to... because he's the Goddamn Batman and he's a billionaire with more game than Superman could ever dream of having!

And by the way, Powergirl is Superman's cousin, and Supergirl is a close relative of the Man of Steel as well. Therefore, Superman really has no business in locking lips with them. Hence Batman can smugly rub that last point in the face of his buddy all day long. I chose to draw Powergirl with her classic costume in the poster on the right, since the new one used in DC Comics' New 52 sucks like a vacuum.... honestly it really does.

You need to read the article that showcases about 13 of Batman's past girlfriends over HERE!
And check out some of the beautiful female aliens from the DSNG sci fi Series HERE!

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The idea of muscle cars is tied to a culture of classic vehicles having extremely powerful engines and other enhancements that produce higher amounts of Horsepower. The more "horses" you have under the hood, then the more potent the car's engine is, enabling more torque and higher speeds - since the powerful engine forces the wheels to spin faster as the two horizontal axles of the drivetrain receive the rapid rotation commands. High Acceleration is a different issue, and even with a powerful V12 engine, a vehicle can still be slow to accelerate, if it is extremely heavy.

You can put a V12 engine in an "Optimus Prime mack-truck", but because of the heavy load it tows, you're still not going to be very fast; the weight of the drivetrain and the entire frame is just too much, so the V12s engine power is lost greatly before it is translated to the wheels. But if you put a V12 in light-framed Dodge Viper..... even the Ford police cars will stop and give you a salute - since there is no need for them to try and catch you once you're in 5th gear on an open road. 

If you are a fan of Vin Diesel and you watched the 5th installment of his 2009 movie franchise, titled Fast and Furious (the movie that featured Laz Alonso as Fenix the bad guy; and the same flick in which it was assumed that Vin's girlfriend Letty [played by Michelle Rodriguez] died), then you saw a muscle car in that movie, utilized by the main actor in the final chase scene. The car in that scene was a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro, a classic speeder.
And the yellow Camaro sports coupe shown above, "Bumblebee", is one of the most recognizable modern muscle cars in the world. In previous generations, the Chevy II Nova SS [mid-1960s] and the Pontiac GTO were two horsepower competitors. And towards the end of the 20th century, the Chevy Camaro, Dodge Plymouth and Ford Mustang were prominent muscle car brands in the United States.

Today we'll take a look at some muscle cars, both classic and modern.


The last image  in the second row on the right side is a vintage sports car from the 1930s - the Mercedes Benz Count Trossi SSK, and it predates World War II.

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After arduously searching through the Web, I've found more beautiful pinup photos of Bianca Beauchamp - fans of DSNG know that she's been featured in this blog before. Bianca is a latex glamor / fetish model from Canada and over the years she's done various cosplay costumes for those members of her Website and for

Some people remember the sexy Silk Spectre character form the Watchmen movie and most people know the seductive green-skinned lady Poison Ivy. Those are two of the many characters that Bianca has dressed up as, in the past. Back in 2009, at an E3 computer & gaming convention in the West Coast, she was sponsored to dress up as a character known as Elexis Sinclaire, for a Sin Episode Miniseries - tied to a sci fi video game franchise titled "SiN", which was created first in 1998.

A lot of the modeling pics she showcases in her personal site are NSFW. But rest assured, the pinup images that I'll show here have been carefully selected and filtered [as much as humanly possible] so that your boss won't give you the boot if he sees you browsing through this site... hopefully... LOL

Now I'll showcase pics of  Bianca in latex / corset costumes, in the gallery below. BTW, some images were slightly photoshoped:




Bianca is a natural redhead, thus she may actually be another contestant for the role of a real-life Jessica Rabbit. Actress Christina Hendricks from the Mad Men Cable TV Series seems to be the lady holding the crown for that title, as we talked about back in December 2011 last year.

For more Catwoman cosplay pics featuring Bianca, Click HERE; and for her Supergirl cosplay click HERE!

Also check out pics of Coco Austin, the wife of rapper IceT, over HERE - she has an astonishing hourglass figure and was used as the model for Elena Eden, one of the main DSNG characters.