Wednesday, May 24, 2017


While browsing and doing some research for my latest project, I came across some classic stuff... it was the original costume of Marvel's Black Widow [aka Natasha Romanov], which dates back to the 1960s. I also got to see Ironman's classic costume, which looked like some sort of bulky deep-sea diver's armor that was colored bright red and yellow to scare away the sharks :)

Now on the leftward cover of "Tales of Suspense #53 featuring Ironman", I'm not sure if the Black Widow is using her mystical levitation powers, or some sort of electro-magnetism; but she appears to be tossing huge Tanks at Ironman - must be one of those hidden lethal powers that she has.

Nothing wrong with those classic designs, its just interesting to observe the changing fashion trends, shown over several decades. Truthfully, things like skinny jeans, bell-bottom pants and the like, have a habit of popping up every few decades, so that the young people rush to buy them as the latest cool fashion trends. But I have a strong feeling that Marvel is never going to launch a Black Widow comic in the future, in which they feature her with those heavy grandma-styled panties, shown on the right.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Today I'll be sharing some exclusive fan art with you guys. And it features the characters created roughly 28 years ago [back in 1989] by the Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama. I'm referring to the Dragon Ball Z creator. And these characters are the classic Super Saiyan rivals, who later became friends: Goku and Vegeta.

Back in the day, before I got to college, I did follow the DragonBall Z saga [right past the "Cell battles" and up till the end of the "Majin Boo saga"]. But I really didn't keep up with the newer DragonBall Super anime series, and I haven't watched most of the cartoon movies. I heard that the newer series was not that interesting, but that's a tale for another day.


Vegeta [on the right] has always been second to Goku [on the left], in terms of their comparative power ranking. And while Goku is a goodhearted Superman type of guy, Vegeta is the badass anti-hero, the villain who the fans loved to hate, until he turned good - but he still had a proud chip on his shoulder, since he was a Saiyan Prince back on his former planet.

Anyway, DBZ is very significant to me, because along with Star Wars, it helped to inspire me in creating my DSNG Techpunk Universe; simply because my super-soldier characters like Prince Azzar, Vince and Yatalia all exhibit diverse superhuman abilities.

Levitation is almost standard for my characters that hail from planet Avera [one of the seven major planets in my Makuran Galaxy]. But the good guys are capable of projecting diverse energy beams, along with displaying other unique gifts. And my DSNG villains have special powers as well.

Back in 2013, when I launched the ebook DSNG Book 9 over at Amazon, I created a blog article that talked about it, and that article showed off some of the Top the villains over HERE. But honestly there are over 500 characters in the DSNG universe, since I've been writing and drawing this stuff as sketches since 1999. And at this point, DSNG is up to 17 ebooks, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon...

Anyway, have a great week and remember to share the DBZ art with your buddies on Twitter / Facebook etc!