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An Entertaining Reality Show about an Intersecting married couple...

Those familiar with this blog know that I admire IceT and his wife Coco [often referred to as Ms. Coco Marie, or Nicole Austin]. I respect them as a couple. They've got a new reality show coming up in June. And I've got a preview clip of the show to share.

[The first above pic shows Coco Nicole Austin working out her butt and thighs, while the second picture shows her with her husband, Ice-T.]

Yeah, there are those who believe that reality shows are falsified presentations, designed and crafted to present surreal fantasies/absurd moments that will get you talking by the water cooler in the morning.

That is true. But as long as the show entertains, then who gives a damn if its real or fake? Most of the scenarios are planned in these shows... for instance, how can you keep your arrival a secret from your girl for her surprise birthday party, when she's already got a cameraman standing inside the house with her, waiting to catch the moment before you arrive??

One thing I've noticed about Coco is her candidness... she's real down to earth... and Ice T... well he's the OG [Original Gangster].

There's a part of their show trailer [excluded from the clip above] where they sit down and talk with the interviewer. I'll just paraphrase and let you view part of what they had to say.

Ice T: She's a no-stress woman... she brings peace to my life.
Coco: What a lot of people don't know about my husband is that he's a big cuddly teddy bear on the inside.
Ice T adds: With a gun.
Coco laughs: Yes, with a gun.

The new show premiers 06/12/2011 on the E! Cable channel.


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Chebeyah is a strong-minded female Kataran and she is one of the prominent characters in the DSNG Ebook sci fi series. Having a stern dominating personality, she was designed to simultaneously exude beauty and strength.


She's a sexy and strong female alien; notice her cocked "people's eyebrow" in the pic above. Even though she hails from Planet Planoris, she resides on Planet Avera - a futuristic world designed as a Neo-Roman society. The first article with Chebeyah and the Kataran alien race is tagged as PART 10 in the DSNG Series Overview below:

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The Wolf-Hybrids...

Planet Planoris is a massive icy world with five moons, located on the fringe of the Gamma sector. Amongst the many eldritch species that dwell there are the Katarans, the Dinatours, the Iglonoids and the Yetirons. They are all humanoid species - meaning that they walk erect and have sentient minds, like homo-sapiens - although they all look uniquely different.

[Left to right: Chebeyah, and a scenic presentation of Planet Planoris]

The Katarans are wolf-hybrids, and they are a mystical race of hunters, engineers and warriors. The careful fusion of magic and technology have led to nanotech breakthroughs that greatly simply the life of the Katarans as they dwell on a world that has winter temperatures all year round. And some of the earliest forms of advanced thrusters utilized in creating hyper crafts that could fly from planet to planet were contrived by Kataran scientists.

[Sci Fi wallpaper by Artmatica showing an Ice World, similar to the plains of planet Planoris]

The Katarans are a unique race appearing as anthromorphs. They have small snouts, four fingers and four toes, along with tails and sharp ears upon their heads. They are digitigrades; this means that they walk elegantly on their toes. And they are capable of speaking fluently to one another, articulating words with their lips. Yet the octave of their speech is fully inaudible to human ears, and that's where their mystical nature comes into play. The Katarans communicate with other foreign aliens via telepathy, projecting their words into the minds of those beings that they focus upon.

The DSNG Galaxy Map showcases the distant position of Planoris, relative to the core of the Makuran Galaxy. And this planet is one of the largest in the system, having two orbital rings created by small shattered moons that strayed too close to the roche limit of the host planet, per its strong gravitational forces.

Two of the most popular female characters from Planoris are Chebeyah Cut'tushyah and Wandah Konnrad.
Wandah is a surgeon who works at the prominent AMC - the Averan Medical Center. And she was on the cover of DSNG Chronicles book 1. Working as a part of the Averan National Ministry, Chebeyah was also featured in book 1 and she hails from a separate wolf-hybrid tribe - which gives here a different phenotypical look from the female doctor. And Chebeyah was featured on the cover of DSNG Chronicles book 2.


[Above: Wandah on the left and Chebeyah on the right. Then more of Wandah and her big butt :) ]


 [Above: Chebeyah is shown lying down, while Wandah is adorned in a sexy Steampunk costume]

Having a regal persona, Wandah is extremely voluptuous [baby got back] and its part of her heritage. Also, she happily married outside of her race. Wandah's Averan husband, Barak, is part of the Top 5: the five most potent members of the Centura, aka the Averan military. Being an alien woman with an exotic hour-glass figure, she carries herself with a lot of dignity. And strangely she is a bit of a speed-nut, as she's addicted to the sport of exospheric drag racing. Although Wandah resides in the mega city of South Philadelphia on planet Avera, her best friend, Deelah, resides back on planet Planoris. Both Wandah and Deelah are gifted in Phoenix healing techniques, yet those mystical treatments don't always work upon non-Kataran humanoids. And Wandah has a huge crush on Azzar, the main protagonist in the DSNG series.

Chebeyah has a very strong mind and she always projects an extremely disciplined persona. Beyond having the gift of beauty, she is commonly known for her boldness and incisive statements. As the Administrative Assistant of the Averan Minster of Exo R&D, she has a very distinguished post, and most of the workers in that office view her as a respected matriarch per her strong character. Little is known about Chebeyah's mysterious background, and the details of her clandestine family will be revealed over time. Chebeyah is dating Commander Vince, at the onset of book 1. But things go awry between Chebeyah and her beloved before the close of that initial storyline...

[More classic artwork featuring Wandah, Chebeyah and Casey. While Voxxy is the four-armed female Scalatan on the right side of the wallpaper / poster]

Second Article with fan art of Chebeyah is over HERE & the Second Article on the aliens from the icy world Planoris is HERE

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Finished the commission poster of Supergirl, for a die-hard fan... He's the one that requested this particular pose, which would show off her assets...

Supergirl is owned by DC comics and was created back in 1959 by Otto Binder [writer] and Al Plastino [artist]. For a chick that's over 40, she looks damn good. I posted a pic in my Facebook page that showed the preliminary work on this poster, as it was sequentially colored in Photoshop:

The reference image on the right was posted in this blog a few weeks ago:

She has a variety of costumes that have been utilized over the years, along with just as many personas, as depicted by the diverse alternate universes within the DC Comics creative arena.

I've drawn her a few times. Perhaps the most popular Supergirl poster I've done is this one Here, shown at the at the very end of the article. [its the one often utilized as an ID-pic in the  DSNG Facebook fanpage].

Searching for the Furyan...

In other sci fi News, this week Heat Vision reported that Vin Diesel has been elected by MGM studios to star and produce a movie called The Machine . Diesel will play a Pentagon-created robot, who after being scrapped per malfunctions is discovered 20 years later by a kid who takes him into his family. Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant (Night at the Museum) penned the action comedy. While the project has no director yet, the studios want to begin filming in the fall.

This one sounds a lot like The Pacifier to me; the 2005 flick in which Vin played a retired Navy seal assigned to watch over the family of a late US special projects operative, who had been kidnapped [and later killed] while working on a top-secret project for the government. Vin was practically a babysitter with muscles and gadgets in that movie, which eventually grossed about 199 million dollars world wide, based on a production budget of 56 million.

I don't particularly want him to delve back into such family friendly / comedy productions. I'd rather have him go deeper into the sci fi genre, to resurrect his Riddick character.

As a sci fi fan, if you watched The Chronicles of Riddick [TCOR] back in June 2004 when it hit theaters, you were probably impressed even though you may have left feeling a bit confused about the story line. The movie didn't do that well in theaters and it was eclipsed by a certain flick titled I, Robot, released less than a month later in July 2004 - I saw both of them, and they were two sci fi movies that I'll never forget. I was instantly impressed by the Riddick movie and I bought the unrated DVD later that year.

After watching it, I realized that the PG-13 version showcased in theaters omitted A LOT of critical scenes and details that would not only make the movie much longer, but also add substantial information to the focal plot, involving Riddick [the peculiar anti-hero who sees clearly in the dark] and the villain with strength and super-speed tagged as Lord Marshal, ruler of the necromongers.

Per the performance of TCOR in theaters, the sponsoring studio [which I believe was Universal] was reluctant to adopt the script of Riddick Part 2, which had already been written by David Twohy. But after the success of Fast Five this year, apparently Universal is looking more favorably on the Riddick series. Vin also co-produced TCOR which is rumored to have cost 105 million dollars to produce, per the special effects and elaborate props utilized for creating the detailed worlds and spacecrafts shown in that sci fi film [and unfortunately its domestic profit was just under 60 million, back in 2004]. There were two video games that were released after the movie in subsequent years, and they appear to be based on past events in the Riddick universe, such as the main protagonist's tenure in the prison world called butcher's bay.

No release date for Riddick Part 2 has been set, beyond the rumors that Vin is looking to launch that movie in the fourth quarter of this year, hot on the heels of the record setting Fast Five movie [the review I did for that dynamic film is over Here].

I hope Vin Diesel does reprise his role as Riddick soon, as die-hard fans have been waiting a long time for him to do so...

EDIT: [05/27/2011] According to the Vin Diesel Facebook fan page, Riddick Part 2 is seriously being considered!

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We've all seen the costume design for the forthcoming Wonder Woman NBC TV pilot. And there are even videos floating on the Web by amateur photographers who have stealthily captured scenes from the ongoing production set in the city of Los Angeles.

Late last year, Co-publisher of DC Comics / Pro-artist Jim Lee was the one who produced a sketch, which was utilized for the show pitch... and the pitch that was rejected by every major TV network. But eventually it was accepted by NBC.

But as can be seen from the side-by-side comparison on the left, there is a huge difference between a drafted costume idea on a comic page, and the interpretation of that idea by a live-action model.

I'll start with the drawing:
The drawn pic by Jim Lee on the left looks sleek and rather fluent. Yet I would have made the jacket black as well, while changing all of the gold items to shiny platinum trims. The half-gauntlets on her wrists are acceptable, but the rope dangling from her right hip just seems to be... pointless. Just pause and think of all the hand-to-hand combat scenes you've beheld in classic action movies, and consider how many times you've seen a rope expertly utilized for battle.
[Forget about Indiana Jones, his item was a whip].
Oh wait. its not a rope. Its a truth lasso, that instantly forces honest confessions from the lips of those that are bound by its unbreakable grip.

During the classic age of comics, that was a cool thing. But in modern times, it just doesn't have the same appeal. I think the coolest "lasso wielding" characters that I can remember just in a quick thought are Ivy from Soul Caliber and Scorpion from Mortal Combat. Yet both of their rope-like weapons have sharp serrations along the length or on the tip, which actually make them lethal snaking tools.

Now for the costume:
Frankly, it just sucks.
Adrianne Palicki [the actress playing Wonder Woman in the TV pilot] can't really be blamed in this case. The overly artificial look of the WW costume is not her fault. But the interpreted patriotic color scheme coupled with the enduring effort to preserve the iconic look of the original WW costume [from the old TV series dating back to the late 1970s] appear to have forced a meshed look, which makes it hard to take the portrayed character seriously. According to an article posted in, the forthcoming pilot's Executive Producer David E. Kelley, approved of the new Wonder Woman outfit. And I'm guessing he must be a fan of the classic TV show - which almost depicted her as an iconic World War II hero, probably designed to rival Marvel's Captain America character.

The two pics below, which I believe were released on March 30th 2010, are from the set of the forthcoming television show pilot. Its obvious that the pants were darkened and her boots were changed to match her red top:

Now consider this comparison on Batman [aka the Dark Knight] shown below, which also includes some classic comic art by Jim Lee:


I believe the costume shown in the image on the left was actually a prototype, while the one in the image with the Joker on the right was the final version. The eventual costume utilized by Christian Bale in the 2008 Dark Knight movie was actually cool. And despite the slightly rigid bulges on the suit, it was clear that the menacing persona of the caped avenger was fluently translated onto the big screen.

Perhaps it boils down to the fact that some characters are easier to interpret from one form of media to the other, per their blueprint design and timeless appeals. Personally, I have nothing against Wonder Woman. But I strongly feel that more thought ought to have gone into the costume redesign process.


EDIT: As of May 13 2011, the new Wonder Woman TV series pilot has been Cancelled by NBC.


Initial Wonder Woman article with artwork:

Superman and Supergirl poster:

Spiderman Poster:

Cool view of the DSNG sci fi blog, for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users:


Most DSNG fans are already familiar with Elena Eden. Another prominent female in the sci fi series is Yatalia. As a part of the Centura, she is a Commander in the ranks of the Alpha Senturi division. And she heads multiple black-ops missions, under the umbrella of the Centura Special Forces Command [CSFC].


Yatalia Yentoshima is shown here performing a Muay Thai high kick; the move is executed midway as the image is captured. She can actually convert this into a standing roundhouse kick if she twists her foundation, while swinging her lead foot in an arc. She was designed with really powerful legs and strong thighs. In a way, she is similar to the video game character named Chun Li [per their physiques, not their personalities], but Yatalia is probably 10-times stronger and faster, since she is a superhuman soldier.

Yatalia can defy gravity at will and project fireballs from her hands, and she can also encase her feet in blazing cocoons of bio-thermal energy, enhancing the effectiveness of her Muay Thai leg strikes. Often Yatalia sports various tattoos; but her selected body-paint is usually temporal, since her tastes change rather frequently. She isn't part of the Top 5, although she is just as fierce as those 5 elite Centura soldiers when it comes to kickin' ass; since she is a fearless female warrior with a focused mindset.

Above in the First Row: Yatalia in her sexy Neo-Gothic attire, bearing a katana blade and its sheath. in the third image, she's loading the cartridge into a VWS handgun.
And in the Second Row: she's wearing some really short shorts... and her right arm is cluttered with a host of temporal tattoos. In the last pic, she's shown wearing a variant of her sleek female Alpha Senturi armor, as she wields a Ciko handgun. Straps, buckles, latex corsets, chokers and laces are common elements interwoven into her preferred clothing style. And yes, baby got back... so most of her outfits show off her thighs and her butt.

She was featured in the short story titled DSNG TALES: UNUSUAL SUSPECT currently available at Amazon for $.0.99 [for a limited time]. And fans were given a candid look at her personality via that action/adventure tale.

Check out this video compilation of a martial artist called Tony Jaa, a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand. I respect him, because he clearly does his own stunts most of the time - due to his incredible athleticism.

Tony's strikes are a lot harder upon impact than they look. A vicious knee strike is more than twice as hard as a clenched fist, per the hardened bones in that lower joint. And when it comes to execution in Muay Thai, its all about having the perfect technique, versus being the biggest dog in the fight.


Artwork of Chun Li on the left from Super Street Fighter games, done by Omar Dogan. Her pose appears to almost be Muay Thai, although her fighting style is Kung Fu. The middle pinup of Chun Li was done by "hdy9108", another DA artist. And Cammy is shown on the right [drawn by artist Markova], showing off her big butt. She does have extremely powerful legs, which are vital assets for Muay Thai fighters.

With heavy influence from Muay Thai, some of the best knockouts in the defunct WEC and the UFC have come from hard kicks delivered by MMA fighters, who literally rattled the jaw of their opponent, thus discombobulating them completely. Mirko Cro cop, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Jon Jones, and Anthony Pettis are amongst the fighters that come to mind when I envision vicious kicks that have knocked the hell out of unfortunate opponents. And you can probably find their vids on Youtube.

Muay Thai; Art-of-8

Muay Thai is often regarded as "the art of eight limbs": two fists, two feet, two elbows, two knees. And the very word "Muay Thai" consists of eight alphabetic letters. Some with light knowledge of the art merely tag it as kick boxing, but the roots of the contact sport from Thailand run much deeper than that. The Siamese people [ancient inhabitants of the land of Thailand, dating back to about 250 BC] appear to have been the originators of the combat artfrom, which they probably presented as a fusion of physical and spiritual techniques. The physical involved the strikes, and the spiritual involved their inner focus as ardent Buddhists. Even beyond fighting, there are breathing techniques that the teachers instructed their students upon, in order to help them fully oxygenate their muscles.

Some historians believe that Muay Thai was just a sport that the ancient kings in the land south of China initiated as their main form of entertainment, almost like a singular Olympic games. Other believe that it was a carefully harnessed series of techniques solely created for combat in wars, intended for use when a Siamese soldier lost hold of his blade weapon, or ran out of arrows.

Various Siam rulers dating back to the 1500s appeared to have been strong advocates for the practice of Muay Thai techniques. Look up King Narusean [1555 -1605]; and also some guy colloquially called "The Tiger King" aka King Prachao Sua [1697 - 1709].
Most of the kids/young adults in the West are aware of Muay Thai and its basis as a sport from Thailand, because of an old arcade video game called Street Fighter II. And the character named Sagat was practically an ambassador for that particular type of martial art.

You probably should not count on Wikipedia to uncover a detailed history of Muay Thai - they give you more of a history of the rulers in the land south of China. Try this Web site instead:

Also check out this vid that shows competitive Muay Thai in the 21st century, featuring a guy named Cyrus Washington. He literally knocks out the teeth of his opponent, right before the end of round 1:

More sexy art and articles on Yatalia, from the DSNG sci fi series: HERE

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A Summary of Operation Raven Wings-3:

The fourth volume of the dynamic sci fi series was released last week. And this blog article is designed to give DSNG fans a bit of insight into what it's all about, along with showcasing some character bios.
Per its format, the DSNG Series is continuous, and it can be stretched on indefinitely. Thus when Book 1 ends / gets to its finish-line, Book 2 receives the baton and just keeps sprinting with the vision. Each downloadable ebook is between 350 - 500 pages and have a few inked pics at the end. And eventually they'll be hardback as well, for those who are avid novel collectors.


The key issue about the series is that each book is a stand-alone story.
And Book 4 is one of those volumes that you can read, even though you may be new to the entire concept.

DSNG Chronicles Book 4: Operation Raven Wings-3 is a story of espionage and covert activities, as the heroes attempt to infiltrate a weapons smuggling syndicate in the mega state of South Philadelphia. When the story unfolds, the undercover work and intel gathering has already progressed steadily for about a month. And now things are starting to heat up. As part of a black-ops team, there are four elite operatives hard at work in the field, and they are led by the female Alpha Senturi soldier named Commander Yatalia Yentoshima.

Yatalia is the Averan lady shown above on the cover of the ebook, and the main article on her was posted here:

The thing that most fans notice about the DSNG series is the fact that the scope of each storyline is very broad. There are several plights unfolding simultaneously, which give rise to an A-story and a B-story. Sometimes those disparate threads become intertwined, while in other books they remain separate, thriving as independent winding streams. And often those streams become rivers, which ultimate get terminated at abrupt thunderous waterfalls - intense action.

In this book, there is also a budding love story between an Alpha Senturi soldier and a lady who is oblivious to his lethal occupation. The guy is named Captain Payne Hall [one of the four elite operatives working for Yatalia's black-ops team] and the girl is called Catalina Whitehart. Catalina is a blonde female animan; she's part of an alien race that I haven't presented yet within the DSNG Overview blog posts. They are similar to the Katarans [the wolf-hybrid race], yet they have distinctions in their phenotype and hail from another planet. Catalina is a tall curvy woman, she stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall [excluding the height from her lioness ears], and she's an inch taller than Payne.
As the two characters interact, things gradually get complicated...


BTW, this sci fi series is rated M for Mature, per the violence and romance that is embedded within each tale.

Here is the pitch for Book 4, as presented at Amazon:


The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the fourth installment of the DSNG series!

While the golden assassin Kinera Foxx faces a precarious predicament upon one of the moons of Taran, a clandestine operation is going on within planet Avera, which involves a black-ops group from a branch of the Averan military called the Centura Special Forces Command, usually abbreviated as the CSFC.

Consisting of four major operatives, this black-ops group is headed by Commander Yatalia Yentoshima, who is a close friend of Prince Azzar Omenus [the main protagonist]. Like the Prince, Yatalia is a gifted Alpha Senturi soldier, who takes her job very seriously. Tactical strikes, undercover infiltrations and espionage missions are amongst the duties of the soldiers tied to her black-ops group. And this elite group often accomplishes its goals with questionable methods.

Often viewed as impetuous rogues with handguns, Yatalia’s group adamantly hides valuable intel from other branches of the military, boycotting them in order to ensure that their mission objectives are not compromised by mismanaged information and unchecked armed interventions. And sometimes they clash during field operations with other soldiers who are outside of their black-ops group. But they do what they must, in order to get the job done.

As the plight unfolds, two of Yatalia's undercover field operatives are on the brink of busting a weapons smuggling syndicate, which has been secretly thriving in the mega state of South Philadelphia. One of the operatives is charged with being the angel of death—his role is to initiate violence against the antagonists. And the other agent is tasked with the responsibility of earning the trust of the arms dealers, in order to expose their network and destroy them from within, like a lethal virus.

But before the mission has a chance to mature, something goes wrong, as an undercover agent is shockingly killed by the arms dealers. And now Yatalia and the members of her black-ops team have to scramble to gain control of the scenario before more innocent people are annihilated…

Meanwhile, King Titron Omenus [the cousin of Prince Azzar] is still hosting Lady Neena Nekasha, the matriarch of the Nauticon race. And as both of them embark upon a jungle tour to observe the natural habitat of the wildlife within the mega state of Dalterland, an ancient monstrosity is resurrected from its stoic grave. And this fierce gigantic monster threatens to annihilate the monarch, thus crippling the executive branch of the entire unified nation of Avera…  

Link to DSNG Chronicles Book 4 --> RIGHT HERE

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More on Cheesecake art...

The main blog article, which discusses the history of Cheesecake art / pinup art dating back to the 19th century, was posted over Here. Several classic actresses and sexy icons were listed in that blog post. Today, I'm continuing down that vein, utilizing a contemporary model for the analysis: Nicole Austin.

Most people know her as Coco, the wife of rapper IceT. Per her resume of accomplishments, she is an actress, dancer and a glamor model. According to her bio, Coco Austin stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and her dress measurements are 39DD-23-40. She did get a boob job, per her own confession. But her hips have always been naturally curvy. Some fans think that she is partly Brazilian per her sensual shape; but that is in correct. Coco was born in California, although she's of Yugoslavian descent. And her true hair color is actually brunette, not blonde.

In her home, she has a walk-in closet, which has a stacked section full of stiletto-heeled pumps and sandals [probably intended to boost her height].

Some fans claim that Nicole "Coco Marie" Austin is a pure "Whooty" - a white girl with a big booty, or a classic PAWG. That's a rather accurate description of her alluring phenotype. In my opinion, she's actually a perfect fit for utilizing as a model when drafting Cheesecake-styled artwork, per her hourglass figure. When a female is short in terms of stature, and she has ample curves, then her figure commonly looks rather pronounced - and that voluptuous shape is a good blueprint for pinup and glamor art.

Of course the style of the artist in question always comes into play when such pieces are commissioned. But you can always expect a finished work that will be appealing to the eyes, and rather lascivious to the mind.




...Told you she was short... That's Coco with Katt Williams [aka "it's pimpin pimpin" / "a pimp named Slickback"] and Lamar Odom, of the LA Lakers.

One of the most popular female characters from the DSNG sci fi series is Elena Eden [the first blog article featuring her is over Here]. And Elena is rather like Coco, in terms of her physique. Having golden skin like most of the beings from planet Avera, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, and her alluring dress measurements are 40F-26-44. Yeah, she was given a small waist on purpose.


BTW, curves don't make a woman... they just make men stare at a woman. Anyone without a respectable character isn't worth your time, or mine - just some food for thought, while you drool over the Cheesecake art...

Having a bubbly ecstatic personality, Elena was partially designed as eye-candy; the sort of chick that makes guys [and some girls] select a specific comic book out of a multi-level shelf hosting hundreds of them. You can see the inspiration for Elena's pose and her "snake skin patterned cocktail dress" from among the pics of Coco shown above.

Elena has golden skin, like most of the beings from planet Avera. And she has gray hair, because she's not a teenager, or a lady in her mid-30s. Averans don't age like humans - their life expectancy is about 300 years. Thus an Averan man can be 100 years old, and he'd still be in his prime.

So how old is Elena? .... I dunno, she won't tell...


[Above: pic of Elena with a transformable hoverbike made by Korozima Inc, one of the popular corporations in the DSNG series]

** NEW UPDATES BEGIN HERE! [06/16/2011]: **

Here are some new pics of Elena Eden and also pinups / posters of Coco [Nicole Austin]. Some of the Coco pics are tied to her magazine covers & Web site.




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