Monday, February 18, 2013


Today I'll present one of the most enigmatic female characters in the DSNG Sci Fi Megaverse: Ms. Zevah Sparks! Zevah was introduced in the new ebook DSNG Chronicles Book 9 [shown in this previous article] and she is a member of the Top 5 villains in the sci fi series. She's the only female member of that elite group of Gorilla operatives; and there's a reason why she adamantly stands with the big boys.

Zevah is an incandescent being; and that means she burns and glows white hot [she is over 10-times more potent that Marvel's Human Torch aka Johnny Storm]. And her powers are linked to her innate biothermal potential. Most of the heroic DSNG characters like Prince Azzar Omenus have their own unique biotermal abilities, so that they can project fireballs, or generate fiery orbs around their arms or feet. But Zevah's powers are virtually on another level. She's basically a walking human flame that can explode with dynamic fury. Having long white hair and a striking hourglass figure, she has light-blue skin like a sexy female Nauticon [an alien woman from the aquatic planet Macur]; yet Zevah is actually an Averan by birth. Her skin discoloration was due to her powers. Of course she was treated like a freak by her peers throughout high school [back then she had long, straight, black hair and she dressed like a Goth chick, even though she was quiet, shy and kind]. And as a young lady, she worked with a traveling circus for many years. The owner of that circus was a blue-skinned Entradan man named Vincenzo Di Carlo [and he was introduced back in DSNG Book 8].

The name "Zevah" means "Splendor"; and most of the men that gaze at her are usually enamored by her beauty and consumed with desire for her voluptuous body. And from the wallpapers above, it's evident that she knows how to dress in order to show off her boobs, hips, thighs and the rest of her alluring curves. But despite her good looks, Zevah is a notorious killer, a Merc with blazing abilities, who is known for often delivering lethal kisses - thus she'd transfer her scorching powers through her mouth and burn the throat and lungs of her naive male victim, causing his instant death. Along with generating blazing fireballs that she projects in a machine-gun style, she can fly and can also generate energy shields, or engulf her entire form in a blazing cocoon of searing heat. Zevah is actually a Fiery Super-Woman with a short temper... sometimes she's seductive and other times, she's completely ruthless. But she also has a heart, which her teammates sense. That feature makes her a bit of a matriarch for their group and the other elite Gorilla operatives respect her and her opinion.

As I said initially, she is enigmatic and quite mysterious; Zevah does not really enjoy talking about her past. And after she left the traveling circus, she had a lot of "dark years". There's so much more to her character than I can write here. A lot of things happened in her dark years that affected her sharp personality change, including various relationships that hurt her. All of the characters in the DSNG saga have unique backgrounds and personalities, which I present in the books because that medium gives me more space / freedom to showcase their candid stories in a broad creative way.

Zevah is quite a mystery to her peers, since they don't know what her real last name is. She's the one who tagged herself as "Ms. Sparks the Living Flame" years ago, when she was a young circus entertainer. But today, she's known as "Ms. Sparks the Killer"; since she takes up gritty jobs to terminate high-priority targets. And she gets paid damn well to do it!

Make sure you check out DSNG Chronicles Book 9 to see Zevah in action! And stay tuned for more character bios!
Link to the new ebook DSNG Book 9 over at Amazon: HERE!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


DSNG Chronicles Book 9 has been launched at! Guess the new ebook coincided with Valentines Day this year.... lucky coincidence, since the new tale features a ton of romance. I've said this before: DSNG is a sci fi saga, and it features a mature tale that incorporates elements action, drama, comedy & romance.... but true fans also know that the books are rated M for Mature.. If you remember the Matrix movies featuring Keanu Reaves, then you'll understand that they were Rated R, for one main reason: They were Action Packed!! :) Hence the rating for my ebooks is similar.

A long time ago I did an article about the Top 5 Good Guys. And while continuing the previous adventure, this Book 9 also features the Top 5 Bad Guys - the main super villains. On the cover from left to right: Zevah Sparks [a fiery lady], Ska-Rusk [the Yetiron brute warrior in the background], Lho-Khi [the blue marksman] and Tek-Hon [the four-armed ninja guy and the leader of the pack].

Zevah is an Averan Super-Woman, with a peculiar skin coloration linked to her incandescent abilities.
Ska-Rusk is an intelligent Yetiron with brute strength [I spoke about his alien race HERE]
Lho-Khi is an Entradan [I introduced his race HERE]
And their leader Tek-Hon is a Scalatan [More on his four-armed race is over HERE]

Yeah, I said the Top 5; and that means that one extra villain is not shown on the cover. His name is Morbeous and he is a Liger Animan, from planet Erion. I'll present him later. The leader of the bad guys, Tek-Hon, is actually Prince Azzar's half-brother. And Azzar is the main protagonist in the DSNG Sci fi series [he's been on the cover of several ebooks; and more pics of Azzar are over HERE].

The DSNG Techpunk tales are often difficult for me to describe, because there's just so much going on in each book. The story evolves with each new sci fi tale; and since the characters all have a peculiar human-like appeal [per their scripted emotions and presented dilemmas], the saga ends up being extremely REAL and ADDICTIVE. I recall several months ago when a new fan purchased one of my most popular books, DSNG Book 4. But the next day he also went back and purchased DSNG Book 3, because he was blown away by the action, and he felt like he'd missed something that he would like to see.

All of the DSNG books can stand alone, but they usually have a great deal of continuity. Hence the mystery at the end of one book can be solved at the onset of the next book, before the new adventure evolves before the eyes of the reader and picks up speed. Plus each new book introduces new characters, while the main cast of good guys keep showing up. 

Anyway, here is the Synopsis for the new ebook, as presented in the description at Amazon:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the ninth installment of the DSNG series! Upon the colonized moon Yantos, the Zarchon Mystic Lord Ja’Kar and his two brethren, Lord G’Tragu and Lord Din’Vaku, find themselves confronting a particular female alien prisoner that hails from planet Scalata. Her name is Yatzat and she's been in league with the notorious Gorilla Rebel Militia for quite some time. Since the Gorillas are an organized band of IP-terrorists—and they’ve been causing immense bloodshed and destruction across the stars, as they follow the dictated strategies of their mysterious Overlord—thus capturing and questioning their agents is an issue of paramount importance, even to the arrogant Zarchons. Hence following a series of peculiar events, the three Zarchon Mystic Lords gather in a conference room set up as a strict judging tribunal, with the intention of adamantly interrogating the terrified female prisoner, while demanding answers from her… answers that will reveal the location of the stolen Pythorion F-66 hyper jet that belongs to Ja’Kar. And now, it seems like Yatzat is finally set to be punished for vile crimes that she was forced to commit over the past 3 weeks.

Elsewhere, the members of the evil triad known as the Northern Clique have now embarked upon a dark Inter-Planetary crusade, as they seek out the enigmatic treasure known as the Hand of Fazune, an ancient mystical item rumored to be linked to the mighty Paragons of old; a sentient race that has long since vanished from the inhabited worlds of the Makuran galaxy. Led by the four-armed Scalatan named Tek-Hon—the notorious warrior feared as a ruthless killer of killers—the Northern Clique briefly find themselves taking care of some business upon the distant moon of Atlantis, which swims around the icy planet Planoris. And from there they soon commence a long journey that leads them to the heart of the Beta Sector, where the green worlds of Avera and Taran are located. And the three members of the Northern Clique are faced with investigating disparate venues, as they follow a psychic prophesy… which could possibly be a crafty lie. However, Ska-Rusk the intelligent Yetiron brute and Lho-Khi the blue marksman have fully put their faith in their leader, Tek-Hon, and his belief in the dark prophesy. Thus the group of elite villains proceed to recruit some extra mercenaries to help them in their desperate treasure hunt, including the fiery blue female known as Zevah Sparks. But as the chosen devious mercenaries join the Northern Clique, trust seems to be a rare trait… and huge egos begin to cause unforeseen complications. And as various hunting strategies are formulated, the group of villains are soon caught up in a whirlwind adventure that draws them to various locations, where incredible surprises await them!

Meanwhile the Prince of Avera, Azzar Omenus, finds himself set to have a wonderful evening of passionate bliss with his girlfriend Chebeyah. Nothing will be forbidden, as their torrid emotions take center stage. But as the night unfolds, strange things start to happen. And it seems like their relationship will be forever transformed, since it will either blossom with new life, or completely explode into a million shattered pieces…

- Part 9 of 9 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 640 pages

Here's the Link to the new ebook at Amazon: HERE!

More to come soon, so stay tuned!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I've gathered a few more sci fi wallpapers and posters from around the Web. At first glance, several franchises come to mind when you look at these images. On the right, the first image is from the new Crysis 3 video game, showing the stealth soldier / nanosuit operative with his compound bow, as a wallpaper. There is one pic that looks like a futuristic Assassin's Creed character, and the next one resembles Kerrigan the female sniper / ghost operative from StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm. The next image looks like a futuristic sniper perched in the rear of a dropship, while the last image shows a collection of 3D drafted soldiers [probably done with Zbrush or Maya software] from the forthcoming game Dust 514, a tie-in to the EVE online game. Enjoy!


BTW, DSNG Chronicles Book 9 [over 600 pages] will be launched this week at, hopefully before Friday 15th of February! STAY TUNED!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


All right, now that Superbowl 47 is over, I'll post a few more articles! LOL
This is Kathy Ferreiro, a Cuban mami who resides in Florida. She's about 22 years old. I've been seeing her pics online without knowing her name. I recently found out about her from a broad Web search. Apparently she seems to be an aspiring urban model / aspiring young actress.... not sure if she's graduated from college yet, and I can't tell if she's been in any major music videos or magazines, like Smooth Girl, Mixed Mag, King, XXL Blackmen's magazine etc [as most urban models get their big break that way]. 
Anyway, Kathy Ferreiro is also called The Bentley.... and that tag refers to her booty. Trust me folks, I did not make that one up; that's the nickname she got on the internet, for being a classy looking Pawg with a big ass... so if you run a Google search for "Kathy Bentley", you'll see her face! LOL! 
I liked her Catwoman Cosplay pic in the first row below; it's both sexy and unique [BTW, there are more Catwoman cosplay pics featuring Yaya Han, Bianca Beauchamp and other lovely ladies archived in this blog, over Here]. 


Some of the pics in my blog get "photoshoped" before I post them... but with Kathy Ferreiro, I didn't have to do that; she naturally has an hourglass figure and curvy hips. Of course looks are never a sure sign of maturity or good character. Yet this DSNG blog is dedicated to pin ups, glamor models, sci fi, anime, concept cars and other things that interest a predominantly male audience.

All right buddy, let's keep talking, as I can practically read the questions on your mind.... so I'll answer them.

Q: Does Kathy Bentley have a boyfriend?
A: I dunno
Q: Is she a Vegas gogo dancer / Booty shakin' stripper?
A: Dude, I dunno. And technically, she's a Whooty
Q: Then what the hell do you know, Mr. DSNG?!
A: I know as much as you know. I'm not some internet stalker that goes around hunting for personal info on complete strangers. Plus, if you're on Twitter [I'm not], then you can look her up and send her a twit-note.
Anyway, when all is said and done, I will say that Kathy Bentley and her booty both look good [both of them are shown below]. I may start using her as a drawing reference sample, the same way I use Coco Austin, when I'm drawing my DSNG character named Elena Eden. But I wouldn't give her a 10 out of 10... I'd give her an 11.