Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I revamped an old swimsuit pin up piece that I did featuring Shaak Ti from Star Wars and I'm posting it today. Currently I don't know if she survived Order 66, to be featured in the new movies. And I'm not sure if Ashoka Tano survived either [even though Ashoka is shown in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon].
Frankly I think Disney and the new directors of the franchise changed waaaay too much stuff, as they transitioned into a Post-George-Lucas Era. It was like they disrespected all the fans that bought all the books / comics / merchandise [bringing billions of dollars in profit], which featuring the original characters shown over the years.... and now a major chunk of all the old Star Wars lore has been discarded. Anyway, that's another discussion for another day. Just enjoy the fan art and share it! 


Monday, February 15, 2016


So this is my first blog post of the year?.... Why yes it is, buddy! But I've been Facebookin, Instagramin, Tweetin, Tumblin, twistin etc on other social media sites, so you should have seen my art / brief posts somewhere else. I've got a Valentine's day artwork to share, plus a few others. And this pic features Superman X Wonder Woman. Go ahead and "ship them out to space" if you want :D
Clearly she's backing it up... or maybe she is twerking... either way, Clark's enjoying dat ass.

Anyway,  I heard that DC Comics plans to do a complete relaunch of all their main comic titles again this year, perhaps due to the new Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice movie. So its no longer the New52, its going to be the NewER 52.... Come on now, WTF? So they just keep hitting the reset button for the sake of boosting sales when their titles get too boring & stagnant? Honestly all the books they put out can be roughly categorized like this:

Excellent [Great art & great story] = 85- 100% Overall Quality A
Good [Good art & good story]     =  65 - 80% Overall Quality B
Mediocre [OK art & OK story]    = 40 - 65%  Overall Quality C
Bad [bad art & bad story]             = 0 - 40%   Overall Quality F

Its a scale that you can use for any good comic book from any company. The thing is, the publishers at DC Comics [and Marvel] are so engrossed in having huge circulation numbers [so that they can attract more advertisers to post Ads in their comic pages], that they really don't care about ensuring that the quality is always high on every single book. Its the Quantity over Quality issue. And when you can tell an advertiser selling Skittles, DVDs, Shoes or Candy, that your circulation is 20 million comics around America each month, then you can see that the advertisers will be willing to pay the publisher to have their stuff shown and printed inside the comic. 

Many years ago, I checked and found out that Marvel was charging roughly $52,000 per year, to companies that want to advertise inside their books [that info was inside a media package I saw, while I was working on starting a clothing line, over a decade ago. And I was thinking of advertising inside the Marvel comic books. But inside those comics, premium spots actually cost you more, like the spot on the inside of the front cover].
Point is, the big comic publishers love to put out lots of content, whether its "Excellent" or even "Bad".
Yet fans are not stupid... and one day the big wigs at DC Comics will try to relaunch their entire comic book line up.... and the overall mediocre sales numbers will stay the same, when the fans show that they really don't give a damn about buying NewER poor quality stuff, regardless of how many reboots take place.    

Oh its true, its damn true! :)

Anyway, here's some more art done over the Christmas 2015 break, which you may have seen at Facebook or Tumblr [but it was never uploaded to my blog]. First we have one of my popular characters, Elena, and Batman; clearly he want to hit that...
Plus we also have Elly [Ellystra], who is another character from my DSNG Sci Fi Series. Elly is a sexy female Dinatour and there are more pics of her in this blog [you just have to search for her name at the top of the page, or just google "Elly DSNG"].