Tuesday, February 18, 2014


There are 7 major planets  in the Makuran Galaxy: Erion, Avera, Taran, Macur, Scalata, Planoris and Entrados. And each world has its own unique climate, topographic variances and unique alien races. I've done articles in the past that feature glimpses into the indigenous peoples and cultures of Planoris, Scalata and Entrados.

[Left side: Sexy wallpaper of Geriva Grennt, from planet Entrados. She is a gunsmith and she's currently dating Neil Avorus, an apprentice of Prince Azzar]

Anyway, Planet Avera is the focal world in the DSNG sci fi series. And today I'll present a World Map of Avera that I drew a long time ago, which I utilize when writing the sci fi ebooks.

Planet Avera is tagged as an ultramodern / Neo-Roman society, having a monarchy over the politicians and the unified military. And Avera has 6 Continents, which are tagged as Mega States. And the 6 Mega States are: New Romania,  New Davenport, South Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, Lavernia and Dalterland.

There are various independent warlords that reside in all of these continents, and those Lords of the Land are independent of the main monarchy, which resides in the Imperial Palace. And the Imperial Palace, which hosts Prince Azzar, King Titron and others, is located in New Romania - the Capital Mega State of planet Avera.

In the World Map of Avera, the white-painted regions represent frigid areas, while the light-brown patches are desert regions. The gray regions are mountainous, and green is fertile low land. The major seas are also shown in the map, such as the Merisanic Sea.
On the map, there are various regions tagged as x-1, x-2, x-3, etc. And those are islands, which are located close to certain continents. If you read DSNG Book 11, in Chapter 79, "The Bronzeville Islands" are mentioned. And that corresponds to the location of x-3, on the Averan World Map.

The 6 Mega States all have various Districts [you could almost view them as massive cities], as listed below. And if you're familiar with the ebooks, some of these listed locations will ring a bell within your mind.
Note: the Capital District / the most prominent city of each Mega State is listed first, in bold font.

1. The Districts of New Romania:
Armania, Austria, Lyberia, Virginia, Kardenia

2. The Districts of New Davenport:
Rochester, Midsterport, Rockenburg, Cadenport, Concordia

3. The Districts of South Philadelphia:
Luxemburg, Southbank, Cleveland, Sarmali, Bronzeville 

4. The Districts of North Philadelphia:
Haydenburg, Europa, Poland, Gamerville, Burkehaven

5. The Districts of Lavernia:
Silvernia, Cartersville, Artica, Kamfort

6. The Districts of Dalterland:
Caldernia, Mahajah, Dalzeria, Tanzara

Organization and structure is key when creating a saga, so it's ensential that I have details like this archived on my computer. I've even got smaller maps of each District region - but I'm not showcasing those smaller maps today, since I'm still tweaking them, to create the precise bays and cliffs that are listed in the story.

The Makuran Galaxy Map was created and showcased a long time ago [over 2 years ago] and I usually give a link to it within the DSNG sci fi ebooks. Those new to this series should check it out over HERE.

And the facebook fans were the first to hear the new announcement about DSNG Book 12, which will be released at the end of April 2014!! So stay tuned for more art and articles from DSNG!!

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