Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today we'll focus on The Baroness. She's one of the most unforgettable characters from the G.I.Joe toys / cartoon / movie franchise. And fanboys can't seem to get enough of her on the internet, or at the comic conventions. It might be because of her geeky glasses coupled with her seductive charm; or perhaps its her metallic bra that gives her that extra mojo-boosting "jono-say-qua", or whatever the hell the French call it. Anyway, since the 2014 San Diego Comic Con is coming up this week, I figured that I'd do this article featuring cosplay of the Baroness.
I've been super busy, so I haven't drawn anything to add to the mix. But I'm sure that you'll enjoy all these pinups and pics done by other cool artists... BTW, Thanks to Tremel for sending me the link to the Jenny Poussin Cosplay, which inspired this article!


Thanks to Michael Lopez, Turtlechan, BoOom, Dominic Marco and others for their art!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Today we'll be analyzing some fan art. The Lizardians are one of the intriguing alien races hailing from planet Entrados. The original blog article on that green world is located over HERE. And a Galactic Map showing the 7 major planets of the Makuran Galaxy, including Entrados, is over HERE.

I started drawing the earliest DSNG sketches back in 1999, while the first DSNG comic was published in 2003.  And back then, DSNG was tagged as "The Destiny Series" and I got the copyrights for it. Anyway, the name changed with time; and by 2006 / 2007, DSNG was the new flagship title for my stuff - which is an acronym for "Destiny Series the Neo-Genesis".

[On the right, we have Prof. Rebba Gerradez. And on the left, we have Demy and Bianca. They're all lovely Lizardians]

And as expected, the concept designs for the Lizardians have gone through a lot of evolutions over the years. So I'll be showing you some classic art and new sketches below, as I further explain the Lizardian race and their distant cousins...

Over on planet Entrados [The Steampunk World], there are a couple of alien races coexisting in harmony. Amongst them are the popular human-like Entradans, who have elf ears and four digits on their hands and feet. One of the prominent Enrtadans is Lady Azda, the buff mother of King Titron.
The human-like Entradans have a variety of skin tones, ranging from blue and red to orange and brown. Plus some Entradans have facial lines, almost like tribal markings on their faces; while others have facial diamonds located in the center of their foreheads. They are a rather mystical race, so some of their beings are hereditary magicians with a variety of powers. There are also some Entradans that can display Biothermal potential - hence they can unleash fireballs from their epidermal layers, while they can also defy gravity like Prince Azzar and the gifted Centura soldiers.

The Lizardians are a peculiar offshoot of the Entradan indigenous people, since they are related to the Newterons, who also have tails and slightly protruding faces. The Newterons are an aquatic race, who reside on planet Macur, and they can survive on the land and in the sea. But on the other hand, the Lizardians aren't really deep-sea swimmers, since they can't breathe underwater. The Newterons and Lizardians both have male and female species, although most of the concept art I'm showing is for their females.

While they both commonly have skin tones that are shades of blue, some of the key distinguishing features between the Lizardians and the Newterons is their tails and their faces. As shown in the nearby sketch,  the Newterons have a flare at the end of their tails, almost like an extra fin; plus they have "V-shaped" indents upon their noses. On the other hand, the Lizardians have "M-shaped" indents on their noses and they have no tail fin.

[Above on the right, we have a black & white pic of Lakinta and Sherza, cheesecake art style. They are female Newteron soldiers; and that's an old concept sketch from 2009 or so; they've both evolved since then, so their faces look more human]

The aquatic Newterons have some V-shaped gill-like slits placed on their biceps and thighs, which help them to breath beneath the waves. The mixed-race Newterons share planet Macur [The Water World] with the all-male Zarchons and the all-female Nauticons. And the current Ruler / Patriarch of the Newteron race is a huge fierce warrior named Lord Kilvrakk, aka the Phantom of Death.

Some of the popular Lizardians that you've heard of are Rebba and Demy. Rebba was featured in DSNG Book 10, and she was in that adventure with Sargon [one of Azzar's mentees]. And during a peculiar conversation between Neil and Geriva, Demy was mentioned in Book 10. And Demy was also in Book 13, since she is the chick that Lho-Khi was being set up on a blind-date with.

[Mr. Gan-Grid is shown on the right!]

And Gan-Grid, a powerful Lizardian male gifted with super-strength, is the current head of the Barracudas; and they are a mobster group from Entrados, who employ a variety of Entradan henchmen. Demy is his lieutenant and she also serves as his dropship pilot. Gan-Grid was shown in Book 10.

In DSNG Book 12 and Book 13, Trizza the Pirate is featured. And she is a voluptuous Lizardian, although her bloodline is mixed with Newteron genes per her grandfather.

Nan-Cee, a classy Newteron lady, was first introduced as far back as DSNG Book 1. You probably didn't notice her at one of the parties presented in that early book. But Nan-Cee is a tall affluent lady, who heads a company called Hercules Manufacturing Inc., which builds MECHs and dropships, over on Taran.

Bianca was shown above in the sketch with Demy; and Bianca is a former member of the Barracudas. She is a sexy female Lizardian with a light-blue skin tone and long hair. She has incredible speed and agility, and she is a ruthless villain from Azzar's past. Bianca used to work for a tall Lizardian guy named Mr. Menson Morati; and Mr. Morati preceded Gan-Grid as the leader of the Barracudas. 

There are other Lizardians and Newterons that will show up in the future DSNG ebooks, so stay tuned for more!

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