Monday, December 17, 2012


Those familiar with the DSNG sci fi series know who Dr. Wandah Konnrad is; she is a Kataran, a highly intelligent female wolf-hybrid from planet Planoris, the icy world. She hails from an aristocratic pedigree and her parents groomed her to walk and talk like royalty, right from her childhood. As mystic beings, most Katarans speak telepathically, since their words are uttered in octaves that are not audible to human ears. Thus two Katarans can chat pleasantly, articulating words with their lips - but a human standing right there with them would never hear what they were saying.

Wandah works over on planet Avera, where she is married to Barak Konnrad, one of the Top 5 Centura elite soldiers. She is one of the top medical doctors on that planet; and her place of work, the Averan Medical Center, was attacked by the golden assassin Kinera Foxx, back in DSNG Chronicles Book 1 [BTW, the latest ebook in the series, DSNG Book 8, was launched last month, over on].


After some deliberation, I decided to tweak the original design of Wandah.... and the BIG CHANGE that I made is... I gave her hair. There are other beautiful Katarans like Chebeyah who hail from different wolf-hybrid tribes in the DSNG sci fi series, and those beings have hair.

Wandah now almost has an Egyptian look to her face. But she's always been thick and sexy; and she still has the big booty that I gave her right from the start - it was done on purpose, since I knew that the fanboys would stop and stare, while longing that Wandah was a real cartoon character with a sultry voice, perhaps like the legendary Jessica Rabbit.... Anyway, her new hairstyle will be reflected in the storyline of the latter ebooks, since I strive to balance everything that happens in the sci fi saga along with the accompanying artwork.

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Friday, December 7, 2012


Gears of War: Judgment [or GOW4] will be released from the game developers Epic Games and People Can Fly, next year in February / March [so far it is slated for March 19, 2013]. That Third-Person-Shooter sci fi war game is set to be a prequel to Gears of War 1, 2 and 3. And gamers who pre-order the game are set to get a variety of "four younger skins", featuring three familiar characters from the popular Gears Franchise: Young Dom, Young Marcus, and a Young Anya, and also one feisty female comic character, a redhead named Alex Brand.

In the forthcoming prequel game, [Gears of War: Judgement] the four main playable characters are Damon Baird, Sofia Hendrik, Augustus "Cole train" Cole and Garron Paduk. They are all brave soldiers of the COG, which stands for "Coalition of Ordered Governments", a unified military on Planet Sera where the GOW franchise is based. Whenever I see her name in the game, the redhead character Sofia Hendrik almost reminds me of the voluptuous actress Christina Hendricks - a lovely redhead lady that has been featured in this blog Several Times....

Anyway, avid action gamers familiar with the dynamic Gears franchise can expect lots of gory gut-shredding in this one, as it still seems to focus on the same brand of alien enemies known as the Locust Horde, who invade the COG home planet at an earlier time. Not sure if the former female protagonist, Myrrah, will be there, or even the other tough guy General Raam.
Perhaps the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards [the VGAs] will have more clips of the new game; and that live show should be broadcasted later today, the 7th of December 2012 [and it will probably air several times after that, for the rest of the year].

Here are several wallpapers and screenshots, including Zbrush 3D models of the sci fi male & female soldier characters and their futuristic armor suits from the Gears of War: Judgement game. The second row of images features the 4 main playable characters, plus the 4 Pre-order / DLC characters are in the very last poster of the middle row:



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