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Another filthy rich young lady...

Today we continue on the overview articles for the DSNG Sci Fi Series. And we take a candid look at Velint Veraguddon. Her first name is pronounced as "Vel-lean" and she is a four-armed Scalatan with alluring pink skin. Velint made her debut back in DSNG Book 2, having a minor role in the storyline of that ebook. And in the forthcoming DSNG Chronicles Book 7, she has a major role. The classic article on her alien race is over HERE and it includes some data about her elder sister, Voxxy.

EDIT on 03/10/2012: The Article on the Newly Released DSNG Book 7 with more artwork has been posted over HERE!

As showcased by the pinup poster on the left, Velint has an hourglass shape, accentuated by her sexy thighs and big butt. Like all Scalatans, Velint has three fingers on each of her four hands. And perhaps she has a resemblance to Nicki Minaj in terms of her overall physique.... I wrote an article on that gifted & eccentric female rapper HERE.
Although she has the stout horns of a demon upon her head, Velint is a pop-diva with an angelic voice. She also has various intriguing tentacles on her body, and she is completely bald. Velint is the last of eight kids. Her famous father, an adamant polygamist, had five sons and three daughters; and one of Velint's elder brothers is dead, having perished under questionable circumstances.

As the precious baby of the family, Velint is used to practically getting anything she wants at any time; after all, she is daddy's little girl, and her clandestine dad is one of the most affluent businessmen in the four sectors of the Makuran Galaxy. She has a powerful guardian named Gildat [her name is pronounced as "Gill-dah", since the the last alphabet in her name, "t" , is a silent consonant in the Scalatan language]. Gildat used to be a lawyer and she was an avid bodybuilder for many years. Yet these days she happily plays the role of chaperone and personal adviser for the young pop-diva.... and the fact that Velint's father pays her millions annually for the job is probably one of her major incentives.

There is another pink-skinned young lady that accompanies Velint as she travels from place to place performing live shows to support her H-DVD album sales: her name is Bleekat, and she is a professional maid. Thus she gets paid to literally clean up after Velint, taking care of her laundry and cooking anything she desires with the skill of a gourmet chef. But Bleekat is more than a sensual french maid with a sexy latex outfit and a satin underbust lace corset. Bleekat is a highly skilled martial artist, and she commonly steps up to defend the honor of the witty pop-diva, who has a sharp mouth that often invites calamity. Bleekat and Gildat have short hair, and they both have voluptuous bosoms; yet they both do not carry themselves in flirtatious flimsy manners. They are both strong-willed and disciplined and one of them is gifted with telepathic powers...

The sci fi wallpaper / poster below showcases the three sexy female aliens, showing [from left to right] Bleekat, Velint and Gildat.

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Friday, January 27, 2012


Company history of the Japanese gaming giant, along with an incisive analysis on business strategies.

I was going over some news articles this week and they sparked my curiosity quite a bit. I'm sure most of you reading this blog are aware of a certain computer console called the Nintendo, which was birthed in the mind of a man named by Fusajiro Yamauchi, back in the year 1889. They've tried a variety of business ventures, ranging from classic playing cards to a "love hotel" [yes, they built a hotel specifically designed for passionate & kinky rendezvouses for couples in Japan]. And eventually, they started making video game systems from what can be viewed as compressed / portable arcade modules - after receiving inspiration from the Atari firm. The first in-home gaming console that Nintendo made with a single game was called the Magnavox Odyssey back in 1974. And in 1981 they made the arcade game called Donkey Kong, which became a smash hit; and it was the birthing place of a certain Italian plumber named Mario, who would later elevate the company to the status of a global mega-corporation.

In 1983, they launched the legendary NES - the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom. That console was the gateway for classics such as Mario Bros, Zelda, Mega Man and Castlevania to come forth into the world. And 8 years later in 1991 they launched the SNES - aka the Super Nintendo. The SNES's best selling game was Super Mario World, selling over 20 million copies world wide. And the Street Fighter II legendary game line was also starting to emerge at this time, translating from an arcade phenomenon to a highly addictive SNES home game in 1992.

The exciting Nintendo 64 and the Game Cube consoles followed in 1996 and 2001 respectively. And between those two time periods, one of their most notorious rivals, the Play Station 2, was already breaking into the scene [as of 1999]. And in the handheld category, the Gameboy [with its strange blue-green-and-white screen] came out in 1990. And its two successors, the Gameboy Color and the Gameboy Advance followed in 1998 and 2001 respectively.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012




Created by pro artist Joe Madureira, the Darksiders II video game sequel [also abbreviated as DS-II] will be debuting sometime in the summer of 2012, later this year. Joe is the creator of the Battle Chasers comic from the 90s, and back in 2007 he co-founded Virgil Games [later purchased by THQ]. And in 2010 he released the fantasy game Darksiders-I for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles - and true fans were overjoyed that the games did not ship late to retail outlets :) Yes, I just had to go there.

Founded perhaps in an alternate reality, Darksiders-I features War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - he is shown on the left. War was designed as a bad-ass warrior with a giant sword that has skull tattoos on it. And the first game follows his quest to find out who prematurely triggered the apocalypse and caused the destruction of mankind on Earth. Taking loose facts from the Bible while blatantly following the classic quest/puzzle/battle game-style of Legend of Zelda, this game received mixed reviews mostly in the mid-80% range; but it was still very entertaining and it featured warrior angels, dark angels, demons and a host of larger-than-life villains and scenery designed by Joe Mad. Uriel, a female warrior angel shown above, also had a big role in DS-I, along with Abaddon, the guy who turned out to be a traitor. BTW, The first image at the top of this article was done by the DSNG Artist, while the other two were done by Joe Mad. I've also tweaked the lighting and added some highlights to the weapon held by Mr. Death in the third image.

And this year, the THQ sponsored game, Darksiders II, is set to feature another one of the 4-Horsemen: Death. And this new game #2 takes place at approximately the same time as the storyline of game #1, in alternate realms / places. Death is like an elder brother to War and his weapon of choice is a special pair of large sickles, often regarded to as giant scythe blades. According to interviews with the game's creative directors, Death [the brother of War] will not see his blood-brother be victim to false accusations; and he is going to go to battle against angels, demons and the "undead" too to prove his brothers innocence - thus he is destined to travel to a city of angels, a city of demons and a city of the undead. He will have a horse and he will have the ability to pick up other weapon such as giant hammers, "wolverine's claws" [as shown on the right], maces and handguns. And he is designed to have a more darker personality than his brother [but honestly they do NOT look like siblings at all].

After much diligence, I've collected a host of images from across the Web,...

Friday, January 20, 2012


This article is a continuation of a previous blog post that I made last year, collecting a host of digital paintings and wallpapers that feature spaceships, hovercrafts hyper jets and Steampunk cruisers. We continue sailing along that channel today, showcasing more works that I've collected from around the Web, including concept art from the DSNG Sci Fi Series.

The Concept artists & DeviantArt artists behind these cool pics include: Jett0, Angelitoon, JamaJurabaev, Dhilip Kumar Somesh, Christian MacNevin and DSNG.

Most of the futuristic spacecraft designs presented in this post are tied to Steampunk Themes. And the lengthy article that discuses that genre of sci fi linked to Neo-Victorian themes is over HERE






This blog article is Part 2 out of 4 posts.
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Futuristic Hovercopters & VTOL crafts - HERE

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Over a year ago I wrote an article called Visual Punctuations, which was linked to sci fi scenarios and the structures that formally identified their environments, placing them in futuristic / imaginative settings. For instance, when you see a poster with a towering skyscraper that has a landing deck protracted from the side at its midpoint, that hints to the fact that there is a lobby up there - and that deck is a provision for a commercial Spacecraft or an advanced Hovercopter with VTOL capabilities to land and drop its cargo or personnel.

In the image shown on the left [drawn by Greg Horn], although you see Batman and Catwoman, you will also observe their environment. And the ideas projected about their setting is a dark alley on a snowy day, illuminated by the spectacle of a kneeling woman in a latex outfit, cat ears and a tight corset, sipping a bowl of milk. If the background was completely blank, the image wouldn't loose its quality; however it would loose its sense of locational placement, forcing you to imagine what the unseen environment could look like.

I've assembled a host of  images and wallpapers from around the Web, showcasing futuristic buildings / cities in sci fi settings - and as you gaze at the images and their ultra-modern environments, I trust that they will trigger your imagination. The digital artists behind these creations include Janditlev, Scott Robertson, Antifan-Real, James Paick, Fred Augis, aiRaGe, James ledger, Jett0, Andreas Rocha, I_NetGraFX and others.



Blog article with Futuristic Hovercopters: HERE
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Friday, January 13, 2012


Almost a year ago, I did a ton of character redesigns for the new Thundercats Animated Series, which was produced by Warner Bros Animation with animation provided by the Japanese firm Studio 4°C. And last week I saw a commissioned poster by a guy called Bokuman over on DA, featuring Pumyra - his pic is on the right side, below. Debuting back in the 1986 cartoon movie titled Thundercats - Ho! Part 1, Pumyra has always fascinated fans. But sadly as the series went on, her featured importance was diminished, while she was overshadowed by Cheetara as the dominant female of the pride.


Pumyra was not designed to be this thick, with big boobs and a huge butt. This is Cheesecake art and its a gimmick for selling merchandise...

The previous article featuring Pumyra with more artwork is over HERE
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've collected a ton of wallpapers over the years, images that can be used as screensavers on your PC and laptop. Anime art is distinct from Cheesecake art [which is primarily my art style, although I often draw anime posters as well]. Yet the Japanese manga and Jap-an-ime drawings presented as cartoons can be extreme sexy & sensual, forcing the audience to stare and drool.
Sometimes anime posters are linked to themes such as ninjas, samurais, angels, demons, vampires and the all-too-popular school girls. Personally, I do not know the reason for the manga/anime obsession with fantasy cartoon series featuring scantily-clad, busty, high school girls... perhaps it's tied to the indigenous male fantasies in the East, or its just something that the masses force Japanese artists to draw per their immense purchasing power, or secret threats sent over the Internet. On the other hand, maybe the Japanese manga artists are the ones making the subliminal threats to their audience, compelling them to buy into their drafted fantasies [after all, there is a classic manga comic book out there called "Read or Die"]. Nevertheless, You can be the judge of the quality of the works presented here, created by a host of skilled artists on the Web:



The last image in the first row feature Ms. Revy and some other characters from the action-packed anime, The Black Lagoon. It is a manga series written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe, and published in Shogakukan's Sunday GX since 2002. Set in the mid-90s, the story follows a team of pirates/mercenaries known as The Lagoon Company; and they smuggle goods around the seas of Southeast Asia. And the main protagonist is a girl named Revy, who has rather psychopathic tendencies - she loves to shoot and kill. And she has two stainless steel 9-mm Beretta M92 handguns that are her signature weapons, along with some skimpy "daisy dukes" shorts that she always wears with cowboy boots. Starting in 2006, a gory anime linked to that comic and filled with gun-toting chicks was created, which ran for two seasons. And a third season was created as an OVA in 2010.

The last image in the second row is from an anime Sci Fi series called Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. I really want to do a separate blog article on that cartoon series, because it is rather fascinating. As can be observed from the sample artwork of the chick named Margot Knight, that series features a host of busty chicks - the manga artists purposely gave the female characters voluptuous figures, so big boobs and huge butts are the norm. More posters & wallpapers from the Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon anime series are shown below, along with pics by an anime artist called Real-XXIII: