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Those familiar with the DSNG sci fi series know who Dr. Wandah Konnrad is; she is a Kataran, a highly intelligent female wolf-hybrid from planet Planoris, the icy world. She hails from an aristocratic pedigree and her parents groomed her to walk and talk like royalty, right from her childhood. As mystic beings, most Katarans speak telepathically, since their words are uttered in octaves that are not audible to human ears. Thus two Katarans can chat pleasantly, articulating words with their lips - but a human standing right there with them would never hear what they were saying.

Wandah works over on planet Avera, where she is married to Barak Konnrad, one of the Top 5 Centura elite soldiers. She is one of the top medical doctors on that planet; and her place of work, the Averan Medical Center, was attacked by the golden assassin Kinera Foxx, back in DSNG Chronicles Book 1 [BTW, the latest ebook in the series, DSNG Book 8, was launched last month, over on].


After some deliberation, I decided to tweak the original design of Wandah.... and the BIG CHANGE that I made is... I gave her hair. There are other beautiful Katarans like Chebeyah who hail from different wolf-hybrid tribes in the DSNG sci fi series, and those beings have hair.

Wandah now almost has an Egyptian look to her face. But she's always been thick and sexy; and she still has the big booty that I gave her right from the start - it was done on purpose, since I knew that the fanboys would stop and stare, while longing that Wandah was a real cartoon character with a sultry voice, perhaps like the legendary Jessica Rabbit.... Anyway, her new hairstyle will be reflected in the storyline of the latter ebooks, since I strive to balance everything that happens in the sci fi saga along with the accompanying artwork.

The original blog article on Wandah is over HERE

For those new to this Overview series, this article is "Part 18" within the collection of articles that are specifically scripted to introduce new fans to the characters of the DSNG Sci fi Megaverse.
And  Part 1 of the Overview is archived here:

Friday, December 7, 2012


Gears of War: Judgment [or GOW4] will be released from the game developers Epic Games and People Can Fly, next year in February / March [so far it is slated for March 19, 2013]. That Third-Person-Shooter sci fi war game is set to be a prequel to Gears of War 1, 2 and 3. And gamers who pre-order the game are set to get a variety of "four younger skins", featuring three familiar characters from the popular Gears Franchise: Young Dom, Young Marcus, and a Young Anya, and also one feisty female comic character, a redhead named Alex Brand.

In the forthcoming prequel game, [Gears of War: Judgement] the four main playable characters are Damon Baird, Sofia Hendrik, Augustus "Cole train" Cole and Garron Paduk. They are all brave soldiers of the COG, which stands for "Coalition of Ordered Governments", a unified military on Planet Sera where the GOW franchise is based. Whenever I see her name in the game, the redhead character Sofia Hendrik almost reminds me of the voluptuous actress Christina Hendricks - a lovely redhead lady that has been featured in this blog Several Times....

Anyway, avid action gamers familiar with the dynamic Gears franchise can expect lots of gory gut-shredding in this one, as it still seems to focus on the same brand of alien enemies known as the Locust Horde, who invade the COG home planet at an earlier time. Not sure if the former female protagonist, Myrrah, will be there, or even the other tough guy General Raam.
Perhaps the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards [the VGAs] will have more clips of the new game; and that live show should be broadcasted later today, the 7th of December 2012 [and it will probably air several times after that, for the rest of the year].

Here are several wallpapers and screenshots, including Zbrush 3D models of the sci fi male & female soldier characters and their futuristic armor suits from the Gears of War: Judgement game. The second row of images features the 4 main playable characters, plus the 4 Pre-order / DLC characters are in the very last poster of the middle row:



BTW, if your Web Browser is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, check out this cool alternate view of the DSNG blog:

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This blog is full of sci fi images and concept art, including futuristic battle armor and other mecha armor costumes. I found the following images online a short while ago and decided to share - since I haven't posted anything new in quite a while. The first beautiful image of Supergirl is a classic digital painting by a DA artist known as Tariq12. And the second pic is by Sani Casa - he drew some women of DC Comics [Powergirl, Supergirl, Robin, Batgirl and Wonder Woman] in an anime style, while giving them sexy sci fi costumes. I'm not too sure about the history of the female Robin shown below amidst the DC Comics timeline; however, I've always felt that Robin [or Robyn] is pretty much a girls name. The third image is by Valzonline and he drew the funny motivational / demotivational poster of Batman,Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and the Joker [I added the words]. And the last image shows a Batman joke / comic strip, recently posted over on the DSNG facebook page.


Check out the archived blog article, featuring cosplay of various female superheroes HERE! 

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This past week, DSNG Book 8: The Hit List was released over on!
[Link to the new ebook is right HERE].
I decided to write this blog article to give some insights into the new sci fi ebook, while showcasing a few character bios that will help you to envision some of the individuals featured in the pages of the new story.

Following the events of DSNG Book 7, this new ebook commences with some scenes of Prince Theo, Prince Azzar's younger brother. Soon the readers are transferred to the aquatic world of planet Macur; and there, 3 Zarchon Mystic Knights are assembled and they are contemplating some issues pertaining to a robbery that took place in one of their citadels a few weeks ago. And soon those three angry Mystic Knights have to travel to planet Avera, in order to confront Prince Azzar....
BTW, the entire story so far [from Book 1 to Book 8] has spanned about 3 weeks. And since DSNG is a dynamic sci fi series, you have to always bear in mind that the described events are all connected, and the engaging story is continuous.

Beyond the familiar featured cast members in this story [like Prince Azzar and Commander Yatalia, who are shown together on the cover of Book 8], there are some brand new characters that make their debut in this new 630-page ebook. Amongst them are: Markus The Butcher, and Deelilah Kerrchof.
Markus is a gritty red-skinned hitman from planet Entrados; he is aggressive, wild and quite snarky [I explained what the colloquial term "Snarky" means, within the paragraphs of another blog article, over Here]. His favorite energy weapon is a large butcher's knife, shown in one of the pics below.

On the other hand, Deelilah is a sultry venture capitalist, a filthy-rich pink-skinned lady from planet Scalata [the original article that talks about the intriguing four-armed Scalatan race is over HERE]. Deelilah is also very dramamatic, loving to over-emphasize herself in a flamboyant manner, almost like an actress in a live Victorian-era stage play.


Two other returning characters worthy of notice are Jut-Hun Hundduron - the red-skinned mob boss, who oversees the operations of the Gorilla rebel militia on planet Avera; and also, Jut-Hun's wife, Mieka. Although they are married, these two characters have a very interesting relationship. And despite the fact hat they trust one another, they also keep secrets from each other. And they argue. A lot.

Plus Jut-Hun and Mieka have an extended conversation within the storyline that will definitely make you LOL.
Amidst all of the dynamic events going on in this new sci fi adventure, I've interwoven the underlying themes of true friendship, dependability and loyalty. And the story also showcases the debatable issue of trust, following a betrayal.

In order to get an idea of what I'm implying, consider these questions:

Can you really trust a friend that told you a blatant lie, even if they did so just to protect you from pending danger? Could you ever forgive a friend who seemingly betrayed your sincere confidence and literally stabbed you in the back with the dagger of deceit twice, over a short period of time? Or would the initial betrayal be the sharp trigger that sets you on a relentless path of retribution?
And for you merciless readers, consider this: does forgiveness have a price tag? if the disloyal friend gave you a million dollars after the lie, would you forgive them??

Those are scenarios that we can sit and talk about all day. But watching the outcome of the decisions made by the characters in the DSNG sci fi series is also another means of analyzing the various questions on trust that were presented above.

Here is the overview of the new sci fi ebook:


The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the eighth installment of the DSNG series!

Following the theft of the collection of regal heirlooms colloquially tagged as Pandora’s Box, Prince Azzar Omenus and the other members of the Averan royal family are plagued with anger and remorse. Yet there seems to be no time to fully seek out the mercenary that stole those regal treasures in recent times, due to the arrival of a powerful alien triad. Lord Ja’Kar and two of his stalwart alien brothers, fellow Mystic Knights, soon show up at the Imperial Palace after executing a powerful teleportation spell that transfers them from one of the colonized moons of their aquatic home world of Macur to the office area of the Prince of Avera. Thus Prince Azzar, Commander Yatalia and the National Security Advisor, Colin Hammond, are forced to suspend their ongoing meeting in order to confront the three angered Mystic Knights.

The reason for the impromptu visit is soon revealed, as incriminating evidence is brought to light, which showcases the fact that a black-ops agent from the Centura [the military force of Avera] had infiltrated a citadel on planetoid Yantos and stolen a conceptual Pythorion hyper jet, while killing a host of Zarchon disciples, alien men that serve Lord Ja’Kar.

Hastily, Prince Azzar and Yatalia are drawn into an arduous investigation, as they strive to find out the truth behind the murders and the theft of the Pythorion hyper jet. The incriminating piece of evidence that appears to have drawn the three Mystic Knights across the stars was a crumpled microchip wafer with serial number 23444-0215GT. And that microchip [sourced from a gauntlet device traditionally utilized by Alpha Senturi soldiers] was created by an Averan firm called Genofyre Incorporated. And the diligent tracking of the trail of that microchip becomes the catalyst that leads to a chain of  explosive events, which soon unfold across the various mega states of Avera, while the identity of the brazen felon is sought out.

Elsewhere, a mysterious gritty hitman named Mr. R.C. Smith visits Avera and he is an ally of the Gorilla militia mob boss named Jut-Hun. And Mr. Smith appears to be focused on a mission of death and destruction, as he sets his merciless eyes upon another visitor from planet Taran named Craig Cunningham.

Meanwhile, as Azzar and Yatalia strive to hunt down the individual that was behind the murders and the robbery on the foreign moon Yantos, the heroes are also shocked when giant black serpent creatures start showing up in several civilian areas, devouring human flesh and crushing the large infrastructure without remorse. As the bewildering destruction in the heart of the Averan cities unfolds, the Prince and his allies are unaware that the Zarchon military forces are planning to attack them with a fleet of over thirty Class3 dropships, massive Destroyers that will blanket planet Avera with a heavy nuclear bombardment—due to the theft of the precious Pythorion hyper jet.

No one seems to fully understand what is transpiring behind the scenes. Yet as the chaos continues to unfold, it becomes obvious to the Prince of Avera that he may be contending with powerful alien forces that are far beyond his comprehension…

- Part 8 of 8 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 630 pages

- Written by Chidi Okonkwo [DSNG Artist]

All right, that's all for now, folks.... You should download DSNG Book 8 from Amazon over HERE!

And you can explore past articles that showcase the DSNG cast over HERE


Ah, the joys of an animated movie, presented in 3D.... Often those big budget productions hit the nail on the head, as the studios and animators come up with something that appeals to a mass audience. And Disney's Wreck it Ralph fits into that category. Yes, I did see it, over the past weekend. But I only saw it for one reason: Heroes Duty [a sci fi arcade video game]; and specifically, I wanted to see Sergeant Tamora Calhoun, one of the female protagonists in the new animated movie. Although she had a B-role in the 3D-flick, I enjoyed her performance so much that I did a fan art poster of her [shown on the right].

Tamora was perfectly rendered, as a sexy & strong character; even her "walk cycles" were done in a sensual manner, much better than the cycles you find in some modern Third-Person-Shooters, MMOs & fantasy video games.
Being a bad-ass Space Marine Commander, Tamora has one of the craziest / saddest back-stories in cartoon history. I don't want to spoil it for you; you'll just have to see it to believe it in the movie theater. Anyway, Tamora later has a budding romance with FixIt Felix, another quirky character in this animated movie.  

Check out the numerous wallpapers featuring Sergeant Calhoun, showing her and her various poses / gritty facial expressions:


[You may need to click on the word link that says "Read More" to the see the rest of this article with more pics of Sergent Calhoun!]

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Figured I'd do a new post today, since I haven't updated this blog in a while [I've been busy as hell with work, plus DSNG Book 8 is being worked on this month]. As showcased by the variety of pics in this blog, I collect a lot of art from the Web, storing the images on my desktop and utilizing them as modeling and coloring inspirations. And some of the archived stuff on my old hard-drive dates back to 2006. Its strange how some beautiful works of art literally get lost in the uncharted depths of the Web... and often this Internet can be considered as a deep sea, full of a myriad of mysteries.

Anyway, Cheesecake Art is something that I do as an artist and there are a ton of other artists that utilize the same gimmick in their drawings, to make their drafted works more appealing to fanboys and fangirls. One of the most famous Cheesecake characters is Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 cartoon movie. And I've included several pics of her here, along with images of other sexy cartoon, video game and anime characters. Often fangirls that attend the Comic Cons adopt cosplay costumes of Jessica and I've included a few cosplays pics in this gallery:

Photographer LJInto took the first pic featuring cosplayer Yaya Han, while Reiq drew the fourth one.
All right, the second chick in the top row is not the classic Jessica Rabbit. She's an urban hip-hop model who goes by the name Miss Jessica... but since she has an hourglass figure, then I assumed she was close enough to the theme, so I added her to the mix.


The digital art shown above in the first row includes work by Adam Hughes [Black Cat], Kenneth Rocafort [Starfire], Digital artist Xaxaxa [he drew Mai], and DSNG Artist [I drew the last classic Ashoka pic]. Not sure who drew Iroha, the video game vixen wearing the french maid costume; its one of the Cheesecake posters that I found while browsing through the Web.

There's more cosplay of Jessica Rabbit over HERE and the extended gallery of Marvel's Black Cat is over HERE.
You should also check out the article on Red Monika -  a sexy redhead heroine, created in the mid-90s by the trailblazing Marvel artist Joe Madureira [Joe Mad!], the guy behind the Darksiders I and II video games. Red Monika --> HERE

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Brief Movie Review and Official Posters

Some actors just have IT.... the IT factor that draws you in, forcing you to instantly feel their emotions and readily accept their reality. Liam Neeson doe that perfectly in this thrilling sequel, which is set against the foreign backdrop of the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The story in this movie unfolds about a year after the original. The cool hero, Retired CIA Agent Bryan Mills [played by Neeson] is taking a vacation in Istanbul and he is granted a surprise visit by his daughter Kim [played by Maggie Grace] and his ex-wife Lenore [played by Famke Janssen]. But the demons from the past seem to catch up with the protagonist and his family, since an Albanian mobster named Šerbedžija [played by Murad Hoxha, whose son Liam Neeson electrocuted to death last year while searching for Kim], seems to have an agenda of vengeance on his mind.



[You may need to click on the word link that says "Read More" to the see the rest of this article with more pics of Maggie Grace!]

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Brief Movie Review and Official Posters!

This explosive sci fi flick was very dynamic.... and it was something that classic action fans will probably enjoy. Based upon the cult British comic character created back in 1977, Judge Dredd is the personification of hard justice, since he plays the role of an indifferent Judge, Jury and Executioner in his futuristic city setting. This movie was definitely better than the one that stared Sylvester Stallone, back in 1995.

In the new Dredd 2012 Movie, within the Dystopian North American location of Mega-City-One, Judge Dredd [played by Karl Urban] and his rookie psychic apprentice [played by Olivia Thirlby] respond to a peculiar act of triple homicide in one of the massive 200-story buildings in their city, called the Peach Trees Slum Building - three men were tossed out of the balcony of the top floor by the evil female kingpin/drug dealer, who goes by the Moniker of Ma-Ma [played by Lena Heady, who was best known for playing the role of "Sara Connor" on the TV Series of Terminator, shown back in '08 - '09].
Anyway, being executors of justice, Judge Dredd and his rookie [who goes by the name of Judge Anderson] head into the 200-story building to find out who tossed down the three drugged men [who had  lethal does of "slo-mo" infused into their bloodstreams] and the unbridled action unfolds from there. Ma-ma sends her right-hand-man to tackle the Judges, but that tough guy gets his candy-ass kicked by the stoic Dredd, right before the entire towering building is put on lockdown [all windows and exits are sealed with thick sliding blast-shields, the sort of thing that I assume was installed in the towering skyscrapers to protect from nuke-shockwaves], sealing-in the heroes and one of their captured suspects named Kay. So the heroes have to fight their way up to the top of the building, to face Ma-ma.


In the mind of many fans, Karl Urban is probably best known for his role as Lord Vaako [or Vakko] in the Chronicles of Riddick 2004 movie. And in that movie, he was married to  the cunning and insidious Lady Vakko, played by Thandie Newton. It is rumored that Karl will be back in the role of Vakko in the next Riddick movie, which should be out in 2013. Olivia Thirlby is also shown below with Karl at the premier of the Dredd 2012 movie.

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