This page is the portal to archived blog posts, showing fan art of Marvel and DC Comics characters. Most of the digital artwork is by the DSNG artist, while the names of other artists who contribute will be listed beneath their work. I'll keep updating it, as more posters are done. Sometimes the articles will have other features, yet as you scroll through, at the bottom or top, you'll find colored fan art of the listed characters [and a few pencil works, aka sequential art].

Thundercats, Transformers, Star Wars and Sci Fi Concept artwork are also in this list, just read carefully...



The Black Cat:

More Black Cat, part 2:

More Black Cat, part 3:

**NEW Catwoman pinup art gallery!:


More Supergirl, part 2:

Super Girl and Storm:

More Storm [Steampunk style]:
**NEW Batman Beyond cosplay costume, plus Artwork of Jim Lee [Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman]:

More Spiderman:

Power Girl:

Ms. Marvel:

Domino & Mystique:

White Queen, Emma Frost:

Terry Dodson Artwork [Classic Marvel & DC Comics works]:

Terry Dodson Sketchbook samples:

** NEW Avenging Spider-man comic art by Joe Madureira:

**NEW The best of Red Monika from Battle Chasers! [sexy posters]:

**NEW Amazing / Spectacular Spider-Man artwork by Terry Dodson:

**NEW Supergirl costume artwork from DC comics New 52: 

**NEW Sexy Supergirl Cosplay Costumes:

[Poster showing beautiful female aliens featured in the dynamic DSNG Sci Fi Series. From left to right: Countess Davinat, Lady Iona, Empress Havita and Lady Neena]

Michael Turner Artwork [Superman, Batman, Supergirl]:

**NEW Superman and Batman posters!:

Superman and Supergirl:

DSNG Super Soldiers, group 1 [Barak, Trent, Vince, Wes, Obed]:

DSNG Super Soldiers, group 2 [Prince Azzar and Vince]:


[Above: Elena Eden, one of the main characters from the .DSNG. Sci Fi Series]

**NEW Elena Eden and Shelly, 2 sexy busty female aliens:

**NEW Lady Mechanika and Assassin's Creed:


More Wonder Woman & Batman:

Mighty Thor:

The Justice League:


[Above: Cover art for three sci fi ebooks at, by the DSNG Artist]

The Wasp, Wolverine & Cable:

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy:

Green Lantern:

Green Arrow [New 52]:

Batman, Superman:

The Avengers [concept art, from the forthcoming 2012 movie]:

The Ultimates [Ultimate Avengers, pencil pages]:


The X-men [group poster, about 20 characters]:

Wolverine, Sabertooth, X-Force, Jungle Girl, Captain America, The Avengers [Lots of Pencil Artwork]:

[Above: cyborg concept art by Andrew Ley]

Sci Fi Futuristic armor, mecha and costumes [Part 1]:

Sci Fi Futuristic costume designs [Part 2]:

Fantastic Four, X-men, War Machine Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Witchblade [pencil drawings]:

Artemis [from the Young Justice League, comics and cartoon]:

Miss Martian [also from Young Justice]:

** NEW Miss Martian and Superboy kiss:

[Above: Young Superman Concept / Superman Godfall Series - art by Michael Turner]

The Thundercats!:

More Thundercats [Lion-o, Tygra, Cheetara, Pumyra, Panthro]:

More Thundercats, part 2 [Liono & the 2011 cartoon]:

Elena Eden [the voluptuous supermodel]:

Sexy Female Aliens [DSNG OCs] part 1:

Sexy Female Aliens [DSNG OCs] part 2:

[Above: Samples of the sexy female alien DSNG OCs - Original Characters. From left to right: Wandah, Chebeyah, Casey and Voxxana]

Transformers [fan art by DSNG]:

More Transformers, part 2 [official movie posters, ROTF / DOTM]:

**NEW Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Official Concept art and wallpapers!:

Concept Art of Optimus Prime from the Fall of Cybertron Video Game

**NEW More of Marvel Comics Wolverine fan art & pencil drawings:

**NEW M.a.s.k. Crusaders 1980s cartoon fanart:

Sexy Female Anime Characters & Busty Battle Vixens:

Sexy Yoko [from Gurren Lagaan Anime]:

More Yoko:

Concept Helicopters [Hovercopters]:

Concept Cars:

DC Comics Catwoman, classic and modern costumes [New 52]:

DC Comics Batman and all his girlfriends:

DC Comics Batman kissing PowerGirl!:

The Infamous article on PAWG and WHOOTY:

Star Wars Jedi Babes [Shaak Ti, Four Posters]:

Star Wars Jedi Babes [Aayala, Asoca]:

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic:

Xero Error [Superhero cyborg from Dubai]:

Jessica Rabbit!! [plus other hot chicks]:

**Naruto, Hinata, Ten-Ten, Temari, Orihime, Betty Rumble, Wilma Flintstone, Tinkerbell etc etc [Cheesecake art]:

More Super Soldiers from the DSNG sci fi series:

Zebraman! [Japanese Superhero]:

Super Street Fighter official posters and wallpapers [Cammy, Ryu, Ken Chun Li etc]:

Six Deep Superhero Team:

Sexy Cheesecake Art by Arthur Adams:

The Statesman [City of Heroes online video game]: