Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've been following Terry Dodson's work since 1998. I can still remember standing in a news/magazine store and being hypnotized by his work. At that time, he was drawing Generation X for Marvel. And I was instantly hooked as a fan.

His latest compilation of phenomenal artwork and creative sketches, titled "A Terry Dodson Bombshells Sketchbook Collection", collects samples from his past sketchbooks, along with fresh material, for fanboys to adore and drool over. My copy arrived on Friday the 10th.

And I have to say, this book is a masterpiece, and every page is worth framing.

The first pic is the front cover image; absolutely gorgeous work. The female protagonist looks strong and sexy. The second pic has a bit of the flash effect from my digital camera, over the right boob [to us its on her left, but for her, its the right side of her cleavage]... but I just wanted to showcase a zoomed shot, to capture the quality of the cover art. A small beautiful bookplate came with the book, shown on the left pic.

This is the publishers page, showing something cool... and no, I didn't spill my marker/pencil collection on the book. The stuff you see is part of a photograph, utilized as the composition for the book's right page.

I selected this page for an expose, to let fans see that Terry Dodson is more than an elite professional artist, who makes a ton of cash doing something he has skillfully mastered over the years :D  He has definitely proved his expertise via his works in the Generation X series, His Iconic run in the Spiderman/Blackcat series, and his Fantastic Marvel Knights 12-issue Spiderman series [which comic legend Stan Lee declared was like a movie, and not a drafted tale, in the forward he wrote for the hardcover collection]. It is clear that Mr. Dodson has shown how to breath life into pages, from the tip of his pencils and drafting tools.
Mr. Dodson is more than an artist. He is also a creator. The hot chick shown here is his original creator-owned property. And her name is Vee. The amount of detail shown in the drawn female faces is something that has to be beheld physically, in order for one to fully appreciate the exquisite nature of the drafted designs.

This pic is the last one I'll post, since I don't want to give away too much from this wonderful artbook,
which is currently on sale, via Stuart NG books:
and they ship world wide, so get your copy before they sell out!!

I chose the above page from Mr. Dodson's sketchbook so that you'd see a peculiar side of the creative process. The comic page on the right side that I showcased is from my collection, and it dates back to 1999. You can see the prelim design of the rollerblade chick in the artbook, and on the right, you see how she eventually turned out in the published book. It appears that Mr. Dodson decided to draft her as a mature mature villain, and I have to say she turned out extremely seductive and insidious [she has a sexy appeal, despite her obvious harmful nature].
All right, for more artwork by Mr. Dodson, you can visit his deviantart page. It has links to his other sites:

I'm not half as good as Mr. Dodson, but I shall keep striving to learn, using his style as a guide: