Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A few days ago I stumbled upon a concept art poster for the hit 2010 movie TRON: LEGACY [it made over 400 million dollars in theaters, worldwide]. And I recently heard that Walt Disney Inc. was in the process of green-lighting a sequel. In fact, there were a few 30-second teaser clips for this next Tron movie [tentatively called TRON 3 or T3ON] that have been circulating the Web for over a month, following the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.

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The first three images are from the TRON movie franchise, and the fourth image is from a concept art book. All of these pics were done by pro-artist Daniel Simons. You can Google his classic art book, "Cosmic Motors", to see more of his futuristic motorcycle and concept car designs. And the last two images are by concept artist Maxim Revin - he resides in Moscow Russia, and he has an Impressive Portfolio.

These two futuristic sports cars / 2-door coupes were drafted by digital artist Stephen Chu and they are both extremely fluent. Just by looking at the first image you can feel a sense of speed, while the second image gives me nostalgic flashbacks to the Alfa Romeo Pandion sports car [a new article about that concept car has been posted HERE].

The images above show the futuristic Gears Of War 3 Trike, contrived by Paul Jr Designs and it was presented at the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego, CA.

**EDIT ON DECEMBER 1st 2011**
I found some more cool designs for concept bikes used in the TRON: LEGACY movie. And these two digital images were done by the guys at the Feng Zhu Design Studio. Their blog gallery is over Here.

More intriguing  TRON: LEGACY articles and cool Concept Vehicles / Hovercrafts are available in this blog; also check out this page, which is an archive for futuristic designs:

A few weeks ago, the popular American Chopper bike building team, OCC, designed something for a contest that caused quite a stir amongst fans of their Reality TV Show on Discovery Cable Channel. Headed by Paul Teutul Senior [aka Sr.], the guys at OCC created a "futuristic concept motorcycle for sci fi worlds such as Blade Runner". And this outstanding design really can't even be categorized as a Bike, or even a Trike:

Many fans complained about the fact that this futuristic snowmobile with twin flamethrowers / napalm blasters amended to its anterior end was far beyond the scope of a motorcycle to even be considered a a contestant for the American Chopper bike build-off.

Honestly, I don't really care what all those rambling fans had to say. The fact is, Paul Sr. is an old school designer, but he is still an innovator. Yes he does have a huge ego, which has created a rift between him and his two sons, Paul Jr. and Mikey. But I'll give the damn credit where credit is due. Paul Senior and the hardworking guys at OCC did a phenomenal job. And they actually got paid for it by The Discovery Channel, since this was contrived as part of a Reality TV Show linked to the manufacturing of ingenious products.

More on the dynamic DSNG Sci Fi Series, with a futuristic motorcycle design by the DSNG artist: HERE