Thursday, September 13, 2012


Some people simply call them "Mecha", while to other fanboys these mechanical units are simply known as giant robots; yet they are not always Transformers or Morphers that rapidly evolve from one structural form to another. Even comic fans are familiar with Mecha, due to the giant robot Sentinels that battled the X-men in the Saturday morning cartoons shown back in the mid-90s; while the popular Gundam anime franchise also showcased a variety of Mecha based upon evolving design themes and classic model frames. In terms of their origins, giant robots are concept based out of Japanese anime, along with giant monster like Godzilla. Many video game franchises including Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 3, Starwars and Borderlands 2 have giant robot mecha / combat machines in them, assisting the heroes or villains during the intense action scenes. In the past, I did a blog article that talked about the MECHA SCI FI GENRE; yet often fans seem to run Web searches in this blog for "sci fi armor / combat exo-suits" while they are envisioning "Mecha and Giant robot costumes", in compressed human-sized formats. There is really nothing wrong with that, as I've got several other blog articles that feature collections of various concept art of futuristic combat armor designs over HERE.

For those interested in female Mecha Concept design, you should check out the DSNG blog article on an anime titled Godannar, which features Volspinna - she's a sexy female Mecha /giant robot.
And with the success of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game released in August 2012, it is clear that fanboys and fangirls have an innate thirst for dynamic action sequences involving mecha robots that are larger than life in their size / stature.
Today we shall take a look at a collection of concept art that I've gathered from around the Web. And if you are an aspiring artist / designer, hopefully these various models will inspire you. Some of the 3D works below are done with Zbrush and Maya, while others are created with Photoshop, Painter or Corel Draw.


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Thanks to the following pro-artists for their outstanding works: Robert Simmons, Ignacio Bazan Lazcano [he did outstanding work on the "Section 8: Prejudice" video game], SprayNation, Twitchfinger, neisbeis, reaper78, markerguru, ImagineFX Magazine, Dhilip Kumar Somesh, Mark Brooks [who did the fantastic Xmen Sentinel wallpaper above], Blizzard and Bioware.

You can check out the concept art from the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game HERE!

Also Check out the archived DSNG blog article that showcases official concept art from the 2011 Transformers 3 Movie over HERE!