Monday, June 30, 2014


The fourth TF movie has surpassed 100 million dollars at the box office profits, over about 3 days. And it is movies like this that give fanboys and fangirls a blast of action, nostalgia and excitement.  This article isn't much of a review; it's more of a series of positive and thoughtful observations from the movie.

1. Optimus Prime is a bad ass.... and he is an evolving robot, who seems poised to become some sort of grand samurai / robo-sensei warrior.

2.Optimus Prime was getting his Matrix on, at the end of the TF4 movie, since he blasted off into the sky, gaining the ability to fly without his jet-fire backpack and thrusters, which he used in the TF2 and TF3 movies. Plus Prime no longer needs his tractor trailer, which he usually lugs around in the cartoons and the former movies.

3. The Earth / neighboring galaxies are full of wandering transformers that come to Earth whenever they feel like it, since most of the new guys, like Crosshairs and Hound, seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.... while the Autobot Wreckers who were in the TF3 movie, were nowhere to be found. But I'm guessing that other guys like Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus [from the cartoon series] will probably make cameos in the next TF movie, which may take place partially on Cybertron...

4. The Dinobots are portrayed as.... four robotic renegades / giant rouge robots with a large bounty on their heads; since Lockdown the robo-bounty hunter [who strangely has Galvatron's original gun-morphing ability] had captured the Dinobots from an undisclosed location.

5. There were no former Decepticons shown in the movie, except for the old head of Megatron and I think Starscream [or some other villain]. So I'm guessing the Decepticons were all... scared of Lockdown and his crew of bounty hunters, so they were all hiding away around the globe.

6. Optimus Prime said: "I'll kill you all!" more times than he said: "Autobots, roll out!" LOL. And I noticed that Bumblebee still needs to get his voice modulator fixed, after more than five years.... WTF?

7. I don't think Grimlock actually said a single word in the entire TF4 movie.... but chances are, he didn't have to; since actions speak louder than words... But his origins were not truly explained in the entire movie, and he did deserve more screen time.

8. Mark Whalberg did a good job of portraying his character as a robotics genius and an overprotective father. His daughter's boyfriend, Shayne [played by Jack Reynor], who seems to be a stunt driver, was a bit of a coward. But at least Shayne came through near the end, when Optimus Prime needed help during the last battle against Lockdown. Personally, I think that as a Prime, Optimus is in a higher strength class than Lockdown, and the Primes are not that easy to kill [as Megatron always says in the cartoons]. So the battle against Lockdown should have been really one-sided, with Prime practically whooping his candy ass all over the dusty industrial site.

9. Where were the lovely female Tansformers, like Elita-One?? Are they back on Cybertron, or were they on the run somewhere on planet Earth?

10. And apparently the extinction of the ancient dinosaurs on Earth was caused by.... ancient transformer battle-cruisers and warships that came to earth, over 65 million years ago. Don't give me that look; that's what Micheal Bay thinks, so its must be true, Damn it!!

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