Thursday, February 9, 2017


Those faithful fans who follow me on Instagram are aware that I was recently building a Revell toy model SUV, a Hummer H2, from a box of disassembled parts that had roughly 80 pieces in it, including the stickers.
It was a fun hobby build, but towards the end, it got hard... really hard; because after the main assembly, I had glued certain things together and I completely built & glued the carriage separately from the chassis... but some of those parts were to be assembled together, not separately, so that there would be no snap-together problems due to the tight fitting clearances.
Thus I had to break it apart and cut various edges with a small saw, and then glue it back together...

Alas, that's what happens when you're too cool to follow the instructions LOL.

Anyway, the pieces of the SUV truck came as plain white plastic, which looked quite dull. So first I painted it White as a base coat [with the paint and primer combined, purchased from Home Depot], and  then I painted it with Tamiya X-8 Lemon Yellow. I had to add 2 coats of Tamiya Lemon yellow, or what I call "classic X-men yellow", and then I kept adding more and more paint to even things out.
There are a few spots of paint on the windows of the vehicle, because I added the paint after the assembly of the glass panels, and I should have done it before that stage. Plus the entire interior cabin, the dashboard, the seats, center console and the rear trunk area had to be assembled, glued, snapped-in-place and painted, as shown in the pics below.



Nevertheless, I am proud of the outcome. This toy SUV doesn't roll fully, per the glue I added in one of the axles, but I don't care. It was created as a display piece, not a rough-edged play toy.  I almost wish that I had chosen to build something easier, as my premier model vehicle project. But on the other hand, per the tough obstacles that I encountered and conquered during the assembly, I'm pleased with the experience points that I gained.

I did add the Scorponok Transformer toy during the assembly phase [before I started encountering the tough problems]. And when the job was done, I added a 3.75-inch Steve Rogers Captain America toy [purchased for like $6 on ebay] just to give you an idea of the scale.
The Hummer H2's scale is 1:25, and it it roughly 7 inches long from end to end, and less that 5 inches tall. In a way, I feel that this yellow Hummer H2 would be good as a beefed-up adult version of Bumblebee, who is often shown as a teenage Chevy Mustang... but that's just my opinion ;)
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