Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Those fans who follow me on facebook and Instagram were aware that I was working on this project. And today I present to you the finished custom Ashoka Tano toy! Any hobby can be time consuming; and this one took a while, roughly 2 - 3 weeks, because I was learning along the way, and trying out some new things.

For those who don't know this female Star Wars character, Ahsoka [pronounced Ah-so-kah] was introduced in the 3D animated cartoon series called Star Wars: Clone Wars [which ran from 2008 - 2014]. She was the young spirited padawan apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, before he joined the evil Emperor and the ways of the dark side. Per her alien race, she is a a Togruta female, having orange skin and three thick octopus-like hair strands, which don't move freely. FYI, I had to shorted her hair strands in my toy model, and her people can also have blue or red skin tones [Like Shaak Ti, who was drawn in this blog over HERE].

Yet Asoka did make a cameo in the new Star Wars: Rebels 3D cartoon that commenced in 2014, but I didn't keep up fully with that series, since in my opinion, in comparison to the Clone Wars series, it took roughly 5 steps backwards in terms of the overall art style, the character design models, the storyline and the choreographed action scenes.
Although she is a highly skilled Jedi, Ashoka Tano has never been featured in any of the 7 or more Starwars movies, to my knowledge. And at the end of the 2nd season of the Star Wars: Rebels 3D cartoon, she was supposedly Missing In Action, after a battle inside a Sith temple against Darth Vader [Anakin] on the small planet named Malachor. But of course we all know that she's still alive :)



The base body of the Ahsoka toy was the Marvel Legends Wasp figure, and I used the hands from a Black Cat toy. I used the same base mold for the lovely Elena Eden toy, which was previously shown over HERE.
Ashoka's boots were taken from a Marvel Legends Mockingbird toy, before they were customized. After sculpting some details like her top segments and her belt, I used the Tamiya Gray Primer Spray to coat her body... although I still had to add more details after that, as her design evolved in my mind. And I had to make a custom hair sculpt for her, which I pained carefully, in order to add most of her tribal marks and her blue-colored hair marks.
And yes... baby got back....
I finally painted her by hand, since I find that process to be very therapeutic. For the colors, I used Tamiya Flat Brown paint for her straps, DecoArt Metallic Purple for her boots & gauntlets, and Vallejo Game Air Warlord Purple for her combat bathing suit. Her skin tone was a custom orange that I got by mixing about 4 different colors, including orange, white paint and Vallejo sunny skin tone. Both of her swords were custom-made and painted light-blue and white.
The one tough thing about this toy is that it's extremely difficult to make her stand... hence I use a figure stand in a lot of the pics ;)




 After I was done, I used a Taskmaster toy [also from the Marvel Legends series] as her opponent for a small light-saber duel, which I presented in the photos above. And of course she kicked his ass and stomped on his face, because the heroic Jedis always win in the end... at least I think so, until some old crooked Sith jackass gives the goddamn command for Order 66 - LOL.
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