Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I made this custom last year [2016]. I would do some work on her and then put her aside, since I was learning the customizing process back then, and my job takes up a lot of my time.

Lady Zora is an elite warrior maiden, an ancient Paragon being from the ebook tales of the DSNG Sci Fi Series. She is a powerful clan leader with a motherly heart, and she is known for her gentleness, which is in sharp contrast to her incredible brute strength.

I used the 6-inch Marvel Legends Captain Marvel [Carol Danvers] body as the base figure - that's pretty much my fav female base-build, although I use others like Lady Thor and Spider-woman. The two axes came from that same Captain Marvel's package, for the Odin BAF. Her large broad sword came from The Hound, a Game of Thrones toy. But I had to customize the grip and repaint the whole thing. 



Her light body-armor, her belt, her gauntlets and her shin-guards were all sculpted and painted lemon yellow, which resemble a bright gold; while the blades on both sides of the Axes were customized with putty and painted with the “old gold” shade from Tamiya paints. And her cape came from the ML Scarlet Witch toy. Plus I created a holster for her sword, via a folded piece of cardboard, which was colored and placed inside her cape and glued in place. And when she holds her broad sword, she can store one of her axes behind her, within the cape.

I used Tamiya paints for her whole body, and some slightly bendy procreate putty for her hair. The reddish gem placed in a gold setting upon her cape was sculpted and painted with a gloss-red shade. A cloth cape probably was not the right thing to use in this custom, because I needed the strong background of a solid cape for holstering her sword, since the sword was not held by any sheath that was magnetized to her back. Additionally, I took some pics of Zora without her plastic cape. Those pics look a bit plane, but she still has her sensual & strong vibe. 

Her voluptuous physique is based on my art style, just search for “DSNG art”, or just browse through this cool blog ;) Stay tuned for more.