Sunday, October 10, 2010


These are more recent works that I did. My focus is advancing  more towards a digital painting style. I've been getting a ton of inspiration from the pros at . In the first pic showcased, I've done a character from the City of Heroes online gaming franchise, created by NCsoft. His name is The Statesman. The pose I've utilized is a classic iconic setup, made famous by professional artist Jim Lee [co-publisher of DC comics and owner of Wildstorm comics]. Jim's drafted Superman pose is presented over here:


The second poster done [below] is showcasing a night-time scenery that represents the sort of sci fi setting in the DSNG series. The chosen venue is New Davenport, one of the mega states [a continental landmass comprised of several other smaller states]. The sense of height and depth is fused with speed and tremendous momentum, as the hyper jet races through the cityscape. As a comic artist, I presented a peculiar perspective shot, just to enhance the dynamic nature of the scene. The brilliance of the towering e-billboards and Ads within the shot are a sure sign of a futuristic setting, because even in the most popular cities on earth these days, you don't have animated Ads placed at heights over 150 stories from the ground.

Advertising at that towering level is only necessary when you have dense traffic/commuters flocking and zooming back and forth high above the ground level of the city. Its a sign of the advanced infrastructural layout in a society that has mastered hi-tech construction and transportation techniques.
And the question you should consider when looking at this pic is "So what's the aerial speed limit?"....

I've done more portfolio samples, showing inks and colors in my recent blog entries.

More samples are over here:
And you can also read a past blog entry titled "VISUAL PUNCTUATIONS" Link to Visual Punctuations in which I talk about sci fi scenarios, and slight adjustments made by artists and designers to enhance their futuristic presentations.