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Welcome back to DSNG's Sci Fi Megaverse!
Presented here are more recently done artworks, colored in Photoshop. The first one is a Batman commission, done for one of my buddies at Myspace. The second one is a Star Wars fanart pic, showing Jedi Master Shaak Ti [there's more artwork of her in my blog] and the third was done for the cover of my New sci fi e-book, DSNG CHRONICLES 3. The inked version of the Dark Knight pic is also shown below, as the forth entry.
The fifth and sixth pics are fanarts of Superman. And the last two are fanarts that I did last year for a friend of mine at Myspace.



Update on The DSNG E-Books !

DSNG CHRONICLES 3: THE KING'S MIGHT is available now at Amazon dot com, as a downloadable e-book. Price is $4.00. Here is the link to the Amazon e-store: DSNG Book 3 link

Some people really don't know what DSNG is all about. Its an epic sci fi tale, set in an alternate galaxy.
Contrived back in 1999 as a bunch of sketches, the story has grown over the years.

The entire series focuses on the noble Prince of Avera [Azzar Omenus]. And the DSNG books follow his adventures and those of his closest associates, who hail from planet Avera, a futuristic terrestrial world tagged with hi-tech innovations.

That worded poster above gives you a complete series overview, helping to introduce the concepts behind DSNG. In this blog, I've written several articles based upon the foundational elements of a sci fi tale. And you can rest assured that DSNG is a well thought-out story, presented as an epic unending saga; since the characters grow, fight, love, lie and die... not necessarily in that order, but I'm sure you get the picture.

As the tale unfolds, you get to see the results of keeping grudges and holding onto immense pride. And as a reader, you plainly witness the actions [both the good, the bad and the 'questionable'] and the results of the acts that the various characters willfully engage in.

DSNG Book 1 introduced the main characters and set the stage for the unfolding interactions. It commences with a brutal raid and a kidnapping conducted by the Gorilla rebel militia, upon a starport that is located on a foreign moon named Yantos. And from there, the good guys are taken by surprise as a diabolical plan contrived in the mind of the evil Overlord [The Lord of the Gorillas] unfolds.
Also, following a violent terrorist attack at night, a blatant assassination attempt upon the life of an Averan Commander leads to a showdown between Prince Azzar and one of the most notorious Blazers known across the four sectors of the Makuran galaxy named Kinera Foxx. And that battle amidst the heart of the city of Armania has a rippling effect throughout the rest of the book, as a sadistic quest for vengeance unfolds.

DSNG Book 2 kicks off at the heel of the premier release, and the Prince is confronted with a peculiar moral dilemma, tied to a beautiful woman who is in love with his best friend. Vince also embarks upon the arduous task of discovering the identity of the sponsor who had hired Kinera Foxx; and four famous women are highlighted as possible heartless antagonists...
Aboard a Hercules Cruiser that was launched from planet Taran, three peculiar individuals arrive on planet Avera at a busy international starport located in the continent of North Philadelphia. Two of them are undercover operatives, and one of them is a female surgeon named Ska-Myra. And despite the common calm demeanor that the three unrelated visitors sport, they each have distinct objectives that will lead to unforgettable events.

Also, there is a phenomenal battle that takes place between the sentient military AI of the Centura [called Bigboy] and the ruthless avionics AI of Kinera named Scar. The concept of thinking robotic minds is fully taken advantage of and a bewildering game of chess unfolds over the Merisanic Sea, as futuristic combat vehicles clash amidst a thundering shower of rainfall.

And DSNG Book 3 continues the action-packed drama, as a new sinister female villain rises to crest of the gritty underworld, to do what no man has ever done before...

What I've stated here is merely a summary of the first 3 volumes, since each book is over 500 pages. You get to see glimpses into the thought processes of the main characters in each story, and there are highly detailed explanations for the technologies utilized and the environments that are encountered in the futuristic world.
There are also engrafted elements of comedy and romance, and this explosive tale is actually rated M, for Mature audiences. Consider the fast paced action of the movie titled "The Matrix: Reloaded." DSNG is just as fast and furious, from start to finish.

You could call these books a Trilogy. But honestly, the story goes on further than the prologue of Book 3...


Cast shown from left to right: Prince Azzar [main hero], Kinera Foxx, Vince Garroth, Chebeyah Cut’tushyah.
Azzar and Vince are super soldiers. They're both elite members of the Centura. Kinera is a female assassin, and she only strikes male targets. Chebeyah is Vince's girlfriend. And all these characters make their debut in DSNG Book1.

As shown above, Two alternate versions were created of the cover for Book 3, and only one of them made the cut. Although each e-novel can stand alone per its story structure, If you're new to this sci fi series, then you should probably read DSNG Book 1 before you dive into DSNG Book3.

EDIT: DSNG Books 4, 5 and 6 are available now at! --> HERE


The Super Soldiers from Planet Avera

As a super soldier, Prince Azzar has the rank of SCO [Senior Commanding Officer] of the Averan military forces. Planet Avera is a unified planet, having a monarchy established at the crest of the executive branch of its government. And the will of the Averan  military [the Centura] is guided by two potent Generals, named Obed Primon and Wesley Ezen.

The Centura is divided into three distinct military groups:
  • The Nova XSI soldiers
  • The Imperial Knights
  • The Alpha Senturis

The Blog Article talking about the Centura divisions is placed HERE.

Stay tuned for more fan art and character bios, from the DSNG sci fi series!