Monday, November 15, 2010


All right, here is Tygra. I decided to go for a costume and weapon redesign that would set him up to be the black-ops member of the group.


The appeal tied to stealth soldiers is the basis for many comics, books and military movies. Even in the DSNG series, I explore this concept greatly.
If you recall in the Thundercats cartoon intro, Tygra actually had the ability to seemingly teleport himself from one spatial vector to another, with the influence of his whip. Some also tagged this ability as merely turning invisible, so that he could sneak around hastily. It was never really verified if this ability was an optical illusion, or if it was truly a definite relocation from one point to a separate fixed point. Either way, it was a cool trick.

For those familiar with the grim reaper concept, 'messengers of death' usually come and go in a flash, with the intent of inflicting harm and disappearing without a trace. Special Forces solders trained in espionage techniques are groomed to operate in a similar manner. The ability to strike and depart from enemy lines completely undetected is actually part of the effectiveness of stealth operatives.

And utilizing those paradigms as reference points for this redesign, Tygra has become a more lethal warrior. He no longer has a whip, and the scythe weapon he carries is almost like a light-saber, per its ability to be protracted form the top edge of the metal staff he now wields. Strapped to his thighs in the place of handguns are two compact shafts that can be activated into energy blades. And his teleporting ability is now more extensive, covering a range of about 100 feet.

Maybe I'll also remix the New Thundercats, from Season 2 of the cartoon... we'll see...
I'm working on a Mighty Thor commission for someone. Stay tuned.

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