Monday, February 7, 2011


Cool Theatrical Trailers

When watching the Superbowl, one of the reasons why you strive to rush snacks and bathroom brakes is to ensure that you don't miss this stuff. Yet sometimes the Ads are so brief [per the phenomenal expense per minute] that you don't get to fully see what was showcased.

Here are three of the brief TV spots from the grand event
[Actually one of them below didn't air due to its violent nature, I presume].

It appears that Optimus Prime still has his Jetfire combo mode, and you probably beheld a vulture-type bot that I've assumed is Laserbeak, one of the classic "A-track tapes" from the storage unit in the chest of Soundwave. Rewind and pause the clip, and you should see other familiar faces.

Hopefully there will be new villain/hero robots that actually get considerable screen-time in this movie. And true fans of the franchise are praying that Michael "I love big ba-ba-boom explosions" Bay will actually have an intriguing PLOT for us to behold.

No garuantees on that.

A Vampire Hunter flick for Anti-Twilight fans

[I don't think this one made the cut, per the standards set by the Fox Ad review team]

Priest is a forthcoming vampire movie set in a dystopian /post-apocalyptic future, where the corporate church has dominated the surviving state. The "Order of Priests" are gifted vampire hunters endowed with the extraordinary powers by a supreme being. And they guard the dwindling human race's last fortified stronghold [a mega city] against a horde of humanoid vampires, who also possess a variety of bloodthirsty quadrupedal creatures that do their bidding.

Quadraped is a generalized term for creatures with four feet that could be difficult to group per existing taxonomy categories; they could be animals or extraterrestrials.

Movie Pitch for Priest [summary] - An adaptation of a TokyoPop comic book, the story is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between men and vampires, and follows a warrior priest who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

Some will tag this movie as sci fi / fantasy action while others categorize it as a horror flick. Eventually its content will probably be the best way to judge that issue.

Van Helsing and the Underworld series both had their own distinct identities. And it looks like this movie will be able to stand out as well.

Min-Woo Hyung wrote the original comic book and the star of the movie is British actor named Paul Bettany, while the director is Scott Stewart - the same guy that wrote and directed the 2010 "angel battle movie" called Legion.
Scott used to work for a California VFX studio called The Orphanage as a senior executive. And before then, he worked with Indusrtyial Light and Magic [another visual effects / CGI company].
Interesting Notes: Paul Bettany was the main actor in the Legion movie as well, playing the role of a fallen angel named Michael. And Kate Beckinsale [a fellow Brit] starred in Van Helsing, and the entire Underworld Trilogy.

May the force be with you... and your kids

Lastly, a shortened version of this Star Wars inspired Ad below aired during the Superbowl. But I had seen the full version earlier, courtesy of a link that Erin [one of my buddies on Facebook] had posted on her status update. Its actually a car commercial for the Volkswagen 2012 Passat.

That was the BEST Superbowl XLV commercial of them all.