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Blood Warriors

The foundational concepts of the DSNG sci fi series dates back to rough sketches made in 1999. I was in college back then, and kept a sketchbook for doodling thoughts and ideas.

I've noted how an idea can grow over time, and that's why I often encourage people to write and rewrite the stories of their characters, in order to work out the origins, inter-dependencies, relationships and future plights of their focal heroes and main antagonists.This gives the concepts a better flow.

At the helm of the DSNG series is a man named Prince Azzar Omenus, a super soldier that holds the elite office of SCO; he is the Senior Commanding Officer of the Centura - the Averan Military Forces.

Designed as an ultramodern society, Avera is one of the 7 major planets in the Makuran Galaxy, the fictional planetary system that hosts the sci fi series.

Azzar's best friend is Commander Vince Garroth, and Vince is a super soldier as well, holding the rank of Commander. Azzar is calm natured, rather quiet and extremely strong minded, while Vince is a handsome affluent playboy, having a smooth arrogant swagger that magnetizes females.
Prince Azzar has a trusted personal assistant named Casey Trent. And as his secretary, she handles a host of scheduling and logistic tasks on his behalf. From her office in the towering Imperial Palace she helps to govern the affairs of his estate, outline/refine his political views, plan his diverse public appearances and oversee his financial portfolio.

Led by a monarchy at the head of the national executive cabinet, Planet Avera can be viewed as a neo-roman society. The Centura is an extremely structured military, and their black-ops division is called the Alpha Senturi program. Azzar and Vince fall into that distinct category. The Alpha Senturis are gifted espionage soldiers, trained in lethal assault tactics and a host of hand-to-hand combat techniques. They have phenomenal powers and excel in CQB scenarios; but they are not immortals. Hence they need sleek combat armor.

Every franchise has distinguishing uniforms for their main protagonists. For example, when you hear the term "Jedi", you think of hooded robes and light sabers. The term "Storm Trooper" will also bring other distinct features to mind.

Thus when you read or hear of "The Alpha Senturi", the following designs ought to emerge on the canvas of your imagination, assisting you in envisioning what is being described:

In the DSNG Sci Fi Series, the term "Alpha Senturi" is a colloquial abbreviation for "Premier Elite Sentries". They are similar to Navy Seals in terms of their classification; thus they mostly operate with stealth in order to take on black-ops missions under the authority and guidance of their operational commanders. So don't confuse that name with a certain star system, located 4.37 light years away from us....

The Alpha Senturis are blood warriors, who are more than ready to die for their cause; yet staying alive is what they do best...

In the poster above, both of the Alpha soldiers have exo-drones hovering behind them; those compact mobile tank units are also equipped with chameleo-armor [currently deactivated, so you can see them]. There are male and female Alpha Senturi Soldiers. And most of them will be adorned like Commander Vince [the guy on the left, above]. And shown on the right, the color scheme of Prince Azzar's armor is unique, per his unique rank.


 [Prince Azzar, shown above]

Shown below are concept sketches and colored samples of Alpha Senturi "sci fi styled" stealth armor. The first pic shows Captain Payne Hall [aka the Black Crane] with two Ciko1500 laser handguns and Commander Yatalia Yentoshima, holding her PCD-II data pad. They are both featured in the ebooks DSNG CHRONICLES IV and in the short story, DSNG TALES: Unusual Suspects [both books are available at]. And two inked poses of Prince Azzar are also shown in the second poster below.


The image below is the cover of DSNG CHRONICLES Book 5 and it features the Black Crane, as he embarks upon a risky undercover operation. As a stealth soldier, one has to be prepared for anything, including the shocking event of a gun jamming amidst a battle. Hence the Crane has about four weapons, in the presented picture. He has two "Ciko-H 1500 handguns" raised, an extra handgun strapped to his left thigh and a Ciko laser rifle amended to his backpack with its nozzle inserted into a vertical case. His optical scanners offer him a wide variety of visual options including zoom, thermal imaging and other cool features [a peculiar enhancement tagged as ultra-scopic vision is highlighted in the books, amidst the action-packed storyline].

[DSNG book 5 is available for download as an ebook to PC/Mac via Amazon over Here]

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