Sunday, November 6, 2011


I recently did some fan art for a forthcoming comic book created by one of my buddies at facebook. His name is L.T. Thompson and the name of his superhero team is 6-Deep. This urban superhero group consists of 7 focal characters. Viz [he is the leader] leads a group of meta-human cops, based in the city of Detroit and set in modern times.

I'm a big fan of sci fi works and I can tell that this ambitious project has a lot of potential. Thus this project was fun to work on and I wanted to ensure that the theme of the poster was explosive.


Description of the Six Deep team characters [shown above]

From from the top, clockwise: Eartha [wearing blue, she has super durability and projects photonic energy/fire powers], Mix [can mutate his limbs], Mo [girl in dark-pink, manipulates kinetic energy in objects, affecting their density], Amp [sound manipulation/sonar powers], Dap [green guy, peculiar psychic abilities], Viz [bald guy, leader, super-speed  & strength] and Slam [she can absorb and metabolize electromagnetic energy]


Here is the link to the facebook fan page for 6-Deep:
Make sure you stop by and give a thumbs up!

When I started DSNG and created it initially as a comic book many years ago, it was based on a group of 7 focal characters -- hence my respect and admiration for the new team 6-Deep. And at that time, Prince Azzar [the main protagonist in the DSNG Chronicles] was a misunderstood villain.
But over time, my story evolved, as did my art style and the ideas swimming through my head. I'm a self-taught artist, and the man that I consider as a mentor/art teacher is Pro-artist Terry Dodson, who has worked for Marvel, DC Comics & other comic publishing firms. Those who watch my work can actually see faint trails of that influence, dating back to the late 90s. And the sci fi concepts tied to my original characters have evolved as well. Now, in the DSNG Sci Fi series, Prince Azzar is a unique hero, yet he is also a super soldier set in a futuristic world. The DSNG ebooks that I write are centered around Azzar and they reflect his triumphs, adventures, passions and struggles, as a man striving to fulfill his destiny.

For those interested in Superhero Posters and Commissions, you can contact the DSNG Artist via the facebook page:

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