Monday, December 26, 2011


I was doing some research the other day on the origins of Star Trek - That will probably be a future post. But today I'm taking a brake from serious sci fi articles to give you something pleasant / entertaining.
Christmas Season is a time of cheer, peace and goodwill. And you don't have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas - you really don't. In fact you really don't even need a reason to give a gift to someone that you love or care about, like a brother, sister, mother, wife or dear daughter.

Some months ago I posted a preview & review of the Drive Movie over HERE, which stared Ryan Gosling and the beautiful actress Christina Hendricks. Christina didn't feature much in that movie, but she certainly gave an outstanding performance. There are some rumors that she'll be the next Wonder Woman actress, per the statements made by director Nicholas Winding Refn, who directed Drive.

But since DC Comics and Warner Bros have not given the green light to any New or previously canceled Wonder Woman Projects, we'll have to wait and see if that plan comes to fruition. Christina, who as born on May 3rd in 1975, stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. And her voluptuous dress measurements in inches are approximately: 39-30-39. She was the voice of Lois Lane in the All-Star Superman animated movie that was released earlier this year. Most of the time she is seen on AMCs Mad Men Cable TV series, playing the sexy role of Joan Holloway. And in 2010 she won a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in that series.
[The Image on the right is by a popular digital artist from the UK named Reiq]

This holiday season, I've gathered some pics of Christina Hendricks from the Web and enhanced them slightly. "Busty Red head, Big tits boobs actress, sexy milf pawg breasts" - those are the sorts of search words that I get on the other end of this blog, linked to the previous article featuring Christina. I'm not in control of what people search for on the Web, but its clear to see that this female actress definitely has a lot of sex appeal. In that regards, since she is a redhead, she is actually like a real-life Jessica Rabbit.
Making her on-screen debut back in 1988, Jessica Rabbit was known for her famous red hair, her sultry appeal and her hourglass figure. Jessica was also part of the inspiration for the sexy Red Monika character, from the comic series Battle Chasers created in the 90s by Joe Madureira.


I've also noted that the most powerful empires in history, which lasted between 500 - 700 years, usually collapsed due to war and endless egotistical ventures spearheaded by men who never wanted to let go of power, resulting in autocratic catastrophes. You can study the history of the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire to see what I'm talking about, and trace the personalities / lifestyles of their leaders.

Nevertheless, most men have a common weakness: women. And if the Mad Men of this world [both in history and in the present] would focus more on making love as opposed to fighting wars, then maybe there is a chance for Ron Artest's uncanny ideal of sweet Metta World Peace, both on earth and in space....
LMAO - Happy Holidays from the DSNG Artist.

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