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The Dinatours are one of the eldritch races that reside on Planoris and so far the only member of their race that has been introduced is Ellystra. And she was featured in DSNG Book 6 along with Prince Azzar in a dynamic investigative story. The first article on Elly, showing her in sexy steampunk attire, was posted Here.

[Prince Azzar and Ellystra, shown above]

This article focuses more on Elly's background and her family's dynasty. And as in the World of Warcraft or the League of Legends, her true heritage is one of fantasy and magic. Planet Planoris is an icy world and it has wondrous alien races, just like Entrados. Ellystra hails from an aristocratic pedigree on the icy world and her roots are linked to the Paragons of Old [those who have read DSNG Book 1 will be a bit familiar with those ultra-sentient beings]. Elly's grandmother was a powerful female warrior with long red hair and a strong mind; she arose to become the matriarch of her Dinatour-tribe, boldly leading them after the death of her father.

The Dinatours are massive powerful beings, and their males can grow up to 9 feet tall, while their females often peak at 2 feet less than that. They look like a cross between bulls and men. they have hoofs in place of feet, two arms, twin tails, and horns on their heads. They do have hair on their heads while their epidermal skin layers [which are beige, cream or light-gray in complexion] are extremely tough. Having high-levels of intelligence, they reside in hollowed mountains and towering super-structures upon the face of the frosty planet Planoris, which was initially discussed HERE

Like the wolf-hybrid race known as the Katarans, the Dinatours are capable of communicating telepathically, transferring their words into the minds of those that they focus upon mentally. Yet they can also articulate clearly with their lips, speaking in audible tones. The Dinatours are mystical beings, hence they utilize a combination of magic spells and nanotechnology to contrive their weatherproof vehicles and massive super-structures. 
In fact it has been rumored that the powerful feats of Mystic Lords of the aquatic planet Macur can be matched by the Dinatour Elders, who utilize knowledge of the intriguing Phoenix Arts and other magic spells that yield abilities like transformation and teleportation. But since the D-tribes are known to reside mostly on their home world, most of their gifts and abilities are regarded as fascinating fairy tales by other humanoids that dwell within the four sectors.
Prominent Dinatours from ancient times – Scaron, Taron and Elizabeth

Located on the outer rim of the Gamma Sector, the frigid white world Planoris is one of the oldest worlds in the Makuran Galaxy and it is more than twice as large as Avera, the warm green world. Over the centuries, there have been several Dintaours that stood out, performing feats that changed history. In ancient times, there were two potent twins named Scaron and Taron who arose to become feared Warlords in their D-tribe. They were giant brutes having intimidating personas. And they actually received forced quarterly tribute from the other 11 Dinatour-tribes. Yet there was one ruler from the other tribes that resisted the tyrannical supremacy and extortion of the twins. His name was Lord Nurth. And Nurth had a strong following amongst his people, along with a band of his own warriors. His retainers were willing to lay down their lives for him and they defiantly stopped sending tribute in terms of supplies and precious stones to the twin Warlords. 

Nurth had three daughters, and the eldest of his children was a tough redhead. Her name was Elizabeth—although she was often called Lizzy by her mother and her peers. Since Nurth had no sons, he trained Lizzy to be a defender of honor. And despite strict tribal bylaws, he secretly planned to herald her as his successor—since he had sensed that she was too stubborn and adamant to submit to a man.


The other 10 D-Tribes were not stalwart enough to oppose the hordes of Scaron and Taron. And eventually an annual festival similar to the Olympics was held. During that gathering, which brought together members of the 12 powerful D-Tribes, Nurth was ambushed and killed at night by 7 mysterious Dinatours, as were some of his elite bodyguards.
Once the news reached the ears of Elizabeth that night, rather than mourn she rapidly organized the evacuation of her people from the festival grounds. Then on her own, she grabbed her weapons, mounted her familiar warhorse [a Rhinosteed named T’Rhan] and went after the 7 huge assassins that night. She came upon them as they had set up a camp in a ravine. She ambushed the seven of them and killed them, including their hooded leader—the notorious Scaron, one of the twin Warlords. Yet she was not alone that night, as the spirit of her father was upon her and T'Rhan had also changed from a quadruped into his second form. But also that night, one of her casual associates, a powerful male warrior, had arrived to turn the tide of the battle… he was an alien stranger from another world....


[Elizabeth [Lizzy] the powerful & courageous Dinatour Matriarch, is shown above]

Returning with the decapitated head of Scaron to the annual festival, Lizzy's actions had shocked the other representatives from the 10 D-Tribes. And she had inspired a revolution against tyranny. Taron and his forces were soon overthrown and like a setting sun their dominant reign came to an end. Fearing for his life Taron fled, going into exile; while his D-tribe elected a new leader. Elsewhere, the brave Elizabeth was heralded as the new matriarch of her D-tribe. She also later had a passionate affair with the stranger that had helped her avenge her father’s death that night. And they had a son together, named Exstron. BTW: Bear in mind that the account presented here is a summary, giving highlights of events that took place in the past. And eventually, when Lizzy died, the crown was literally passed to her first son. 

Exstron grew to become more powerful than his grandfather, Nurth. Per the incredible physical feats he has performed, he is feared by the rulers of the Yetirons, the Katarans and other eldritch beings upon the icy planet. And he is currently regarded as the most powerful Dinatour on Planoris. Out of respect, all the other Dinatour-tribes and their Warlords regularly bring Exstron tribute. And even when they do not, he still shows them compassion, treating them as a benevolent King would.
This potent ruler, Overlord Exstron, has 7 children - six boys and just one girl. The names of his potent sons in order from the eldest to the youngest are: Maxstron, Jontrok, Kargon, Kaine, Kelmarok, and Rikaston. And Exstron's last child, Ellystra [aka Elly], is a beautiful blonde that resembles his late mother, Lizzy – although they vary in a few noticeable traits, such as their facial features, hair color and mature horn size.

These days, Elly no longer lives on Planoris. Due to her adventurous and rather stubborn heart she traveled far away from her homeland, in order to seek her own destiny—after all, she has a host of brothers that can take over the position of Patriarch when her powerful father eventually dies, perhaps sometime in the distant future. She now resides on planetoid Darosa, where she works for the beautiful Scalatan ruler, Empress Havita, as her trusted personal bodyguard and chief Administrative Assistant.

Some have said that Elly is a reincarnation of her grandmother’s soul, per their striking similarities in terms of their exotic physiques. On the other hand, Lizzy was both taller and far stronger than Elly currently is, and her alluring dress measurements were larger as well. Yet they both do have feisty attitudes, and coincidentally they prefer dating men from foreign origins.
The adventures of Elly and Prince Azzar were presented in DSNG Book 6. And the extended tale regarding Elizabeth is included in DSNG Book 7 [coming soon, perhaps next year in 2012].

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